I recently looked up the quote, “The hand that rocks the cradle rule the world” to find the author or origin of this saying. I found that it is not just a quote however a complete blown poem created by william Ross Wallace (1819-1881) praising motherhood! “Blessings top top the hand that women!” is the very first line that the poem. www.potw.org. The last lines of every stanza reads, “For the hand the rocks the cradle is the hand the rule the world.” life in a feminist driven society and one that concentrates much top top self and self esteem, I should say that makes me feeling empowered as a woman and also controlling in the fact that women have the ability and the power to dominance the human being by rocking the cradles the their very own children! Yes!!! That renders me excited to it is in Catholic and have many children to teach them the faith, virtue, life lessons, responsibility, manners, how to add to society and be mature responsible adults. 

ith lot turmoil and troubles stirring about amongst us, we normally are drawn to fear, worry, politics debates, controversy and also the like. Mental this scripture quote, “Be still and know that ns am God”, (Psalm 46:10) and trust in His omnipotence. Ladies, exactly how feminine is that for us to obtain into politics debates and also “man-up” to any kind of confrontation with our blood push elevating, nerves shaking, voices gaining louder and expressing boil opinions in personal encounters or top top telecommunication devices? Is the lovely to our nature and our position as mothers and also wives? i think not. 

Let us remember the the hand that rocks the cradle rule the world and focus on teaching, loving, and also nurturing our children, paying fist to them and saturating them in the expertise of holy virtue, and also sainthood. We room responsible and empowered to teach castle to be pro-life, pro-family, pro-traditional marriage by traditional education methods and our instances at home. “O store the young love open, constantly to the breath the God! all true trophies that the ages, room from mother-love impearled…” Our houses are havens because that our husbands to come house to away from the big bad world, together he handle such cases at his workplace and amongst society. What strength we have, but it is a feminine power, a divine power. Let us remember our position, dignity and grace. 

Think around how ours Blessed mother was in the Holy family members as she stayed home to raise and also nurture our mr Jesus! Imagine exactly how she tackled herself in the top Room, consoling, praying, and caring for the Apostles prior to Pentecost. Attract from she example and also pray for the grace to imitate her in every ways. She was mostly silent and also silence is powerful. Every the while, she to be living in tranquility with the Savior! Prayer and also sacrifices are also powerful that us make in ours own home with our children. Just how desperate are youngsters in this people to feel loved and also wanted, and to feeling important and needed.

At home mothers, rocking our cradles, have the right to we execute this because that society, future generations, and also for our world. It appears so subtle and unnoticed, therefore sly in a great way, sneaky and also undercover job-related surly it is, in a means that satan works, only the divine opposite by far. The city goes top top the say, “Angels safety its strength and grace.

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In the palace, cottage, hovel, oh, no matter what the place; would that never ever storms assailed it, rainbows ever gently curled, because that the hand
that rocks the cradle, is the hand that rule the world.” oh the potency, impact, and influence of women and also mothers top top the world, even an ext so than any political figure. Rock your own kids and change the world! They room the future leaders of the world and also Church, and also future saints!

Love and prayers,


 “The background of human being could be actually written by the level the its women.” Archbishop Fulton Sheen