I understand you’re scared of being rejected by girls (or guys). That intimidating. And also what happens if she says no? What are you going to execute in that incredibly awkward five second walk far from her? You will most likely trip and also fall into a large water puddle surrounding and all of her friends will laugh and also throw your hair back like a scene out of average Girls. Together this plays the end in her mind, you slowly convince you yourself of every one of the reasons why you have to play the safe and not speak to her.

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I’m going to provide you 3 solid factors why friend should get up, it is in a male (or a woman), go say the words that must be said, and also be a hero by winning she heart.

Reason One: A simple rejection isn’t a well notified decision around your character.

You’re scared of she saying no to you, or how difficult the rejection will be on your self-esteem. If she a normal human being, you might even feel a tinge of self doubt. Am I also an attractive person? These room all regular thoughts, but they aren’t rational.

Here’s why: She doesn’t know who girlfriend are. She doesn’t recognize that girlfriend volunteer on weekends at the humane society. She doesn’t know that you a gentleman and also a scholar. She doesn’t know that you were yes, really nervous as soon as you presented yourself and also that normally your palms nothing sweat prefer you just finished to run a marathon in the Sahara Desert.

She is giving you response based on one infinitely little judgment of who you are as a person. A huge majority of she opinion on exactly how attractive she thinks you are relies on her charisma when you current yourself.

Key: Untie rejection and your self worth.

Reason Two: her opinion doesn’t specify your worth.

I had actually a wise friend when tell me that also if she the ideal looking guy in the world, there space going to it is in girls that think she ugly. The a truth of life. I’ve also met women who think Brad Pitt is ugly. Ns mean, c’mon.

The allude is, one who opinion is just that- one opinion. I’ve uncovered through my own rejection journey the opinions room the many abundant item on the entire Earth.

Key: recognize that the opinion of one person, cannot and shouldn’t dictate the method you see yourself. Because that every human being who thinks you’re ugly, there will certainly be one who thinks she beautiful, smart, and also extremely hilarious. Nothing quit looking.

Reason Three: The only means to construct confidence is through comprehensive practice.

So possibly she yes, really is method out of your league and you’re going to try and pull turn off a homerun. In this kind of situation, don’t worry about the result of the answer. Just tell yourself this, “There is a really likely possibility this girl will say no come me.” Then accept that answer, and go for it anyway, embracing the craziness.

“Hi, I know you’re way too beautiful because that me. But I knew i couldn’t leave here without speak hello. Therefore hello, and if you nothing think i’m the worst looking man in the world would the be it s okay if ns bought you dinner sometime?”

(Heyo! You killed it, nice job.)

“No give thanks to you.”

Well, girlfriend tried. The best part about this experience was currently you are one action closer to arising the confidence you have to calmly speak to women and ask them out on dates. Think that it choose constantly going to the gym. If girlfriend don’t occupational out for 6 months and also then shot to bust the end an hour ~ above the cardio machines, you’re likely going to throw up or loss over native exhaustion.

It’s the very same for talk to women, if you never practice talk to them, presenting yourself, and also figuring out which talk points work-related or nothing work, then you’ll never ever quite build that psychological dating muscle.

Key: The more you ask women out, the much better you’ll be.

If you’re trying to figure out a practical method to obtain over your fear of questioning someone out, I have a difficulty to nudge girlfriend in the appropriate direction. Walk out and also get five women to refuse you in a publicly place. Don’t be a creepy weirdo, simply ask them if castle would choose to have dinner with you. The rules for this an obstacle are you can not lie nor break the law.Outside of that, be an innovative and reap learning just how to acquire over your fear. While you’re warming increase for your challenge, clock this video of me gaining rejected by 5 women in the totality Foods parking lot.

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Video of Me getting Rejected By five Women

This is part 3 the a series I’m doing called Rejection Remedy-- the idea that us can conquer all the fear in ours life by making use of rejection together the remedy.