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Scout"s initial summary of Walter Cunningham is centered on two characteristics: his poverty and his pride. Both of this are features of his family, quite than being purely individual, and also are equally evident in his father, additionally called Walter, who is a customer of Atticus . The indications of...

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Scout"s initial description of Walter Cunningham is centered on two characteristics: his poverty and his pride. Both of this are characteristics of his family, fairly than gift purely individual, and also are equally obvious in his father, also called Walter, who is a client of Atticus. The indicators of young Walter"s poverty are really clear. He has no shoes and is infected v hookworm together a an effect of constantly going barefoot. However, his pride is obvious in the fact that his attire is constantly neat and clean.

The proud independence and also honesty that the Cunningham household is so clear to Scout that it go not occur to she that miss out on Caroline will fail to grasp her definition when she says that Walter is a Cunningham. So far as reconnaissance is concerned, his member of this household is a perfect explanation for both the lack of Walter"s lunch and also his refuse to expropriate money come pay for it.

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Physically, Walter is sickly and also undernourished. It is clear the he never gets sufficient to eat, and Scout claims that the "looked together if he had been elevated on fish food." His eyes space "red-rimmed and watery" and his face is really pale.

Walter is significant in his manner and also does no speak much but is polite and thoughtful in his conversation v Atticus. He talks to the lawyer in a knowledgeable manner about farming and admits come the hardships of his life in a matter-of-fact way, without self pity. At this point, the seems much older and also wiser than Scout, a fact that is not shed on her once she observes that her classmate and her father room talking "together prefer two men, come the wonderment of Jem and also me."