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English term or phrase: you space beutiful
to someone thats yes, really close
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Japanese translation:きれいだね
Explanation:"kirei dane" to who thats yes, really close. kirei=beatiful

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Explanation:o tambi駭 puede ser: anata wa kirei desu. Erika ShimabukuroLocal time: 02:07Native speaker of: Spanish
"kirei dane" to someone thats yes, really close. kirei=beatifulkotobukiJapanLocal time: 16:07Native speak of: Japanese
Explanation:Read as "(anata) bijin dane" To sell clarification, basically: beautiful=美人"びじん""bijin"/美しい"うつくしい""utsukushii" pretty=きれい"kirei" cute=かわいい"kawaii" many of the time, Japanese human being replace words (anata) which way you with the various other person"s name when they want to call that person beautiful, or they just omit (anata) and also just to speak "bijin da ne" sometimes there can be an overlap in between "bijin""utsukushii" and also "kirei" and can all typical beautiful. Depending upon the situation, it would not it is in a mistake to interpret "you room beautiful" into "anata kirei da ne" However, if you want to let the other human know that you think the she is superb, I imply you to speak "bijin da ne" If you think superb is a small bit of one exageration and also you actually meant to speak pretty, "kirei da ne" would certainly be good. MimichanLocal time: 03:07Native speaker of: JapanesePRO pts in pair: 16

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