Identify the position of Sn in the regular tableand use it together a guide to determine the electron construction of neutral Sn

Before we deserve to do that, we have to first write the electron construction of a neutral floor state tin (Sn).

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Determine the ground-state electron construction of tin (Sn) by locating the place Sn in the regular table.

Ground-state method that the element is in its lowest energy type (not in excited state). Neutral Sn method it has actually no charge, meaning no electron are eliminated or included in the atom.


You watch in the above illustration that the periodic table the Sn is in Period 5, team 4A, and p-block

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What is the electron configuration for a believe (Sn- #50) atom?

a. 5s25p2

b. 5d105s25p2

c. 4d105p4

d. 4d105s25p2

e. 4d104s24p2

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