About the Book

Matt is a clone of El Patrón, a powerful drug mr of the floor of Opium, located in between the joined States and also Mexico. For 6 years, he has actually lived in a small cottage in the poppy areas with Celia, a kind and also deeply spiritual servant woman who is charged with his care and safety. Though Matt has actually been forgive the fate of many clones, who have actually their intelligence destroyed at birth, the evil inhabitants of El Patrón’s empire take into consideration him a “beast” and also an “eejit.” when El Patrón die at the period of 146, 14-year-old Matt escapes Opium with the aid of Celia and also Tam Lin, his dedicated bodyguard who wants to best his own wrongs. After a near misadventure in his escape, Matt provides his means back home and begins to rid the country of the evils.

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Pre-Reading Activity

Ask students to create down their an interpretation of science fiction. Then have them talk about the definition of cloning. Have the students debate whether a novel around cloning is by their an interpretation considered science fiction.

Matteo Alacrán is the clone of El Patrón, the mr of the country called Opium, and lives in isolation until youngsters playing in the poppy fields find him. Why is that so passionate to talk to the youngsters after that is warned versus it? Why is Mariá specifically attracted come Matt?Celia yes, really believes the she is protecting Matt by maintaining him locked in her cottage and ignorant around his identity. Discuss their relationship and also debate even if it is this type of defense is certainly dangerous for him. Exactly how does Celia proceed to defend Matt throughout his life ~ above the Alacrán Estate?El Patrón celebrates his 143rd birthday v a large party. Despite Matt to be “harvested,” and doesn’t really have a birthday, the celebration is for him too since that is El Patrón’s clone. Exactly how does Matt imitate El Patrón’s power when he demands a birthday kiss indigenous Mariá? comment on how El Patrón encourages Matt’s uncharacteristic behavior. Why is Mariá for this reason humiliated by Matt’s demand? exactly how does Matt feeling the crowd’s disapproval?How walk Tam Lin know that Matt’s future lies in finding the Convent that Santa Clara? define Matt’s trip to the convent. What walk he discover along the way? talk about Esperanza’s duty in helping Matt obtain his ultimate liberty — to live as a human.

Extension Activities

Because of just how the novel is structured, it each other acts and scenes in a play. Division the course into 5 groups, and also assign each group a ar to compose as a one-act play. Take it dialogue directly from the book, and use a narrator to relate the story in between speakers.Ask students who have read The Giver by Lois Lowry to phase a conversation between Matt and also Jonas. Have actually them comment on the community they left, their decision to leave and also their method of escape, the ethical and also moral problems related to person cloning in Matt’s community, and the releasing procedure in Jonas’s community. Have actually Matt describe to Jonas why he returns to Opium, and what he plans to do to transform the country.

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Matteo Alacrán was no born; he was harvested. His DNA come from El Patrón, lord of a country called minus — a piece of poppy fields lying between the united States and what to be once referred to as Mexico. He is a boy now, but most consider him a monster — other than for El Patrón. El Patrón loves Matt together he loves himself, since Matt is himself. Together Matt struggles to understand his existence, he is intimidated by a sinister actors of characters. To escape is the just chance Matt has to survive. Yet escape is no insurance of freedom, because Matt is marked by his distinction in means he doesn’t also suspect.