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You deserve to hear this line at 00:28:10 in the Blu-ray variation of the movie.

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- Yo-ho! Let"s open up up and sing and also ring the bells out. (2)

- Ding-Dong! The merry-o, sing it high, sing it low. (2)

- permit them recognize the evil Witch is dead. (2)

- We stand for The Lullaby League, the Lullaby League, The Lullaby League.

- and in the name of The Lullaby League, we wish to welcome you to Munchkinland.

- We stand for The Lollipop Guild, The Lollipop Guild, The Lollipop Guild.

- and in the name of The Lollipop Guild, us wish to welcome you to Munchkinland.

- we welcome you come Munchkinland. Tra-la-la-la-la-la tra-la-la tra-la-la. Tra-la-la-la-la la-la.

- From now on you"ll it is in history. You"ll it is in his... You"ll it is in history.

- and also we will glorify her name.

- You will certainly be a bust... Be a bust. Be a bust. the room of fame


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Put "em up! placed "em up! Which one of you first? I"ll fight friend both together, if girlfriend want.
I do believe in spooks. Ns do, i do, ns do, i do, ns do!
I do think in spooks. I do, ns do, i do, ns do.
My! civilization come and go so quickly here!
Toto I have actually a emotion we"re not in Kansas anymore.
The wizard of Oz (1939) Sound Clip


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Actors: Judy Garland (Dorothy Gale), candid Morgan (Professor Marvel / The wizard of Oz), ray Bolger (Scarecrow), Jack Haley (Tin Man), Bert Lahr (The Cowardly Lion)

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