Allie Nichols is being pursued by a ghost. Her friend Karen calls Allie a liar and also doesn’t want to hear “stuff prefer that.” however her old pal, Dub, listens eagerly together Allie speak him about the voice that guides her down a steep cliff side, the girl she imagines that begs, “Help me,” and also a devastating nightmare in which that girl falls to she death. That is the girl? Is she the ghost? and also what go the ghost desire from Allie?


Winner that the Texas Bluebonnet AwardWinner of The gold Sower Nebraska State Children’s an option AwardWinner of The wilhelm Allen White Kansas State Children’s AwardWinner the the Sunshine State (Florida) Children’s choice AwardSchool Library Journal finest Books the 1998Winner of the Children’s choice Awards in Virginia, Maryland, and also Iowa

A note from the Author

I loved analysis ghost stories when I was a kid—and ns still do! therefore I believed it might be funny to create one. Ns was inspired by a place right close to my residence in Upstate new York called Kashong Glen. It’s a beautiful and mysterious place, perfect together the setup for a ghost story. It have the right to be dangerous, too: a present runs through the center of it, surrounded by steep, high cliffs that contain fossils of ancient marine creatures. Every year, that seems, who is eliminated or has to be rescued from those cliffs or indigenous the stream below.

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One day a long-forgotten memory went back to me: as soon as I was in fourth grade, my two “best friends” announced that they didn’t like me any an ext because i was a liar. Ns was devastated. I had thought they understood that I preferred to imagine things. I believed they, too, liked to beat “What If?” come me, life to be so much much more exciting if friend tried to check out beneath the surface, come what might lie surprise beneath. If you read the book, you’ll see just how something similar happens to Allie Nichols.

Hoover, Mr. Henry’s golden retriever, is based upon a actual dog that belonged come friends of ours. Poor Hoover passed away of cancer once she was just six years old, and our friends were very, an extremely sad. I had actually just begun writing “The Ghost that Fossil Glen,” and I assumed that perhaps Hoover can be component of the story. Ns hoped it would make them come feel far better to recognize that Hoover would certainly live forever, at the very least in the pages of a book. Once the hardback very first came out, lock (and I) to be thrilled to view that Hoover to be a cover Girl.


“A tense opened scene draws children right into this beautifully crafted thriller… DeFelice does a splendid task of unfolding the facility plot, dispensing information in simply the ideal amounts, and also making connections.

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one expertly paced, dynamic page-turner the never offers readers the possibility to become distracted or shed interest. It’s one more fine title from a fine author.” – Booklist

ghost the end for revenge, a sinister real-estate deal, a child who knows about a murder, however no one trust her… deftly combines the supernatural facets of the piece with subplots about a course project and Karen, a scornful sixth grader who gets her comeuppance.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Fans the ghost story by Betty Ren Wright and also Mary Downing Hahn will find this wonderful book challenging to placed down.” – institution Library Journal, Starred Review


The Ghost of Fossil glenn by Cynthia DeFeliceHardcover – 176 pages 1 Ed execution (April 1998)Farrar Straus & Giroux (Juv); ISBN: 0374317879Paperback – 154 pages (October 5, 1999)Camelot; ISBN: 0380731754