“The nail That Sticks the end Gets Hammered” is an old Japanese saying, and also is among the most renowned Japanese proverbs. I personally preferred this quote a lot as it is a pretty sensible and also logical one. Yet I have a problem with this saying together well; and also that is what i will shot to pen under in this article. The main purpose that this short article is to have actually as plenty of opinions as I can, around the two contrasting views that arise in mine mind regarding this proverb.

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To carry on v the debate, very first I will shot to comment on the points, to which i agree with, around this proverb and then i will try to list down the contrasting points i.e. In versus with the above mentioned saying.


The very first thing i.e. Come agree through the saying the the nail that sticks out gets hammered is, that is quite logical. Together there is an additional saying the goes together “When in Rome, perform as the Romans do”. Means at part place, you need to compromise and change even if the is versus your will. Over there is not suggest to oppose points as a rebellion every time. You have to blend in, in order to survive. Especially, if you are a foreigner in a country, a dependent son in the family, for this reason on for this reason forth.

But I saw this proverb v the eyes of a writer, who judges and evaluates both sides of the coin. If i instantly agree top top the above paragraph i.e. In compliance v the proverb, then wherein vanishes the inquiry of creativity and also thinking-out-of-the-box approach?


I reckon that as soon as a human thinks the end of the box and also imply and also apply his thoughts in the real world, the is an alleged to be the nail the sticks out. Yet if anyone believes the saying and do nothing the end of the box and blend in with the people; in the society they exist, then there will be no extra-ordinary innovation, no creativity, nothing at all!

People who brought change and invention in this civilization usually often tended to be somewhat different from us. Various in a way, the they had actually the vessel to carry a change. It method that they to be those nails the stuck out and were ready to acquire hammered but still they pushed their efforts all the way to success and glory.


So the two opinions that come right into my mind regarding this saying, I pointed out above. The is a issue of debate and different views and opinions. After reading my article around the two different concepts we deserve to perceive native this saying, ns would prefer if friend people select your views in the listed below given poll, and also reason and justifies your thoughts in the comments section and let us gather as numerous different views together we might get around the difference of opinions.



ew0054 on may 31, 2014:

Very an excellent article and I agree. Just like everything over there is always proper a time and place. Life has taught me that when in college or at a job, that is NOT the moment to it is in a nail sticking up, even with an excellent ideas. If you have an idea because that a brand-new product or method, the is much better to end up being a "midnight engineer" and also go it alone, and also see where it bring away you.

MOEFLATS on November 27, 2013:

Frankly, the conformity compelled to be accepted by this society is so constricting the it's a rip-off in ~ the very least and a 21st-century inquisition at the worst. People are being: stressed, molested and also tortured un-necessarily to achieve a state the synchronicity that resembles one ant colony more than a human society. Yelling fire in a theatre? you can obtain mentally-invaded by just God-knows what as whole for simply having the wrong attitude. The fire is on! If you worth your mind, clock yourself. It should not be this way: yet it is.

Tim ~ above November 21, 2013:

I feel you need to keep the proverb in paper definition to the funtion the the nail. Every the nails are supplied to keep the roof in ar so serve the funtion of protecting the components of the home. You i do not know have complimentary thinking or spirited nails simply doing everything they wish. Over there is a time and also place because that conformity. That is extreamly important and also needed in society. Without it naught will obtain done. A job-related force. The military. Yelling fire in a theater. I have the right to go on and also on....

Uzma Shaheen Bhatti from Lahore,Pakistan ~ above April 23, 2012:

nice hub,voted up and also shared.

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Uzma Shaheen Bhatti native Lahore,Pakistan on April 23, 2012:

I agree with both opinions, as part times we require to adjust with situation and society and occasionally we have to rebell. It relies upon the wisdom the a human being that how he/she decides, once to mix in and when to reteliat?

tlmcgaa70 from south dakota, usa ~ above September 24, 2011:

very nice hub, however i couldn't vote on your poll due to the fact that i think it is both. We have to blend in to a certain degree in order to acquire along...and we should be individuals to a particular degree in order to survive.