Dagon his name; sea-monster, increase manAnd downward fish; yet had actually his temple high;Rear"d in Azotus, dreaded v the coastOf Palestine, in Gath and Ascalon,And Accaron and Gaza"s frontier bounds.

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Caution: The allegations made in the assorted reports quoted below, declare the incident of this distant cross, have actually not been shown via the genetic testing of a specimen.

Fish-human hybrids are often referred to as mermaids or mermen and are normally seen as mythical beings. In Ireland lock are known as merrows. The Romans dubbed them tritons.

Tales of such creatures date far earlier in time to ancient Mesopotamia, where assorted gods and goddesses were shown with develops that were part human and component fish. The Greeks and also Romans believed in the actual existence of together creatures. Thus, over there is the story of Thessalonike, sister the Alexander the Great, who was supposedly transformed right into a mermaid and also lived on because that centuries in the waters that the Aegean Sea. The roman inn naturalist Pliny the Elder (9.4) stated that

An embassy native Lisbon sent for the objective reported to the Emperor Tiberius the a triton had actually been seen and also heard playing on a covering in a details cave, and also that he had actually the renowned shape.
Ancient roman mosaic,Merida, Spain (Flickr, David Jones, CC by 2.0).

But over there have likewise been countless purportedly nonfiction reports that fish-human hybrids of far more recent date, most of i m sorry involve infants with bizarre fishlike characteristics, and also not the adult beings that constant folklore and old mythology.

for example, the following news story showed up in the may 27, 1909, problem of the Viennese newspaper Deutsches Volksblatt (p. 23, cols. 1 & 2):

From Toplița in Hungary: While out on a walk in the Romanian town of Palota close to Toplița, 2 women discovered on the street a bundled infant, which was shrieking at the peak of that lungs. They choose it up and carried it come the notary, by whom it to be unwrapped in the existence of the neighborhood doctor Michael Frisch. Those present were seized v a destructive horror, for a hideous freak, a middle thing in between human and also fish, came to light. Its upper body was that of a human being infant, but from the waist under the body was fully that that a fish and, rather of feet, it had the finish tail the a fish, which the foundling wagged merrily to and also fro. This hideous monstrosity was swaddled in linen and also had roughly its neck a small purse containing five Austrian hundreds crown bills and also a item of file with the words in Romanian: “Tomme vereste!” (God save thee!). Marie Roznan, a Romanian peasant, took the creature, which, incidentally, wept like an ordinary human being infant, to nurse it. However it little her breast v such force that it might not, with any type of amount the tugging, it is in removed. After lot delay, she went to Dr. Frisch, however the resulting wound had currently become gangrenous, and she had actually to experience a major operation. The monster had to be sent to the hospital in Budapest.
Cases that sirenomelia? Or are they possibly fish-human hybrids? Above: image of specimen in ~ left is native Schatz (1901, p. 12), at right, indigenous Wikimedia. Below: another case together pictured in Grebe (1954, p. 99, Abb. 5b).

Image: Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire (1837, key 5, fig. 1).
Image: Schwalbe (1906-1960, p. 557, figs. 222 & 223; ||yyv8klhn).

A rather an extensive article around a fish-human hybrid appeared in the Mineral Point, Wisconsin, newspaper Iowa county Democrat (Apr. 24, 1891, p. 4, col. 7):

A wonderful freak of nature has been life in Cleveland, Ohio, because that a variety of years, and it has actually been kept a secret until now. The is a boy, 7 year old, the is in numerous respects a fish. His challenge is handsome, but the beauty of the boy just extends to the neck. Below that the little fellow’s body is literally covered with a hard coating that fish scales. The boy’s surname is Herman Schepler, and he resides with his parents and also a brother and also sister at 738 ½ St. Clair Street. He is an exceptionally bright small fellow and is among the most apt scholars in his class. Back the young is 7 years old, the many intimate girlfriend of the Shepler family are not conscious of the truth that the is therefore horribly afflicted. The parents have taken every precaution to save the child’s problem a secret, ant the was only by mere accident the the facts became known to a reporter that the Cleveland paper. Herman to be visiting the house of a friend called Fredericks top top Clinton Street, where the writer saw him and also made an examination of his skin. This sight certainly was a exorbitant one, and also the contrast in between the pretty face of the child and also the fish-like figure of the remainder the his body was striking in the extreme. The scales space of a dark blue color and cover the human body so thoroughly that not the slightest section of skin bearing the same of a human being being is visible. The scales execute not seem to problem him except in the fall of the year, once they fade away to a substantial extent and render his body rather itchy. After examining little “Hermie” an extremely closely and feeling the shiny scales for part time, the reporter referred to as on the mother of the afflicted boy and also interrogated her concerning her boy condition. Mrs. Schepler at an initial refused to have actually anything come say top top the subject and also seemed greatly surprised and also worried the the issue should have leaked out. After a great deal that persuasion the bad woman burst into tears and finally admitted that her boy had been covered with the blue scale at birth. “Have you any idea that what the reason of your son’s problem is, Mrs. Schepler?” “Well, the only cause to i beg your pardon I can attribute that is a little incident that developed one afternoon shortly prior to Hermie to be born. My husband was constantly a an excellent hand because that fishing, and also we lived close come the water, he really frequently walk out and fished for a couple of hours in ~ a time. Top top this certain occasion he brought in about a dozen or therefore of fish, and it being almost supper time, the asked me to chef some of them for him.” “I immediately collection about preparing the fish because that his supper, and the very very first one ns took organize of, a large, blue pike, gift still alive, jumped out of my hands and also frightened me awfully. I screamed and virtually swooned away. Hermie was born in ~ a couple of weeks of the time, and, as I have told you, that came into the human being covered with the shining bluish scales, and they seem come scatter an ext and more every season.” “Have you i found it anything else strange around the child?” “No, no particularly, except that he is just wild because that water. At any time it rain it is simply impossible to keep the poor tiny fellow inside. He will certainly take turn off his hat and run around the yard as though he appreciated it immensely. He loves music and also can song nicely.”

Another report about a fish human showed up in the Austin, Texas, newspaper Weekly Statesman (Apr. 5, 1894, p. 1, col. 6):

Special come The Statesman. Brenham, Tex., April 3.—A black woman close to Burton has provided birth to a monstrosity. The trunk and head space fishlike also to the gills, and there space fins rather of arms, yet the legs space natural and well formed. The negroes are much excited and claim the the mrs was conjured. The monster was stillborn.

Burton is a town outside the city of Brenham, Texas.

A 2nd story around the same birth offers some extr details. It appeared in the ft Worth, Texas, Gazette (Apr. 4, 1894, p. 2, col. 5):

Brenham, Tex., April 3.—Dr. Lass, attending physician, reports the bear of a weird monstrosity, a black woman near Burton being the mother. The upper part of the body, including the head, to be the perfect reproduction that a red-snapper fish, while the reduced limbs were perfect and also natural.
The upper part of its body was exactly like a red-snapper fish—scales, fins, gills and all. It was stillborn, and also the attendant medical professional offered its parental $10 for it, which lock refused.

just how is one to account for the birth of this tertium quid? The red snapper spawning season in the north Gulf the Mexico begins in May and also ends in so late September. Throughout this time male snappers relax their sperm en masse right into the waters of the gulf, peaking throughout May, June and also July. A woman giving birth ~ above April 3 would, through a pregnant of ordinary, human being length, many likely have actually conceived sometime approximately July 8 that the previous year. Follow to Wikipedia, the Brazos River, “was important for navigating before and also after the American civil War, and heavy steam boats cruised as much up the river as Washington-on-the-Brazos.” Thus, steamboats offering easy transit come the shore would have come within about ten mile of Burton, Texas, in 1880.

Red Snapper, Cyprinus acratus

Topeka, Kansas. Native the Topeka Daily commonwealth (Mar. 24, 1886, p. 4, col. 3; ||y4kh8tet):


A son Born v Fins like a Fish watched in Topeka.
There passed with the city yesterday a monstrosity which to be a sad sight to look upon. It to be a boy by the surname of Billy Letsinger, who parents were enroute indigenous Missouri come the western part of Kansas, whee they expect to situate a home. The tiny fellow, although exceedingly bright and also intelligent fo a kid at the age of 3 years, to be horribly deformed. In the place of the usually developed arms there to be a fin like that of a fish, and the strangeness of the reality is that a back fin was totally developed and also as natural as on one of the pets in the water. His legs were completely developed till they reached the fish eye joint, when instead of feet they increased into a paddle shame fin, other in form of tha beaver"s tail. The just deformity around the head was the mouth, which resembled the of a spoon fish, the lower jaw extending almost an inch and a fifty percent forward that the upper. His parents, that seem to it is in of typical intelligence, cannot describe the deformity, except tha it occurs from the truth that as soon as crossing the s to pertained to this country around three years ago, and also just before the son was born, Mrs. Lesinger ended up being frightened by the appearance someday of number of hurge sharks, which complied with the vessel several miles. Mr. And also Mrs. Letsinger kely feel the condition of their only child, and also a smuch as possible keep that from the eyes of the public.

Elizabeth, new Jersey. The complying with is from the brand-new York Evening world (Feb. 7, 1894, 6 O’CLOCK EXTRA, p. 7, col. 2; ||y3mssne3):

Elizabeth, N. J., Feb. 7.—The monstrosity born newly in this city to Mr. And also Mrs. Theodore Bigert, the 622 Cameron Place, is come be exhibited to the medical men of Union County in ~ the following monthly meeting of the Union County clinical Society, as soon as the topic of removing the abnormal growth that makes the kid so hideous and gives the mouth the illustration of a fish snout, will be discussed.Dr. Mravlage, that attended the mommy after the child’s birth, said last night to an “Evening World” reporter the the parents wanted the infant eliminated when they saw is frightful appearance.

The adhering to account explains a living mer-person. It showed up in shaft 4 the the prior page, of the respectable 11, 1860, concern of The Emporia News, a newspaper released in Emporia, Kansas (source):

A Missouri river Mermaid.—The Weston (Mo.) Mail speak a vast story that a fish, which is rather hard to digest, this hot weather—we refer to the story, not the fish, it appears that two citizens of the above-named place, while out fishing, captured a large animal which had actually a fifty percent human, half fish appearance. Here is the summary of it: “It is decidedly a curious creature, being over five feet in length, v head, eyes, ears and also nose like a man, and a belly rather barrel-shaped. In all other respects that is prefer a fish. The creature was tho alive once we observed it, i m sorry prevented the daguerreotype male from taking a snapshot of it. We space under good obligations come Mr. B. For sending out for us to examine it, along with several clinical gentlemen of ours city, that pronounced the biology to it is in a species of hybrid new water mermaid. We think it is the intention of Mr. Birch to have it stuffed and send it to Barnum.”

The following showed up in obelisk 3 the the front page of the January 11, 1915, concern of the Harrisburg Telegraph, a newspaper published in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (source):


Monstrosity in Maryland MuseumPuzzles countless ScientistsSpecial come The Telegraph.
Baltimore, Md., Jan. 11.—An infant born critical Wednesday to a negress of Salisbury, Md., and which died at birth, is currently in the museum that the Maryland university Hospital, a puzzle to scientists of the State University and also to those of Johns Hopkins. The body, which actions twenty-eight inches <71 cm>, is proportioned so as to resemble in every detail the mythical mermaid. Native the waist it tapers right into a solid mass, in ~ the ends of i beg your pardon the feet protrude like a V, developing a finny-like substance. Come the children tail the bones, which have linked into one, space covered v rough scaly skin, partially ossified. The skin was almost white.

Similarly, in his account of Anatomical Rarities (Historiarum Anatomicarum Rariorum, Hafniae, 1654, Centuria II, p. 241), the Danish physician Thomas Bartholin (1616-1680) says that

At Paris, on St. Benedict’s job , 1645, ~ a pregnancy of 6 months, a woman gave birth to a child with a head practically like the of a carp, return the tongue was large and the remainder the the face, flat. A huge mass hung indigenous either next of the optimal of the head. On its flank to be a fleshy mass like the liver of a fish.

Another boy with the head of a carp to be reported in American newspapers, just in this instance it lived for years after birth. The form of carp is actually named—buffalo fish, which may refer to one of two people Ictiobus bubalus, small-mouthed buffalo fish or Ictiobus cyprinellus, large-mouthed buffalo fish, both of which are indigenous to the Mississippi and its tributaries. The report, together it appeared in the ft Worth Weekly Gazette (Jun. 17, 1887, p. 3, col. 6), a newspaper published in fort Worth, Texas:


The Queer Freak of Nature to be checked out inthe Helena PoorhouseHelena (Ark.) Special.
A human-fish. Detail from The Witches’ Sabbath (17th century) after David Teniers the Younger (1610-1690).
The poorhouse below contains a strange freak that nature. This is a boy in between seven and also eight year of age, a typical negro child, excepting native his neck up. He was born in ~ Old Town, around twenty miles from Helena. The boy, or young fish, as he is called, has actually a an extremely indistinct coupling . He has actually no palate. His head is held constantly on his breast, as if that was very closely articulated with it, or in fact, part of the breast. That is oblong and his forehead recedes native a allude below the eyes to the crown of the head. At an early age there were scales ~ above his ago which really much resembled the scale on a buffalo fish. They have, in the food of time, worn away, leaving only a whitish mark comparable in size to the scales.His eyes protrude from their sockets at the very least a quarter of one inch, and also are perfect sightless; he move them in a way similar to the of a fish. It is believed by his goalkeeper that, despite sightless the end of water, by part dispensation that is may be to view distinctly when his eyes are under the water. As soon as he comes in the vicinity that water, or as soon as it rains, he has peculiar convulsions and also moves his arms as a fish go its fins.There is in the middle of his forehead a ridge that the hardness of gristle, the same, similar thing the furrows in a buffalo fish’s head, which appears very distinctly in the morning, however as evening breakthroughs it disappears, and when night come it is gone entirely, just to return v its usual distinctness in the morning.

An added report around a fish-headed boy showed up in the Tombstone Prospector (Aug. 5, 1896, p. 4, col. 3), a newspaper released in Tombstone, Arizona:

A freak that nature in the form of a 16-year-old young without ears has actually been discovered at eastern Brady, a tiny town ~ above the Allegheny River. The lad is candid Collins. Until newly he was an inmate that the Duncansville poorhouse. For number of years museum managers have actually been after ~ him, but the poor authorities refuse to permit him to be exhibited. As he is currently over 16 lock think he will not it is in ill-treated but have chose not come "rent" him till he is that age. In enhancement to having no ear he has a fish mouth and also is deaf and also dumb. The political parties of his head space smooth except where the lobe of the ear must be. In ~ this spot there is a slight expansion that projects over the next of the head. His forehead is low. The peak of the head slopes till it will the back of the cranium. The has small or no chin and also his mouth jobs to together an degree that it has actually the appearance of the mouth of a fish. His head is covered with a sparse expansion of slim hair. The remainder the the lad"s body is perfect. His hands and feet are really small.

Another fish-human mix to be briefly described in the French magazine Mercure Gallant (1683, p. 307-309). In translation, the report reads:

On the 15th that this month , the wife of S. Dulu, the grasp roaster doing service at the edge of Rue des Petits Champs,† gave birth come an infant through the head that a whiting.* Its best eye was very small, together was the mouth. The ears were lens-shaped <“like lentils”>, with the exception of a small hole in the center of each. There to be no left eye, no nose and also no lips. And in ar of shoulders there to be a lump of flesh about ten inches long and also seven or eight customs wide. The umbilicus was a slim string. The legs were fused, v neither bone no one thighs. The arms, the fingers and also the feet were favor those that a child. This woman, that was pregnant for only six and a half months, competent extraordinary pain from midnight until seven in the morning, once she was ceded by mam le Tellier, a midwife residing in the Rue de la Huchette. This son lived because that a time outside its mummy womb. It to be baptized and also after its fatality was interred at the Church that Saint-Roch,‡ the mom parish church.
* The French word provided was merlan, i.e., Merlangius merlangus.† A street in the 1st and second arrondissements the Paris.‡ A church situated at 284 Rue Saint-Honoré, in the first arrondissement, started in 1653.

Another, very early, instance is described by the French medical professional Nicolas de La Roche in his publication De morbis mulierum curandis, (1542, p. 202). Over there he states that a young mrs “well well-known to him” offered birth, at the “Castle that Saint Amand” (probably Château de Montrond at Saint-Amand-Montrond), come an offspring that was human from the belt up, but fish from there down. It lived an hour, he says, and also was baptized. Possibly a instance of sirenomelia?

The account listed below swam ~ above the pages of numerous British empire publications, but the transcript quoted right here was netted from The West Australian (Jul. 9, 1935, p. 17, col. 4), a newspaper published in Perth, west Australia.

LONDON.—A strange mummified body, half human, fifty percent fish, has actually turned up in London to baffle scientists and also doctors. What, is it? Is that human, or animal? Does the prove the mermaids actually existed? no one here have the right to answer this riddles. Maybe some southern Sea sailor or traveller deserve to suggest a equipment to the mystery. The mummy has actually the skull and upper vertebrae that a person being; human being arms and hands; the lower structure and also tail of a fish, and also traces of scales instead of skin. The existence of the “mermaid” was revealed for the first time this week as soon as it passed right into the hand of a London dealer for sale. “The Eighth Wonder the the World. Mermaid uncovered in Sierra Leone. Uses Wanted.” the was how it was advertised because that sale in the shop window of Mr. W. Katz. Automatically it excited extensive interest. Already scores of world have made offers for it. Famed doctors and biologists have involved examine it— and gone away, baffled. After ~ the the next examination, they can only report that the physical structure of the mermaid is that of the normal human being, but instead of legs it has actually the tail that a fish. “The inscription listed below the mermaid’s situation shows the it was an initial the building of Dr. Graham, colonial surgeon in ~ Sierra Leone,” Mr. Katz explained. “Later the mermaid was bought through a personal collector, who carried it end to Britain. As soon as he passed away his estate to be dispersed and the mummy passed to a friend. Both the person and the next owner passed away shortly ~ the mermaid passed into their possession. It is at existing owned by a London woman, because that whom ns am acting.”

So the reports in this section clearly demonstrate the a id in the existence of fish-human hybrids has actually been widespread. And also yet, it is recognized that fakers have actually repeatedly assembled mermaids by attaching the upper portion of a human being being (or non-human primate) come the caudal section of a fish. Indeed, the last quoted report might refer to simply such a hoax specimen “composed the the upper component of a monkey’s body and also a fish tail, with various additions” donated to the brothers Museum in 1942 through the Princess Arthur the Connaught, Duchess that Fife (see image). More information around this fake is easily accessible on the brothers Museum website.

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Collapsible text: A medieval fish-man

A middle ages Fish-man

Among the occasions he mentions as arising in the year 1180 AD, chronicler Richard Baker (A Chronicle the the monarchs of England, 1684, pp. 58-59) provides the following account the a live fish-man who stayed for fifty percent a year at an English castle:

This year additionally near depend Orford in Suffolk, certain Fishers soaked up their Nets a Fish, having the form of a guy in every points, i m sorry Fish was kept by Bartholemow de Glandevile in the lock of Orford 6 moneths and more; the spake no a word; all manner of meats he walk gladly eat, yet most greedily life Fish, when he had actually pressed the end the juice; oftentimes the was brought to the Church, yet never shewed any type of sign the adoration; at size being not well looked to, he stole come the Sea and never was watched after.

The very same book, however, states elsewhere (p. 75a) the the same event developed during the reign of man I (1199-1216).

A specimen comparable to Hart’s. This phenotype is sometimes explained as a hereditary disorder the the skin, harlequin ichthyosis, yet the connected genetics space poorly known. Moreover, most published photos of individuals influenced by harlequin ichthyosis carry out not enhance this picture. Any kind of explanation of this phenotype in regards to a dermatological disorder go nothing to define the lack of both an outside nose and also external ear (traits of fish), nor the visibility of a fish-like mouth. Is the possible, then, the such births stand for fish-human hybrids? note that the instead of of the eyes by red, fleshy lumps has been explained for various kinds of remote hybrids.

Harlequin ichthyosis?

In his diary, the Rev. Oliver Hart described a fish-like son born in Charleston, south Carolina (note the seaside locale) in 1750:

On Thursday April ye fifth 1750 ns went to view a many deplorable object of a boy born the night prior to of one mar Evans in Charles Town. It to be surprising to all that beheld it, and also I scarcely know exactly how to define it. The skin the its confront was dry and also hard and seemed to it is in cracked in numerous places, somewhat resembling the scale of a fish. The mouth to be round and huge and wide open. It had actually no exterior nose, but two holes where the sleep should have actually been. The eyes appeared to be lumps the coagulated blood turned out about the bigness of a small plumb , ghastly come behold. It had actually no outside ears, yet holes wherein the ears have to be. The hands and also feet showed up to it is in swollen, to be crumpled up and also felt rather hard. The back component of that is head was lot open . That made a strange kind of a noise, very low, which ns cannot describe. The lived about eight and also forty hours, and also was alive once I witnessed it.

A case of exaggerated ichthyosis?

The report quoted below, although the alleges the individuals in inquiry were tantamount to fish-human hybrids, might simply represent a situation of sensationalizing ichthyosis by adding fanciful characteristics intended to exaggerate the similarity come fish. The product quoted here is indigenous the front web page (col. 6) the the November 20, 1879, problem of The Manitowoc Pilot, a newspaper published in Manitowoc, Wisconsin (source):

Mt. Sterling (Ky.) Democrat: two of the many marvelous specimens of the genus homo have actually been uncovered in Morgan County, Ky. They space two boys called James and Henry Elam, age respectively eight and also twelve years. These boys speak rationally, are ordinarily intelligent, but are strange in having no hair on your bodies and also heads. Your skin is covered with hefty scales choose fish. At the elbow, knees and foot joints the skin is really thick, the same, similar thing the skin of one alligator. They never ever perspire, yet turn light blue when they obtain heated. They take to water as normally as fish, but, strange to say, can not swim. Lock dive and also crawl follow me the bottom with an excellent activity and also delight. They can not walk bare-footed, your feet cracked open, yet have to wear shoes all the time. Your eyes are large and round, not almond shaped, and also the lids are an extremely red. They never wink, sleep v their eyes open. Their heads are covered v scales in lieu of hair. The boys take care of snakes v impunity and also delight, typically quarreling end a single reptile, yet satisfied once each has actually one, and also snakes have actually no antipathy to them, yet follow them favor a dog go his master. The mother of this monstrosities has borne eight children. The eldest, a daughter of sixteen, is beautiful of kind and features, and also the other youngsters are not at every peculiar. She can not account because that nature’s freak in these cases.They space expected to it is in in Mt. Sterling shortly, when our researchers will have an interesting problem to solve.

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Collapsible text: one allegation the xenogenesis.
An allegation that xenogenesis

The adhering to report alleges a situation of xenogenesis (i.e., the one kind of pet producing offspring of a various kind). It showed up on web page 8, pillar 3, of the January 31, 1894, issue of The Indiana State Sentinel, a newspaper released in Indianapolis, Indiana (source):

The Columbus Morning time is responsible for the following story, i m sorry is absolutely strange, if true: A few days ago a person freak to be born come a household residing about six miles from this city . The attending physician defines it together being of the form of a fish, and also weighing virtually four pounds. Its head to be of the shape of a fish’s, and also its eyes were very tiny and set far back on the head, and its mouth was the form of the of a sucker. Its body was totally covered through small, fine scales, and where the arms should have actually been to be well emerged fins. The lower component of that is body was a stubby nature, there being nothing every little thing in the form of reduced limbs. The freak to be alive when born and also lived near two hours.

Alexander Polyhistor, in his Chaldean Chronicle (quoted in Eusebius) explains the fish-human hybrid god Oannes and his role in the Mesopotamian account of creation: “Now it taken place that in the very first year, in the boundaries of Babylonia, there arised from the Red Sea one awesome biology which was called Oannes. As Apollodorus relates in his book, this creature had actually the complete body the a fish. Yet, next to its fish head to be a person head,

and by its tail were a pair of human legs, and also it might speak human language. A snapshot of Oannes has actually been preserved to this day. He additional states that this creature kept company with humans during the day, completely abstaining from any type of kind of food, instructing world in letters and the methods of different arts, consisting of the structure of cities and also temples, expertise of laws, the nature that weights and measures, and also how to collection seeds and also fruits; indeed, he taught humanity everything vital for residential life ~ above earth. From that time on, no one has actually gained any type of further knowledge. Currently when the sun went down, Oannes would return to the sea, remaining there till morning in the vast expanse the the waters. Thus it live the life of an amphibian. Subsequently, other similar creatures come forth, together the publication of the emperors makes clear. Furthermore it is stated that Oannes wrote about deeds and virtues, offering humankind words and also wisdom.

The tale of Oannes have the right to be embroidered a little with a an alert published in one English newspaper, The Leeds Intelligencer and General Advertiser (Nov. 26, 1784, p. 3). A copy the this short report, about a huge quadruped fish that washed ashore in Norfolk throughout a storm, shows up below:

Lower bodies of Oannes and also a bull-man (Pasargadae, Iran, 6th cen. B.C.).

Collapsible text: Fish with human faces.
Fish with human faces
A carp v a human confront photographed by UK resident Helen Barlow in 2017 if visiting Notcutts Ashton Park garden facility in better Manchester. Details
An artist"s rendering of a human-faced carp report in Conrad Gesner"s early encyclopedia the zoology Historia Animalium (Book IV, pp. 373-374). Gesner says it had the human body of an plain carp (Cyprinus carpio) but the confront of a human being being, and that this truth was attested through "grave and erudite eyewitnesses," and that the biology was "shown almost everywhere as if it were a type of miracle." It to be netted, claims Gesner, in Lake Constance, especially in the Untersee (Gesner"s "Acronio lacu"), ~ above November 13, 1545. Perhaps it was a carp choose the one photographed in the UK in 2017 (see image above), however which was drawn on the basis of a linguistic report by Gesner"s illustrator as presented here.
Woodblock print of a ningyo (人魚), literally “human fish,” a fish-human hybrid from Japanese folklore. Follow to legend, those who partook that the meat of a ningyo would certainly gain good longevity and also live on for centuries.
Picture that a four-legged fish v a human face, supposedly uncovered in Texas, as illustrated in the St. Louis, Missouri, Post-Dispatch (Apr. 19, 1896, p. 33)

Collapsible text: Tritons.
Triton (ancient roman mosaic)


And the Amphitrite and also the loud-roaring Earth-Shaker to be born great, wide-ruling Triton, and also he own the depth of the sea, living with his dear mother and also the mr his father in their golden house, an terrible god.

In Greco-Roman mythology Triton to be the child of Poseidon, god of the sea. Triton, who had the human body of a man and the tail the a fish, to be Poseidon"s herald. Therefore mermaid-like creatures, male or female, were additionally called tritons. The Greeks and Romans thought in the actual existence of tritons, creatures through the human body of a man and also the tail the a fish. Indeed, belief in together creatures persisted right into early modern-day times, as confirmed by the photo and report below.

Figure of a male with the tail the a fish; claimed to be a life-drawing the a merman captured near Exeter. 1737 Etching. Collection of the british Museum, museum number 1873,0712.927.

A report around the fishy gift pictured above appeared in the Gentleman’s newspaper (Nov. 1737, p. 703). The read,

Exeter. Some anglers near this City drawing their network ashore, a biology of human Shape, having actually two Legs, leap’d out, and also run away really swiftly; not being able come overtake it, castle knock’d it under by cram sticks after ~ it. At your coming approximately it, it to be dying, and groan’d choose a human being Creature: the Feet to be webb’d like a Duck’s, it had actually Eyes, Nose and also Mouth, resembling those the a Man, just the Nose somewhat depress’d; a Tail no unlike a Salmon’s, transforming up in the direction of its Back, and also is 4 Feet high. It to be publickly presented here.

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