The technical world is consistently evolving, and it is relocating so quickly that you’ll be amazed come see how many new inventions space made every day. New and progressed devices are introduced in the market every day and also pointing tools are no different.

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A pointing an equipment is a hardware the is provided to get in spatial data into the computer. A pointing an equipment picks the user an option on the display screen screen and also activates the switches so it is also known as ‘pick device’. What is the most usual pointing maker on laptops? Obviously, the computer mouse is by far the most generally used pointing an equipment but assumption: v what? nearly 10 Pointing devices are available in the industry that performs the role smoothly.

The use of pointing tools depends top top the user’s usability and inclination so, in this article, we are going to dive deep in different species of pointing tools so the you can go for any fancy different option instead of a mouse. Let’s have a look.


Many pointing tools are easily accessible in the market that can be offered with a laptop to relocate the cursor ~ above the screen. Some of them are as follows:

MouseFinger MouseFoot MouseCamera MouseTrackballTrackpad / TouchpadGraphics TabletStylusTouchscreenJoystickTrack PointEye Tracking DeviceWeb Camera


A computer mouse is a widely used pointing device. This machine manipulates the on-screen arrow-shaped pointer well-known as the cursor. A user have the right to perform lot of operations by making use of a mouse, choose selecting, dragging, etc.

The majority of people use the best hand for working, so a computer mouse was designed come fit the ideal hand the a user. Because that lefties, part left-hand versions of a computer mouse are likewise available. The cord the this device looks favor a computer mouse tail that’s why the is called as a mouse.

This pointing maker has 2 buttons and also one role wheel. The left switch performs left click, the right switch does the task of the ideal click and also the center scroll wheel is offered to drag and drop. The mouse is provided to perform various gestures i m sorry are:

Pointing the cursorClick by pushing a buttonDouble click by pushing the button twiceRight click/ Left click / Drag

If you room a house user and don’t travel a lot then a computer mouse is the best option to work-related with. Also, if her laptop’s touchpad fails to job-related you can easily connect a mouse externally. Standard scroll wheel computer mouse isn’t much in demand, and also now being changed with laser and optical mouse.

1) Finger mouse

Finger mouse is wrapped about an index finger with buttons and operates with a thumb. This maker uses Bluetooth to affix with a laptop and can work within a distance of 30 feet.

The device is pretty amazing to usage by relocating a hand up, down, left and right, yet the user will take some time to acquire used to it. The advantages of using this an equipment is the it is rather handy and also serves fine while travelling. The con of finger mouse is the it has actually some laggings and gets chunky.

2) Foot mouse

This mouse is operated by feet. Foot computer mouse was specially draft for people who space unable to usage their hands. It consists of two parts, one is used to click and also the various other is offered to relocate the cursor.

It boosts productivity in the instance if the human is working through hands for hours, and also can still operate the computer mouse by using feet.

3) Eagle eye mouse:

This computer mouse is one assistive pointing machine for world with muscular disabilities. This input an equipment moves the cursor on the display screen by concentrating the eye motions of the users. That measure position of eye loved one to the head.


The trackball is a stationary mouse. It can work on any surface and doesn’t require much space or moving. It is composed of a ball and also a hold socket. A user needs to use palm and also finger motions to run it.

This pointing device is widely provided for gaming purposes and also much expensive.


A Touchpad (Trackpad) is a pointing an equipment with a little surface that works as with traditional a mouse. It operates by emotional it v fingers or skin to control the cursor’s movements.

While handle with big blocks of text touchpad doesn’t offer well however this pointing an equipment is a good option for people who carry out not carry out labor extensive tasks yet travel a lot.


The graphic tablet computer was is an input an equipment that is specifically designed because that graphic designers or digital painters to attract precisely. This pointing machine uses a press pen to draw, therefore in case you are not comfortable with mouse for digital drawings then the graphics tablet computer is a good choice.

This pointing device also facilitates to move a cursor on the display so that the customers don’t need to switch between graphics tablet computer and computer mouse to select options.


The stylus pen pen is a pointing an equipment that operates many devices favor smart phones, computer system or laptop screens and tablets. This pointing an equipment is very precise and precise that facilitates effective working.


Touchscreen is a type of input machine with a pointing screen. This pointing an equipment doesn’t require any type of intermediate tool to move the cursor ~ above the screen; rather it operates once a finger or stylus pen pen is touch on it. It has replaced mouse as a pointing machine on modern-day systems.

This pointing an equipment registers a touch occasion as a pressure allude and sends signals come the controller to do the compelled action. Touchscreen performs basic operations like twin tap, drag, hold, etc. This an equipment is practically to use.


Joystick is an input maker that is used for playing games. This input an equipment is like a special stick that has actually a spherical ball on both ends. The rod is maybe to relocate in every directions to allude a cursor ~ above the screen. A joystick is provided for gaming or graphics applications to perform specific pointing functions.

It also serves together a pointing device to relocate a cursor on the display for choosing items. For using a joystick as computer mouse software is required, simply install it and also you are an excellent to go.


A track point is designed come facilitate user experience. The is a pointing machine which is present in the middle of the key-board as a little knob. Once touched and moved in any direction it moves the cursor ~ above the screen.

It is just like an isometric joystick that fits rightly on the keyboard and also needs a tiny movement of hands to suggest the arrowhead on the screen.


This pointing device is at sight cool and also amazing future development in which individuals have regulate over the display screen with the eyes. Eye tracking machine is compatible through windows 10 and also works typically with laptop computers.


A camera computer mouse is a perfect replacement for the traditional mouse. This an equipment was introduced to aid people v physical disabilities. Windows and webcam are compelled to operate this pointing device.

It’s a software computer mouse that uses a who head together the tracking device, wherein the motion of the head is analyzed into cursor movement and pointer then moves top top the screen. To create a click, users just have to rest the head on an symbol for some time.


The selection of ideal pointing an equipment can vary from human to person due to the fact that everyone’s case is different from others. It additionally depends upon your requirements and also comfort needs. So, think around your needs and handiness and then select the right pointing an equipment for you.

For example: if you room a typical user, no machine can offer you favor a mouse and if human is a gamer, joystick is the finest option.

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Pointing devices are lot efficient and also faster than keyboards when you want to select or click anything on the screen. Moreover, these pointing gadgets take less room and are an ext responsive. So, we have gathered all the essential details about some effective pointing tools so the you can select the right one.