Should Odysseus have actually killed the suitors? Odysseus had actually many alternative options that can have to be done, rather of killing the suitors. Not only did Odysseus kill the suitors however he eliminated some of Penelope’s maids. Odysseus should have found an additional punishment like the suitors might of payed for whatever they consumed and for the death of Odysseus’s dog. In ~ the end of the day, all Odysseus want to perform was feeling the satisfaction that killing all the suitors, and he could happily attain revenge.

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Odysseus had no right to death the suitors. Odysseus was mad with the suitors because they wanted to eliminate him indigenous his throne, they wanted to marry Penelope, and also the suitors to be disrespectful come Ithaca. What Odysseus carry out was an act of compulsiveness due to the fact that in his mental Odysseus had planned this massacre for a lengthy time. Odysseus likewise uses the reality that they were disrespectful to him as an pardon to death 108 suitors. That was likewise mad since he to be the king and the suitors asserted his property.


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The suitors likewise assumed Odysseus to be dead and they attacked Odysseus’ palace, eating every his food and drinking his precious wine. Odysseus to be blinded through his revenge, and he showed no mercy when he eliminated the bad suitors. Nevertheless if they trashed his home, Odysseus didn’t need to kill them. He should have talked the out v his family, and also then they all might have prevented this dreadful massacre. A few of the suitors begged because that mercy and the just thing Odysseus do, was look and them and also without a breath death them.

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Also, Telemachus didn’t need to do this but instead, he chose to stand by his father\’s next and assist him death 108 men. Odysseus virtually killed one innocent and also loyal man, Odysseus didn’t realize what he was doing because he was blinded by coldness and also death. The suitors were harming Penelope which do Odysseus really mad. Homer in the poem desires the audience to believe that Odysseus to be the large hero, as soon as truly Odysseus is a monster. Also, why go Odysseus have to kill the maids and not sort things out with them? Odysseus needs to pay justice because that the terrifying crimes he committed. Odysseus didn’t also give the suitors the ideal punishment, the most messed up point Odysseus did was pretend to it is in a beggar and then privately see the suitors weaknesses.

Penelope might have additionally stopped her husband (Odysseus), and Odysseus have to have provided the suitors another opportunity and even probably feel some mercy and kindness because that them. Odysseus additionally killed 12 maids. Why no Odysseus kill the maids on his own, rather he told his kid to execute it “ as soon as the entirety palace is restored I order you to take the females out that the hall in between the round-house and the an excellent of the courtyard, and set on them v your lengthy swords till you have executed lock all and also they have forgotten their mystery love-making in the eight of the suitors.” Od.22.440 Odysseus was likewise a negative dad to Telemachus because he killed 108 males in front of his son. Odysseus’s need to be glad the the suitors didn’t kill Penelope or his son. Also, Odysseus had actually no right no come earlier and judge Penelope’s loyalty because he to be the one that cheated on her through Calypso. Odysseus should have actually not killed the suitors since they never truly hurt him.

One that the reasons Odysseus eliminated the suitors was because they ate his food and also that’s still not an agree excuse. Odysseus committed countless crimes not just murder, and the murder of the suitors to be the worst thing he could have done. Odysseus should challenge many year in prison for the awful stuff he did. If Odysseus claimed he would certainly kill every the 108 suitors self then why walk he bring Athena and also Telemachus into the mini-war. Odysseus want to death the suitors for this reason badly that we acquired the chance to, that didn’t also know where to start and also he just killed everyone who was in front the him. Odysseus also traumatized the maids because he do them clean all the dead bodies and also the blood. Also, Odysseus threw an arrow at 1 of the suitors, instantly killing him. Odysseus was really protective that his palace however then why did he rotate his hall into a bloody crime scene.

Odysseus also tried to kill the continuing to be Ithacans because he to be blinded by rage, if it weren’t for Athena who stopped him then he could have killed an ext innocent men. Odysseus should have let the suitors apologize because that trying come marry his mam (Penelope). The suitors assumed the Odysseus was dead and they got into his palace once Odysseus came back the suitors witnessed that Odysseus to be alive yet so what quiet Odysseus had no appropriate to death them. He might have inquiry the suitors to leave yet instead, he wanted to be a huge hero and instead decided to kill every one of them. Additionally Penelope can have called them nicely to leave rather of tricking them into believing she was going come marry 1 of them. Penelope can have seriously stopped his husband indigenous killing all of the suitors however instead, she went to her room and slept if 108 males were gift killed.

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Odysseus said “Fear no more, mine son has actually saved girlfriend from bloody death.” (Hinds) when Odysseus said that, he admitted he had actually just cursed murder and that the suitor’s fatality would be bloody. Plus not all the suitors had actually to die, however he determined to death every single one that them. Odysseus certainly saw the deaths that the suitors as simply for the misdeeds in his home. Odysseus rather should have stayed through Calypso and prevented this bloody deaths. So to summarize this court time, Odysseus is uncovered guilty of murder and should be punished because that his dreadful actions. Odysseus should likewise be eliminated for justice to the death of every one of then he killed, and also the human being who aid him must go to jail for being accomplices. Penelope should additionally get part punishment due to the fact that she didn’t do anything to stop Odysseus. Odysseus is guilty because that murder.

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