If there ever before was a many characteristic military leader in history, that was Julius Caesar. Past his undeniable capacity for strategy, the roman general outstood because of his an individual leadership lessons over his army, to whom he knew exactly how to transmit his vision and wisdom. His troops gave Caesar earlier the to trust he required for his plenty of victories. Indigenous him, we space taking this eight valuable lessons that a good leader should know:

Connection v his soldiers

Back in Rome, that was claimed that Caesar knew the surname of each and also every soldier fighting v him. That an individual connection was a chance to victory the confidence of his army. A leader doesn’t have to be “best friends” with every member that his team, yet from this story we can learn that having actually a personal link with coworkers is other positive, due to the fact that it reduce the gaps that may exist in one office and also strengthens leadership.

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Communication skills

Julius Caesar, as plenty of other politicians and soldiers in roman inn times, was likewise a an excellent orator. He used to display up, impeccably dressed, at the roman Senate, and also addressed his soldiers through vehement speeches. A great leader cares around learning communication techniques the will aid him effectively convey messages and also engage the team. There are simulators to improve these skills through practice, which ensures a solid and also efficient learning.


Share information

A great part the the success that the roman inn legions to be the information troops had available on the battlefield. Every centurion had as much information on the battle setup as the an extremely Julius Caesar did. In our nowadays office, centurions would stand for team or room managers. As a leader, you should make certain that these people are well informed and understand her perspective, therefore they can connect to the rest of the team what requirements to it is in done.

Max her potential out

Roman soldiers were trained to use gladius –small pointy daggers- with which lock conquered half the world. Far from that powerful image of great swords and spears, the legions were specialized in the use of these tiny weapons, light yet effective. Favor Caesar, the tools you have available will it is in those which will certainly make you reach success. Learn to usage them correctly and develop her skills in order come max the end your very own potential and also that that the people around you.

Accept your responsibility

Caesar was constantly close come his troops. Despite the danger, the roman general wanted to communicate directly with his military because he knew that meant a rise to his soldier’s moral. He ate with them, slept through them, bled v them. Being close come his men also allowed him to recognize weaknesses and make fast decisions to correct mistakes. Favor Julius Caesar, a good leader should be ready for every little thing may come, come give support to his people and make quick but well-thought decisions. Be accessible to her team and also guide them towards the end of the process.

Celebrate achievements

Julius Caesar made sure that anyone knew about his victories, numerous of which he composed down and also became timeless works. Friend don’t need to write a book like Caesar did, however it is important that you discover to communicate everything you achieve, so the the team will certainly feel a component of a usual project and also your leadership will be strengthened. Save a usual attitude, but don’t forget to highlight every tiny success and also goal you reach.

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Don’t delegate the many unpleasant tasks

In roman inn times, it was typical to punish deserters, never minding whether they to be friends or family. Caesar himself was personally in charge of this tough task, among the hardest a soldier can face. Obviously, this one is a rather too much example, yet from that we can learn that, favor Julius Caesar, a good leader mustn’t sit earlier and wait because that others to do hard tasks for him; instead, the must gain down to company straight away. In other words, be an example to others and also take ~ above the hardest tasks yourself.

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Take a risk

Julius Caesar take it on the dangers which came through his leadership. A leader should be brave and take risks. If you collection your conviction aside and also make decisions based upon fear and cowardice, you will be building your management on a faulty base. Take risks, be brave, discover from mistakes and also you will achieve success ~ above the basic of a strong, heavy leadership.

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