Which among the following is not important in order because that a copy, group to salary a cash dividend?a) adequate cashb) retained earningsc) declaration of dividends by the plank of directorsd) Approval of stockholders
The day on which a cash dividend i do not care a binding legal duty is ~ above thea) payment date.b) declaration date.c) last day the the budget year-end.d) day of record
Solaris, Inc. Has actually 2,000 share of 5%, $10 par value, cumulative wanted stock and 50,000 share of $1 par value common stock superior at December 31, 2020. What is the yearly dividend on the desired stock?a) $.05 every shareb)$10,000 in totalc) $1,000 in totald) $5 per share
The cumulative impact of the declaration and also payment of a cash dividend top top a company"s balance paper is toa) increase complete assets and also stockholders" equity.b) decrease present liabilities and also stockholders" equity.c) increase current liabilities and also stockholders" equity.d) diminish stockholders" equity and also total assets.

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On the dividend record date,a) dividend Payable is debited.b) a dividend i do not care a existing obligation.c) no entry is required.d) one entry may be forced if it is a stock dividend
Dividends Payable is classified as aa) stockholders" same account.b) existing liability.c) irreversible liability.d) contra stockholders" equity account to kept Earnings.
Outstanding stock of the Larson Corporation contained 40,000 shares of $5 par typical stock and also 10,000 share of 5%, $10 par noncumulative wanted stock. In 2019, Larson declared and also paid dividend of $4,000. In 2020, Larson declared and paid dividend of $12,000. Just how much of the 2020 dividend was distributed to wanted shareholders?a) $5,000b) $7,000c) $6,000d) $12,000
A little stock dividend is identified asa) much less than 30% but greater 보다 25% of the corporation"s authorize stock.b) in between 50% and 100% of the corporation"s approve stock.c) much less than 20-25% that the corporation"s authorize stock.d) much more than 30% that the corporation"s approve stock
Identify the effect the declaration and distribution of a stock dividend has on the par worth per share.a) rise or decreaseb) Decreasec) Increased) No effect
The declaration of a share dividend willa) boost paid-in capital.b) readjust the full of stockholders" equity.c) increase total assets.d) increase total liabilities.
A share splita) will have actually no result on the par value per re-superstructure of stock.b) may happen in the absence of retained earnings.c) will certainly increase total paid-in capital.d) will rise the complete par worth of the stock
Common stock Dividends Distributable is classified together a(n)a) expense account.b) liability account.c) heritage account.d) stockholders" same account.
Which among the following occasions would not call for a formal newspaper entry top top a corporation"s books?a) $1 per share cash dividendb) 2 because that 1 share splitc) 2% stock dividendd) 100% share dividend
A prior duration adjustment the corrects earnings of a prior duration requires that an entry it is in made toa) an legacy account.b) a present year revenue or cost account.c) the retained income account.d) an earnings statement account.

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A net lossa) is not closed to Retained revenue if the would result in a debit balance.b) occurs if operating prices exceed price of products sold.c) is close up door to preserved Earnings even if that would result in a debit balance.d) is closed to the paid-in resources account of the stockholders" equity ar of the balance sheet.



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