In English, "To who it might concern" is a share starter come a letter implying that the letter is handle to anyone because that whom the letter is relevant.

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For a little bit of context, I had to ask someone in France for a record confirming mine workplace, and was thinking exactly how I would word such a file in English. In English i would have started with "To whom it might concern" whereas the paper I was provided used a different strategy "ATTESTATION", yet it did acquire me thinking!



In, to resolve a letter to whom it might concern I would use:

Madame, Monsieur

Inside the message of the letter, you can use the à qui de droit translation:

You need to forward this letter to who it might concern

Vous pouvez transférer cette lettre à qui de droit

source: Banque de dépannage linguistique de l"Office québecois de la langue française



In, it"s not correct to adress a letter à qui de droit ("to whom it may concern").

It is preferable tu usage Madame, Monsieur, ("Dear sir or Madam") if there is one human or Mesdames, Messieurs, ("Ladies and Gentlemen," however this translate in is fairly awkward) if over there are number of people, adhered to by a brand-new paragraph.


On height of other answers,

Another translate in of to whom it may concern is aux intéressés:

Merci de communiquer ces informations aux intéressés. (Please interact this details to whom it might concern)

Should you review this a day, the meaning is basically the very same as à qui de droit. The slight differences in between the two are mostly a concern of usage.

For example, a legal request (permit, authorization...) needs approval from qui de droit if information have the right to be communicated aux intéressés or à qui de droit.

Aux personnes concernées is occasionally used as well but is much less common. The meaning is the very same as aux intéressés, in a lower register:

Merci de communiquer ces informations aux personnes concernées. (Please communicate this details to whom it may concern)

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Stumble right into this thread together I couldn"t number out "To who it might concern" in my aboriginal language when offered as a starter for a non-personal mail (say, to an administration). It at some point struck me:

À l"attention des personnes concernées

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