Track Listing

1. It’s every Over2. Pain3. Pet I have Become4. Never ever Too Late5. On my Own6. Riot7. Get Out Alive8. Let the Die9. Over and also Over10. Time of Dying11. Unable to do Forever12. One-X

Produced by: Howard BensonRecorded by: Mike Plotnikoff at Bay 7 Studios, Valley village and Sparky Dark Studio, Calabasas, CAAssistant Engineer: Hatsukazu InagakiPro Tools editing and enhancing and added Programming: Paul DeCarliMixed by: chris Lord-Alge in ~ Resonate Music, Burbank, CA

Drum Tech: Gersh

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north FetishGuitar Tech: Marc VangoolKeyboards and Programming: Howard BensonBackground Vocals top top “Animal I have Become”: Ned BrowerBackground Vocals top top “One-X”: brand-new Brower and Taylor LockeProgramming top top “Time the Dying”: Paul DeCarliString Arranger top top “Over and Over”: Debbie LurieStrings taped at Fire residence StudiosEngineered by Casey StoneMastered by: Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound, NYC

Three Days elegant is:

Adam Gontier – lead Vocals, GuitarNeil Sanderson – Drums, VocalsBrad Walst – BassBarry share – Guitar

Neil uses: Yamaha Drums/Vic Firth drumsticks/Evans drumheads/Zildjian CymbalsBarry uses: Ibanez guitars/Diezel AmpsBrad uses: Lakeland Basses/Peavey ampsAdam uses: Schecter Guitars/Diezel ampsAdam, Brad and also Barry use: SIT Strings and Jim Dunlop picks

Thank You:

ADAM: Naomi – you space my girl, mine inspiration and the one that keeps me grounded. Mom, Dad, MaryAnn, Pablo, Katelyn, Christian, Nathan, Cale, Josh and all the “cousins,” Abby P and Roo G, art Gordon, Kevin Brown, Kim Broand, Adam and everyone at the Labyrinth Lounge, Bimba and also Nugget and Winnie, Brad, Neil and Barry – give thanks to you… you room the one’s that make every one of this possible. Like I said the critical time I had actually to carry out this, there’s method too man world who have actually been there to assistance me, and also there room too many civilization who have made an impact on mine life to mention. You know who girlfriend are, so give thanks to you. I’d choose to dedicate this record to mine grandmother, Margaret Gontier-Bond and also to mine friend, Matthew Ryan william Street…Your spirits live on forever. Us will always love and also miss you…

NEIL: Janin – thank you because that helping me follow my dream, together you chase yours, the Yeatman and also Florence families, the Latham and also Johnstone families, Shelly Sanderson, the Creally family, Jen & Andy Copson, the Bowden’s, Dave M. And Sara R., Ginger & Comet, Evoke, many thanks to my 3 partners in crime, and all of my expanded family and also friends.

BRAD: Rhonda – my most favorite human being in the world, Mom and also Dad Walst, Matt, The Steenburgh Family, Poop & Pee, the boyz in mine Darkest Days, J. Young and also everyone rather who has actually supported me along the way…cheers!

BARRY: to my finest friend and also wife heather Stock, stock Family, Shebib Family, Steve Henderson, Steve Lake, Tony Laviola, Derek Sharp, Sass Jordan, Armando Amaliello, Keith Kaplan, Moonshin Tattoo and also Clint Eastwood.

BAND: Joe Grant, Kara Krome, Aleata, Lisa, Brad and also Cara Lukowich, Casey Marshall, the Superfans, Iggstock, Grainne and also Cory, Kim, Brenda, the Boy, Travis B., Holmes, Tim Seaton, Bryce M., art G., Trevor McNevan, The Milroy’s, The Partingtons, Mike Filsinger, Ken Schultz, Geoff Kent, Shane Strugnell, Cale Gontier, chris Aman, James Dean, Jay Sakowski, Mike Sneyd, approve Varney, Al Black, Curtis Clyde, Nate Brewer, Howard Benson, Mike Polotnikoff & everyone at bay 7 Studios, kris Lord-Alge, Deborah Lurie, Warless Rabbit, Dean Karr, Superstar Media, Roland Wilhelm, Rikki Smeltzer, Ron & Tony from Lords, Eric Ratz, Kenny Luong, Pete Plesnik, take care of Hess, Palmer Audio, BCB, Sean Browne, Marco Soccoli, Mike Taft & everyone at Hoshino, Uwe Salwender, Dave Elleefson, Dan from Lakland, mark from Schector, Tim indigenous SIT Strongs. Special thanks to Ashley Owens, Shalini Trehan, note Adelman, Dave Darus, Mike McCarty and Gavin Brown. Nickelback, Staind, Evanescence, Hoobastank, Velvet Revolver, Seether, break Benjamin, Finger Eleven, 3 Doors Down, Papa Roach, Tool, Thornley, concept of a Deadman, Billy Talent, Trapt, laugh Empty Soul, Rooney, thousand Foot Krutch, Grady, mine Darkest Days, Electrashine, Willis, The Dqights, slow Nerve Actionand every other band we have crossed paths with in the last 3 years.

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Thank you to all of our household at Jive and Sony BMG. Last but not least…thank girlfriend fans!!!

Management: Stu Sobol and also Nicki Loranger the The FirmLegal: kris Taylor, Stacy Mitsopulos and also Lynn BurshteinEMI: Mike McCarty, Barb Sedun, Tanya Coghlan, Mike Fox and also Neil LasherThe agency Group: Ralph James, Steve Kaul, Steve Herman and Lorraine WebbYaletown FM: zenith StaubA&R: Michael Tedesco