Time Difference

PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) is 1 hour front of Alaska Daylight Time10:00 am10:00 in Seattle, WA, USA is 9:00 am09:00 in AKDT

Seattle to AKDT call timeBest time for a conference call or a meeting is between 9am-6pm in Seattle which coincides to 8am-5pm in AKDT

10:00 am10:00 PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) (Seattle, WA, USA). Counter UTC -7:00 hours 9:00 am09:00 Alaska Daylight Time (AKDT). Offset UTC -8:00 hours

10:00 am10:00 Seattle, WA, USA / 9:00 am09:00 AKDT

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Seattle, WA, USA AKDT
12am (midnight) 11pm
1am 12am (midnight)
2am 1am
3am 2am
4am 3am
5am 4am
6am 5am
7am 6am
8am 7am
9am 8am
10am 9am
11am 10am
12pm (noon) 11am
1pm 12pm (noon)
2pm 1pm
3pm 2pm
4pm 3pm
5pm 4pm
6pm 5pm
7pm 6pm
8pm 7pm
9pm 8pm
10pm 9pm
11pm 10pm
0:00 23:00
1:00 0:00
2:00 1:00
3:00 2:00
4:00 3:00
5:00 4:00
6:00 5:00
7:00 6:00
8:00 7:00
9:00 8:00
10:00 9:00
11:00 10:00
12:00 11:00
13:00 12:00
14:00 13:00
15:00 14:00
16:00 15:00
17:00 16:00
18:00 17:00
19:00 18:00
20:00 19:00
21:00 20:00
22:00 21:00
23:00 22:00

Seattle Information

Time zone
Abbreviation / Name
PDT - Pacific Daylight Time PST - Pacific conventional Time
UTC / GMT Offset
-7:00 hours throughout Pacific Daylight Time, currently in use. -8:00 hours during Pacific conventional Time.
Daylight conserving Time Change
+1:00 hour - DST is in use
Daylight conserving Time Starts
Sunday, March 14, 2021 at 2:00 am regional time. DST starts yearly the on second Sunday the March. Clocks space turned forward 1 hour come Sunday, in march 14, 2021, 3:00 am neighborhood daylight time instead. Also called feather Forward or Summer Time.
Daylight conserving Time Ends
Sunday, November 7, 2021 at 2:00 am neighborhood time. DST ends each year the on first Sunday the November. Clocks are turned backward 1 hour to Sunday, November 7, 2021, 1:00 am neighborhood standard time instead. Likewise called Fall earlier or move to Winter Time.
Seattle facts
Alternative Names
SEA, Seatl, Seattle, Seattlum, Siatl, Siatul, Siehtl, Sietl, Sietla, Sietlas, Sijetl, Siyaatil, Séatl, ciyattil, shiatoru, si"aitala, siaeteul, sietʼli, siyatal, siyatala, syatl, xi ya tu, Σιάτλ, Сиатъл, Сиетл, Сиэтл, Сијетл, Сіэтл, Сієтл, Սիեթլ, סיאטל, سياتل, سیئٹل, سیاتل, سیاٹل, सिअ‍ॅटल, सीऐटल, সিয়াটল, சியாட்டில், ಸಿಯಾಟಲ್, ซีแอตเทิล, სიეტლი, ስያትል, ស៊ីតថល, シアトル, 西雅圖, 시애틀
Dollar (USD)
Geographic Coordinates
47° 36' N Latitude / 122° 19' W Longitude
International Dialing Code

Alaska Daylight Time

Offset: AKDT is 8 hours behind Greenwich average Time (GMT) and also is used in north America

Countries: It is used in following countries: United says

Principal Cities: The largest city in the AKDT timezone is Anchorage from USA with population about 291,826 people. Other major cities in the area are Fairbanks, Juneau, Eagle River, Badger

Daylight Saving: Alaska Daylight Time (AKDT) is a daylight saving/summer timezone, however during winter some areas switch clocks for one hour ago and watch Alaska conventional Time (AKST).

Start: Alaska Daylight Time (AKDT) began on Sunday, March 14, 2021 at 2:00 am regional time and clocks were collection one hour forward to Sunday, in march 14, 2021, 3:00 am. Daylight conserving starts each year the on second Sunday of March

End: Alaska Daylight Time (AKDT) end on Sunday, November 7, 2021 at 2:00 am regional time and clocks are collection one hour back come Sunday, November 7, 2021, 1:00 am neighborhood standard time instead. Daylight conserving ends yearly the on first Sunday that November

AKDT timezone map

AKDT representations, usage and also related time zones

W3C/ISO-8601: global standard spanning representation and exchange the dates and also time-related data -08 - simple short-0800 - basic-08:00 - extended
Email/RFC-2822: net Message Format date Standard, frequently used because that timestamps in email headers
-0800 - sign character (-) followed by a four digit time offering hours (08) and minutes (00) the the offset. Shows eight hour and zero minute time distinctions to the west the the zero meridian.
Military/NATO: provided by the U.S. Military, Chinese military and also others
Uniform - army abbreviation because that AKDTU - short type of "Uniform"
IANA/Olson: reflects AKDT time zone borders defined by politics bodies, mostly intended for use with computer programs and also operating systems
Time zones through the GMT -8 offset: AKDT - Alaska Daylight TimePST - Pacific traditional TimePT - Pacific TimePST - Pitcairn typical TimeU - Uniform Time Zone

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