1938 coin value is just one of just a couple of dates through a premium in center worn condition. Throughout the value process grading condition is crucial to just how much these room worth.

Adding to desirability room the branch mint arrays struck in 1938. Collecting through date and mint note is standard with collectors.

Further separating any 1938 cent, is condition. Grading identify state of preservation. Analysis the value chart highlights the importance of specific judgement of grade. Compare to photos showing step in wear separating every grade.


Steps resulting in Value:

Step 1: Date and Mintmark range – determine each date and also its mintmark variety. It is a popular theme in the hobby.

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Step 2: Grading problem – Judge condition to recognize grade.Step 3: Special characteristics – details elements either boost or detract native value.
1938 Lincoln coin ValueCondition of CoinDateGoodFineExtremelyFineUncirculated
1938 Lincoln Penny value Up-Dated2021
1938$0.04 $0.04 $0.05 $6
1938 D$0.04 $0.04 $0.20 $6
1938 S$0.04 $0.04 $0.15 $4

A value procedure identifies three key factors: date | Mint mark | Condition

Listings on the chart start with Date and also Mint note combinations. Close-up images help identify and confirm the exactly variety.

Grading problem follows. A collection of pictures showing a progression of wear help visualize the differences. Descriptions of important locations to referee helps match your coin to a grade. Every different combination of these components is detailed on the worth chart.

Step 1: | Date and also Mintmark Combination

1938 - Three ranges to determine

Collector demand forms the basic to 1938 coin value. All three arrays are part of collections and higher condition instances are detailed with greater premiums. Millions of each variety were produced, yet most entered circulation, continuing to be until greatly worn.

1938 Lincoln Penny

No Mintmark Under Date: Philadelphia Mint win the Coin


1938 Philadelphia variety cent is plentiful on a rarity scale. Ample supply because that collectors in most grades, becoming less in lightly circulated and higher condition.

A greater value is detailed in the incredibly Fine grade. Problem is a major factor to value; that ties carefully with the eye very nice of the individual coin. Copper, given sufficient time and also poor storage problems turns a dark brown, lessening visual appeal. A light brown come tan is provided on coins preserved in favorable conditions.

1938-D Lincoln Penny

"D" Mintmark Under Date: Denver Mint to win the Coin


Lower mintage figures is usual of branch mints, Denver striking 20,010,000 pennies in 1938. Circulated coins space plentiful.

A standout coin is without wear or just slightly worn. Grading, the next step come value, identifies these. An as whole view of your coin displaying Lincoln with a complete separation that his cheek and also jaw suggests an above average grade penny.

1938-S Lincoln Penny

"S" Mintmark Under Date: mountain Francisco Mint to win the Coin


San Francisco selection cents that 1938 are popular with collectors. They room an affordable date from the 1930"s representing a low manufacturing issue.

Demand native collectors raises values in the incredibly Fine grade and also nicer coins. Examine the "LI" the "Liberty" to the left the Lincoln"s portrait. Full, spicy lettering is desired by collectors and also helps strengthen values. Faded and also rolling up the pickled in salt of lettering to reduce desirability.

Step 2: | Judge problem to recognize Grade

1938 Penny value Tied to Condition

relying on grade - identified by its condition; worth of her 1938 penny entails a range. See the pictures of coins in various grades and compare your coin to each. A close complement when to compare the lot of detail and wear offers a an excellent indication of condition.

Begin the grading process with an as whole opinion the the coin. Pleasing tones of tan and also brown are preferred by collectors. Follow with comparing your coin to the images finding a condition match.


Uncirculated Grade: Vibrant luster shinning native the surface indicate an Uncirculated - Mint State grade. No wear to any component of the coin confirms the grade.

Absence of any wear is critical to place a coin in mint state grade. Highest areas prone to reflecting wear space Lincoln"s eyebrow and also cheek just listed below his eye. Lack of any type of smoothing or color change is important. Color may deepen end his cheek yet a texture consistent with the eyebrow and also forehead confirms the coin never circulated.

Strong well-defined details are detailed on this mint state 1938 wheat penny. Details that the ridge forming his eyebrow are bold. A nice also red-gold color is bright through luster including visual appeal.

Extremely fine Grade: Of value to collectors are at an early stage Lincoln cent from the 1930"s in lightly worn condition. Specifying the extremely Fine class is light wear limit to only the highest point of the design.

Judging the class inspects the whole coin and identifies the quantity of wear come high points. Lincoln"s eyebrows and also cheek room raised above the field and also wear quickly. In exceptionally fine grade tiny amounts the wear have actually flattened both the brows and top of cheek. Importantly, a level of contour and separation remains defining each.

Extremely fine grade is a collectible problem of Lincoln pennies. A pretty even shade has toned the example 1938-D cent a heat shade of brown, setup this coin apart from many. Eye appeal of this coin is vital to value and appeal come collectors.

Fine Grade: Heavy stay is apparent in the main areas the a wheat cent in good grade. Problem along the external edges is commonly less worn with major details remaining.

Lincoln"s eyebrow still specifies a separation to his forehead. Cheek area listed below the eye is now level with a link to brow. A holy place depression remains giving depth come his profile. Over the temple the forehead is start to end up being flat verses contoured.

A positive eye very nice is presented by the instance wheat penny. No large marks are discovered and solid legends and also date remain. Nicely toned, this coin is affordable come young and brand-new collectors.

Good Grade: Heavy wear, continuous flat areas, and also lack of young details places a coin in the good grade. Devices remain outlined, and also clear date are visible.

Once full of detailed detail, Lincoln"s eyebrow and cheek area is currently a associated smooth surface. His eyebrow has combined with forehead and continues come the hair line. Flatness extends to most of the coat and shirt.

Copper regularly tones really deep colour of brown if left exposed come air. Lighter shades suggest this 1930"s wheat penny to be protected. Preservation plus eye appeal adds to value.

Video | Grading Lincoln Wheat Pennies

Old pennies tackled with care and well kept are seek by collectors. With subtle points to condition separating values Grading Lincoln Wheat Pennies examines the different grades using video clip and descriptions.

Step 3: | Special qualities Enhancing Value

1938 Penny value | Future Potential

Viewing the worth chart in ~ the peak of this page; 1938 pennies, of all varieties, room an affordable coin. A steady boost in value as great improves. This value pattern is common of many dates and also mints. However, looking at the entirety series, a distinct pricing framework doe emerge.

Three major Value eras in the Lincoln Wheat collection are figured out

every coins date 1909 v 1933 are over minimum worth in every grades very fine grade breaks from minimum worth 1934 through 1943 Mint State great only above minimum worth 1944 through 1958

A 1938 coin fits in the middle pricing era 1934 to 1943. Ease of access and scarcity have tendency to reflect in big price alters from one grade come the next. Clear indications allude to exceptionally fine together an elusive condition. Future value potential that a 1938 penny is in the very fine grade and above. This fits nicely through collectors" preference seeking greater quality coins.

Set aside any type of wheat penny in higher than minimum value condition. Future collections formed of this coins naturally appeal come a broader collector base.


US Mint. 1939 united state Mint yearly Report https://nnp.wustl.edu/library/publisherdetail/51

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Lincoln Penny value Chart

Lincoln Wheat cents expectations the years 1909 v 1958. Native the top condition coins built up by progressed collectors come worn examples; to an affordable arsenal for young collectors, the range of worth is extensive. Determine your date, mint and also condition and refer to the value chart.

Coin Value overview | how to worth a Coin Collection

A step by step technique combined v the coin value online overview identifies how to value a coin collection. Discover how much your box of old coins is worth.

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All us coin values. Identify your old coins using the photo links causing value charts. Day | Mintmark | problem are considered; all described and imaged within every series. Surprising worth is often found in the the smallest of detail.