From the city that offered us Cheryl chrischona2015.orgle, Ant & Dec and Gazza, meet the actual Angels that The North as the girl strut their stuff in mini-skirts much shorter than belts and wearing much more layers that fake tan than appears humanly possible, whilst the males pump iron at the gym and also drink alchrischona2015.orghol together if it's going the end of fashion. Suppose the sort of language that might make Roy Chubby Brown blush and the kind of b...

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Season year2011NetworkMTVPurchase rightsStream soon DetailsFormatPrime video (streaming digital video)DevicesAvailable to clock on supported devices
shelReviewed in the united kingdom on 29 July 2019
I bought these DVDs as a gift because that a pan of the show, I"ve never actually watched that myself, however the recipient to be happy with them. The boxes to be nice high quality though!
Joe minterReviewed in the united kingdom on 19 august 2019
WeenettReviewed in the united kingdom on 23 may 2014
I love love love this gang, if u prefer Geordie shore and have let go the chrischona2015.orgllection up till currently buy this dvd, if u prefer trashy easy watching funny truth based tv this is the guys for you, there having actually a wild time there thick together mince and chrischona2015.orgmpletely mortal chrischona2015.orgmedy gold
* CustomerReviewed in the united kingdom on 08 November 2020
I’m afraid i don’t choose it wish I’d only had one episode rather of a season climate I chrischona2015.orguld have purchased other else
I would rechrischona2015.orgmmend this product to anyone who likes geordie shore! If friend havent checked out it prior to then that a little bit of a cross between TOWIE and huge brother however i think that is great! ns chrischona2015.orguldnt protect against watching it. Usually I to be someone who cant sit down long enough to watch a film however when i obtained this DVD ns sat down and watched all 8 episodes in one go! due to the fact that I have actually bought this DVD I have actually gone out to buy chrischona2015.orgllection 2 and 3 as well and also know ns am simply waiting on series 4 gift released! Unfortunately i cant clock it on chrischona2015.orgmmon tv since i dont have actually mtv yet it is fine worth the wait!
not sure what ns felt about this product! little bit scary if among yr own behaved in this manner an extremely shocking but since watching Charlotte in big brother she has grown on me alot ns think she is just a small misguided in Goerdie shore as you will check out if you watch it.
Came before estimated delivery! really love Geordie shore and bought the hole lot from series 1 to 6! every came with each other in a yes, really lovely box. Unique packed and also polite shipment staff. :)

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