This fast-paced action novel is collection in a future where the world has been nearly destroyed. Newbery Honor author Rodman Philbrick is at his very best.Nobody around here reads anymore. Why bother, as soon as you deserve to just shoot every the images and excitement straight right into your brain? I"ve heard the books, yet they to be long before I was born, in the backtimes before the huge Shake...In a civilization where people only use mindprobes for entertainment, a teenaged boy is among the rare humans who have the right to see life because that what is yes, really is. Cruelly nicknamed "Spaz", he is subject to random seizures that make it impossible for him to use the brain-drain tech. Yet what sets the apart eventually becomes his salvation.After meeting an old man referred to as Ryter, Spaz starts to learn about how the human being used to be prior to the catastrophic earthquake that readjusted everything. There is a story the a promised land, wealthy in its bounties, that can cure any type of ailment and more beautiful than any kind of place left in the desolate wasteland mankind calls home. The two set off to discover Eden in the hopes of saving Spaz"s dying sister, and also together, seek to carry some great back to the world.Fahrenheit 451 meets The Giver in this action-packed thriller from the writer of the bestselling novel Freak the Mighty.The Last publication in the cosmos joins the Scholastic yellow line, which functions award-winning and beloved novels. Contains exclusive bonus content!

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Praise because that The Last book in the Universe:"here is much to admire in Philbrick"s story of a postapocalyptic future... Despite the dark turn of events, however, there"s stubborn hope and strength that conviction in the book"s relocating conclusion." — Booklist"Philbrick...has again developed a compelling collection of personalities that engage the reader v their courage and kindness in a painful civilization that offers hope." — Kirkus ReviewsPraise for Rodman Philbrick:* "Outstanding suspense." — Kirkus Reviews, starred evaluation for Wildfire* "A rip-roaring adventure"—Publishers Weekly, starred evaluation for Newbery Honor book The largely True Adventures that Homer P. Figg* "This terrific maritime bildungsroman has actually all the makings the a youth classic." — institution Library Journal, starred evaluation for The Young Man and also the Sea