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I have actually to draw the front,top,left and also right see of a provided solid objects there is no scaling them i.e freehand. I am lot beginner in this drawings. So ns am obtaining no idea of how the provided solid object is break into top,left,right and front view. So kindly please describe all the basics of just how to rest the number into parts of the chrischona2015.org drawing with few examples (without scaling).


When girlfriend have an object to draw, you have to follow some simple rules to explain your illustration for anyone to recognize it easily.

There space 2 instance explanatory pictures below.

Example 1


Example 2


Hope these helps!


Speaking in chrischona2015.org drawing terms, there space two methods to generate projections of one object. First angle projections and Third-angle projections.These projections are arisen based ~ above assuming how the object is conceptually perceived in a quadrant system.

In an initial Angle estimate we location our object in the very first Quadrant (see over figure). This means that the Vertical aircraft is behind the object and the Horizontal airplane is under the object.

In 3rd Angle projection the object is put in the third Quadrant. This means that the Vertical aircraft is in prior of the object and the Horizontal airplane is above the object.

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These changes in the position of the views are the only difference between projection methods.



So basically, visualize an object being viewed from these various planes. The Frontal aircraft gives you the side view. Horizontal airplane gives girlfriend the top or bottom views (based ~ above the edge of projection).

And visualization is the an essential to becoming an excellent in CAD drawings, 3D modelling etc. The takes a little of practice and also imagination; but it"s simple to get the hang of :)