If you monitor NBA basketball, you’ve probably noticed that having actually a competent point guard is a have to for any type of team in the modern era. That’s sort of exactly how the advancement of the game has gone and if we shot to watch a little further, we might probably predict the the next huge thing in the NBA will be a tall suggest guard.

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Average heights at positions (FIBA 2014)

A tall suggest guard is much more versatile defensively, deserve to disrupt opponent’s offensive flow, watch the floor over opponent’s defense and make plays the smaller allude guards merely won’t be able to make because of their size limitations.

We can see the trend in a couple of current drafts already, wherein a variety of teams clearly reached for a tall, rangy point-guard and also potential the he brings. Look at Philly acquisition Michael Carter-Williams in 2013, Utah with Dante Exum and Orlando through Elfrid Payton in 2014, D’Angelo Russell come the Lakers in 2015. Finally look exactly how Kentucky’s Jamal Murray is shoot up the breeze boards this year.

Considering the brand-new tendency and also how lot fun we had actually writing our tallest NBA football player of all-time blog post, we’ve decided to outline top-10 6’4 and taller point guards in the history of the NBA.

10. Derek Harper

Now, contradictory to what many world might think, Dirk Nowitzki wasn’t constantly playing because that the Dallas Mavericks.

Back in 1983, as soon as Dirk was 5 years old, the Mavs drafted Derek Harper, 6’5 point guard out of Illinois.

Derek walk on to have a nice career in Dallas: throughout his 12 periods in Texas he averaged 16 points, 6.6 assists per game and additionally was one heck of a thief, adding 2 steals a game to his solid stat line.

9. Ron Harper

Let’s salary homage come winning through this one: Ron Harper’s surname doesn’t pop up once we speak about great point security in the history of the sport, and also Harper didn’t involved the NBA as a allude guard…

Ron invested his finest years, statistically speaking, at the two, averaging a the shade over 20 points per video game through his very first 10 years v Cleveland and LA Clippers.

But many basketball fans recognize Ron Harper as a hard-nosed, 6’6 defensive minded backcourt sidekick come Michael Jordan and also later Kobe Bryant. An excellent company, huh? 5 NBA titles together a allude guard doesn’t hurt his resume either!

8. Dennis Johnson

Speaking about hard-nosed defense-first converted shooting guards, right here is one much more name to the list: Dennis Johnson, one of the all-time great Celtics and at the very same time one of the many underrated players in the history of the NBA.

DJ, stand 6’4, started playing allude for Boston in the second fifty percent of his basketball career and also was often tasked through shutting under opponent’s peak backcourt player.

Besides the Dennis simply flourished in the clutch and built a reputation of the iron man, having played much less than 75 games just when in his 14-year career.

7. Pete Maravich

Pistol Pete, the single greatest scorer in the background of college basketball, regularly gets denoted together a shoot guard or simply guard in the record publications or statistical databases.

Make no mistake: the 6’5 Pistol is one of the first awesome show-time round handlers, often THE main ball handler because that his team during his prime and one helluva passer, both aesthetically and also statistically speaking.

Maravich possesses career assists average of 5.5 and cleared the 6 assists note in four various seasons.

Those numbers come to be even more impressive as soon as you couple it through the truth that the top-of-his-game Pete Maravich to be the high-volume shooter and the team’s top-scorer.

Fun Fact: He’s absolutely not the tallest ~ above this list however Pete Maravich has actually the greatest feet in the NBA list here with a whopping size 15 shoe.

6. Anfernee Hardaway

Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway is the can be fried “what if” situation on this list. Dabbed early as the following generational talent, with smooth athleticism and also oozing v potential, the 6’7 phenom took the organization by storm.

His separation, personal, instance performances to be dazzling, his play with young Shaquille O’Neal and the rest of up-and-coming Orlando Magic to be a satisfied to watch.

Penny averaged close to 20 points, 6.6 assists, 4.4 rebounds and 1.8 steals with his an initial four years. After ~ that points went south: an initial Shaq left to Los Angeles, then knee injuries started to mount and also took Penny’s game and confidence away. As soon as promising allude guard never ever got earlier to his at an early stage form.



5. Walt Frazier

Called by some pundits “the best Knickerbocker ever”, 6’4 Walt “Clyde” Frazier certainly deserves to be in the conversation and on this list.

Pick any statistical category, and Clyde is likely to be in ~ or close to the peak of it in the Knick’s background (second perhaps only to Patrick Ewing).

Basketball hall of fame member, floor general, great scorer, superior defender, on-and-off the court icon, Walt Frazier aided to bring two championships come the new York Knicks, the only two title in franchise history.

He continuously averaged 20 points and also 6 assists a video game for brand-new York in the 1970s and was selected come NBA All-Defensive an initial Team native 1969 come 1975.

Also part sneaker-head trivia: Clyde to be the very first NBA player to have a signature shoe.

4. Gary Payton

They speak to Gary Payton “The Glove” because that a reason. 6’4 and also 180 lbs of pure garbage talk and also suffocating defense, Payton might get in any kind of player’s head and in any ball handler’s pocket.

Opposing safety hated going against the Glove, teammates love playing with him and also coaches praised GP for his competitiveness and professionalism.

Payton invested 19 years in the NBA. In his first 13 periods he played in much less than 79 games just once… ONCE!

That’s no to mention his success playing through the Seattle Supersonics under coach George Carl in the 1990s.

3. Jason Kidd

To quote my college coach: “If you want to be a better point, clock J-Kidd play”. And I never ever stopped watching till Jason Kidd retired.

Kidd is as true suggest guard together they come, a coach on the floor, a finish player, *pick your favorite basketball proverb and insert that here*.

He nearly singlehandedly willed the new Jersey Nets right into the NBA Finals two years in a row in 2002 against the Lakers and 2003 versus the Spurs.

J-Kidd ranks 5th all-time in 3-pointers made, 3rd for triple-doubles and second in career assists and steals.


2. Oscar Robertson

The big O opens up our top-2 and boy, what a top-2 the is. How many allude guards do you know who average a triple dual per game throughout one NBA season? How around one?

How about Oscar Robertson is the only player in NBA history to carry out that? The huge O was more than likely the an initial point safety in basketball to conquer the game on so plenty of levels.

Also one of the renowned pioneers that the game, Oscar fought versus racism and also for much better conditions and salaries because that NBA players. The NBA we understand now wouldn’t even exist without him.

1. Magic Johnson

You’ve more than likely heard that the guy, haven’t you?

Hall of reputation member, 5 NBA titles, three NBA Finals MVPs, three NBA continual season MVPs, 12 time NBA All-Star, ripe times All-NBA an initial Team, NBA all-time leader in assists per game in single season through 11.2, Olympic gold Medalist with the Dream Team in 1992.

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Standing 6’9, Magic is the tallest suggest guard on the list. Nuff’ said, right?

All stats and also images courtesy the basketball-reference.com

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