The Bass Fishing Team at Virginia Tech was establimelted in 2007. Since winning the B.A.S.S. National Championship that year, Virginia Tech has actually stood as a optimal team in the collegiate fishing world with multiple neighborhood and conference championships. The team competes in many kind of series, including FLW, B.A.S.S., and the ACA.

The team likewise holds about 8 club tournaments a year for the members to contend for height ranking within the team. Claytor Lake and Smith Mountain lake are the residence lake for the team, but members take a trip almost everywhere the state and also neighboring areas to fish club, collegiate, and other tournaments. The team is a Registered Student Organization through the Division of Student Affairs, and also we are a self funded, student ran company. All of our funds come from member dues, fundincreasing, and docountries. The team is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Charitable Organization.

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B.A.S.S: 2007 B.A.S.S National Championship on the Arkansas River - 1st Place Scott Wiley and also Brett Thompson

FLW: 2010 FLW Championship - 7th Place Carboy Rejzer and also Wyatt Blevins 2010 FLW Northern Regional Championship Jordan Lake - 4th Place Jody White and also Carson Rejzer - 7th Place Michael Feas and also Wyatt Blevins 2010 FLW Regional Qualifier Lake Erie - third Place Michael Freas and Wyatt Blevins 2010 FLW Regional Qualifier Lake Champlain - 4th Place Jody White and Carson Rejzer 2010 FLW Regional Qualifier Mt. Island also Lake - sixth Place Andrew Blevins and Patrick Kroboth 2011 FLW Northern Regional Championship Sayers Lake - 3rd Place Carson Rejzer and Wyatt Blevins 2011 FLW Regional Qualifier Lake Erie - 5th Place David Bryant and also Preston Chrisman 2011 FLW Regional Qualifier SML - fourth Place Carchild Rejzer and Wyatt Blevins 2012 FLW Championship Lake Murray - fifth Place Carchild Rejzer and also Wyatt Blevins 2012 FLW Northern Conference Championship - 3rd Place David Bryant and Jody White - fifth Place Anattracted Jackkid and also Patrick Snellings 2012 FLW Regional Qualifier 1000 Islands - 10th Place Clay Ross and also Mark Condron 2012 FLW Regional Qualifier Ohio River/Tanners Creek - 1st Place Anattracted Jackboy and Patrick Snellings - 8th Place Sean Havens and also Michael Freas 2012 FLW Regional Qualifier Lake Champlain - 5th Place David Bryant and Jody White 2012 FLW Regional Qualifier Kerr Lake - 4th Place Preston Chrisguy and Carson Rejzer - 8th Place Anattracted Jackboy and Patrick Snellings 2013 FLW Regional Qualifier SML - 2nd Place Ricky Kassebaum and John Woodward* 2013 FLW Regional Qualifier Potomac River - 3rd Place Dylan Cooper and Corey Fox* - 10th Place John Stables and John Sanderlin* 2013 FLW Invitational Chesapeake Bay - 3rd Place Ricky Kassebaum and John Woodward** 2014 FLW Regional Qualifier SML - 13th Place Gage Hagen and Ethan Morrison* 2014 FLW Regional Qualifier Cheasapeake Bay - 3rd Place Dylan Cooper and Corey Fox* 2015 FLW Regional Qualifiers SML - 12th Place Jake Thompchild and Sean Snow* 2016 FLW Northern Regional SML - 1st Place Kile Rapid and also Mark Adams** - 7th Place Elliot Roberboy and also Ross Adams** - nine Place Andrew Davis and also Ethan Morrison** 2016 FLW Northern Regional Chautauqua Lake - ninth Place Ian Hardesty and also Milton Sheesley**2017 FLW Northern Regional SML - 7th Place Eillot Roberkid and also Ross Adams2018 FLW Northern Regional SML - fourth Place Garrett Jennings and also Ethan Morrison** - sixth Place Junior Roberts and also Ethan Stone**2018 FLW Open Kentucky/Barkley Lakes - 14th Place Tyler Dixon and also Robbie Pryor **

* - Qualified for Regional Championship ** - Qualified for National ChampionshipSML - Smith Mountain Lake


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Photos from Virginia Tech Bass Fishing Team"s post

We had actually our first club tournament this previous Sunday on Claytor Lake! It was a tough competition in between each team as virtually every one restricted out with 5 fish. With the entering skillcollection of our brand-new members, the future of Hokiebass is bright! . . Congrats to Zachary Swope and his companion Cody Leonard in first place with 10.78 lbs and also having the best fish 4.71 lbs second place: Trey Joyce and Chase Berry through 10.36 lbs third place: Garrett Jones and also Clay Fergukid through 9.35 lbs ... See more