OK, so at very first glance The residence on Mango Street may not show up to it is in a great candidate for a standard Plot Analysis. The structure of the novel isn"t really novel-esque – each chapter can be tackled its own as a self-contained story. In fact, doubters often describe the publication as a arsenal of vignettes, instead of a novel. (A vignette is, by the way, a French word meaning "little vine," to provide you some idea of its definition as a literary term. A vignette is a short, descriptive sketch that frequently contains tiny or no plot or rigid structure. It"s descriptive. It"s evocative. It"s a doodle.) The vignettes in Mango Street are regularly so short, and so artfully written, the they seem an ext like poetry 보다 prose. Watch our conversation on "Writing Style" if girlfriend need more convincing."Wait a second," you could say. "You mean to phone call me the you"re walk to shot to use an interpretative structure booked for novels come what seems to it is in a repertoire of vignettes?"Yes. We are. We"re sassy favor that. Our suggest here is that, in spite of each vignette"s capacity to stand alone as a job-related of literature, The house on Mango Street isn"t totally fragmented. The tiny stories are associated to one another – characters develop, and also early occasions shape later ones. Us think us can translate the publication using the classic plot analysis that we usage to look at novels. Allow us try to prove it come you.

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Initial Situation

Esperanza and also her family members move to the residence on Mango Street.

We meet Esperanza and learn that she and also her household have just moved right into their an initial ever house. She"s disappointed v it – this is no the residence she"s been dreaming of her whole life. It"s tiny and falling apart and she needs to share one bedroom v her 3 siblings and her parents.


Meet the neighbors.

Esperanza introduces united state to the other residents of Mango Street. Esperanza"s simply a kid, yet even from her perspective we can see that many of her next-door neighbors live difficult and facility lives. Poverty, crime, and apathy room endemic. Entirety families room crowded right into tiny apartments. Single mothers struggle to advanced too numerous children.


Uh-oh, it"s everyone"s the very least favorite developmental stage – puberty!

One day Esperanza and also her friends are talking about hips, and also the following she"s slammed v the duties of adulthood. Favor consoling her father top top the fatality of his father, and also having to gain a project to help pay for her high school education. Together she enters right into adolescence, Esperanza is torn in between her desire to stay independent and free, and her curiosity about boys and sex. To do matters much, lot worse, Esperanza begins to an alert that being a woman on Mango Street often way being mistreated by men – her female friends and also neighbors are physically abused, confined come their houses by your overprotective husbands, and also abandoned to raise children on your own. Maybe she doesn"t desire to prosper up, after all.


Esperanza is raped.

While she waits for her an ext sexually skilled friend Sally to finish hooking up with a male at the carnival, some boys accost Esperanza. It"s so painful for she to recount that she never ever says exactly what happens, however it appears that among the boys rapes her.


Sally gets married young, and Esperanza fantasizes around escape.

Esperanza"s girlfriend Sally, who father frequently abuses her, it s okay married to escape the beatings, just to finish up life in a digital suburban prison. Esperanza, on the various other hand, longs for freedom. In ~ a funeral, she meets 3 elderly sister who review her palm and also divine her an enig wish to leaving Mango Street. They check that she"ll attain her dream, v one hitch – she has to promise to come back. Esperanza"s reaction? No freaking method – she"s never ever coming ago to this crummy neighborhood!


Esperanza accepts she past.

Esperanza"s friend Alicia helps she realize the she has a duty to go back to Mango Street to assist the civilization who can"t leave as quickly as she can. After all, if she doesn"t do anything come help, no one else will.


Esperanza strikes a balance.

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Esperanza clings to she dream of leaving Mango Street come live independently and also pursue a job in writing, but she accepts that she can never forget whereby she come from. She resolves come come back some day because that the people who cannot escape.