I need to confess those have actually been daunting words because that me come say. Not so lot on a Sunday morning, once I’m singing the chorus “Blessed be the Name” in a sanctuary filled through believers and also life has been cruising along relatively well.

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But come say them once you’re standing amongst the shards the life as you knew it — and life together you wanted it? It’s admittedly tough to declare in the challenge of deep loss.

Job asserted these words after ~ suffering ago to earlier to earlier losses. First, a maid came through news the neighboring world had attacked and also killed every one of his oxen and also donkeys as well as the servants tending them. Prior to he perfect speaking, another servant appeared with news the fire indigenous heaven had actually utterly spend Job’s flocks of sheep and the servants tending them. While that servant was still speaking, yet one more servant appeared, this time with news the other bordering bands had actually stolen all of his camels and killed the servants. And also if that wasn’t enough, prior to this servant finished speaking, a 4th appeared, v gut-wrenching news the a mighty wind had come up, damaged the residence where his 10 kids were feasting and also killed all 10.

It’s unimaginable loss.

Within the room of minutes, project learned that his livelihood, his wealth and his youngsters were gone.

But Job’s an answer is additionally stunning. The arose, tore his robe and also shaved his head in expression of utter grief and also then — venerated God.

“The mr gives and the lord takes away; blessed be the surname of the Lord.” (Job 1:21 NIV)

I don’t believe Job do this together a glib statement intended to gloss end his destructive loss and raw pain, prefer tv evangelists beckoning united state to dough on a smile and platitudes in deep disappointment.

When life utterly shattered, project anchored himself in the just true comfort.

Job addressed his hope on God alone and also declared his determination to prayer God no matter what.

That he would worship God in time of plenty and in times of lean.That that would worship God in times of celebration and also times of mourning.That he would prayer God when facing good news and when facing bad news.And the he would praise God in the providing of good gifts and also the taking of to ~ ones.

I need to admit, that I’ve constantly struggled v the thought of God taking. I have the right to nod mine head in theological acceptance, however it’s harder to wrap my heart roughly it in agreement.

I gain that a love God deserve to give. We recognize that together our Heavenly Father, all great and perfect presents are from above. God so loved the people that that gave. That tells united state to pertained to Him and also ask and also He will provide us what we need.

But it’s more tough to adopt that a love God can take away.

And yet, I began to think around all the God has actually taken away.

I saw that God so loves the civilization that He also takes away.

He’s taken away every single sin.He’s taken away every penalty for my sin.He’s taken far desires for sin.He’s taken far my shame.He’s taken away my reproach.He’s taken away unrighteousness.He’s taken far my mistakes.He’s taken away my failure.He’s taken away my boasting.He’s taken away my worldly desire.He’s taken far confusion.He’s taken away worry.He’s taken away fear.He’s taken far despair.He’s taken far burdens.He’s taken away hopelessness.He’s taken far sorrow.He’s taken far death.

Blessed it is in the name of the LORD.

As i thought about this list, ns realized exactly how grateful ns am that God take away away.

How grateful I am the God so loves you and me the He provides and takes away.

I don’t think my love will ever truly be able to understand all of it this next of heaven.

But one thing is sure: ns don’t want to be a fair-weather worshipper who blesses His name only as soon as He gives.

No issue the circumstance, no issue the news I’m facing or the situation I’m treading, I desire to resolve my expect on God alone in complete trust.

The lord gives and also takes away and also in both scenarios we are held by the everlasting arms.

Blessed be the surname of the Lord.

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Rebecca Powell says


This so true and an extremely encouraging to me &an eye opening.I have never look at what that done for me, i knew about my sons and also guilt. You carried it a various way. I give thanks to God for giving you His Wisdom and Knowledge. Woman of God save letting God ours Father, continue to usage you in Jesus Mighty name ns pray,. .Amen.