My Weedeater 20″ gas lawnmower through a Briggs & Stratton engine to be purchased from a local large box store. It is a 300 series, and I have had actually it around 6 years. The low price to be a huge reason I made decision this model. I essential a basic push mower, and this one fit into my budget better than various other brands. If you plan to walk to a big box store for a mower, perform not assume that any type of sales combine will be able to answer many questions around which version would job-related the best. You’ll typically get who who simply reads to her from package on the shelf, in my experience.

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I had actually to placed the mower together when I obtained home. The only trouble I had with placing it with each other was not having the correct tools. Once I got those, placing it with each other was easy, also for a mrs who has actually rarely put anything together. I just adhered to the directions closely and was happy surprised as soon as it started right away.

This has actually been a really great mower because that me. The knives are sharpened every spring and the oil is changed. It is a little complicated to change the oil, but once I got used come what I required to do, it came to be easier every year. The tongue comes turn off easy, however I have a tough time remembering exactly how to placed them ago on. I lastly sprayed painted an X on the optimal of the tongue so I would remember how they came off. This is all the maintenance I have done to the mower.

The mower cut evenly and can be propelled close come objects to make making use of a weed eater unnecessary in plenty of places. Small areas carry out still need the weed eater used near them, however I have controlled to border that. It runs for fairly a while on a tank that gas, i m sorry is really vital when gas is so expensive.

One concern I have actually with the mower is exactly how it starts. It has actually a choke button that demands pushed three times prior to you try to begin it. There space times when it demands pushed much more than 3 times before it will start. I have had to press it up to 6 times, yet then run the risk of flooding the engine and also having to wait for a while prior to I try again.

I likewise wish i had considered buying a push mower through an electric start. Pulling the rope to begin every time i shut it turn off gets old really quickly. But, this is a personal issue and also not one about the mower itself.

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Another trouble I have actually with the mower is that it have the right to be hard to push. Ns am a strong woman, yet with some species of grasses, the mower is extremely hard come push. I wish i had taken into consideration a self-propelled mower when I was looking for a new mower. Again, this is a an individual wish and also nothing the is wrong v the mower.

I will absolutely consider one more Briggs and also Stratton powered mower if I ever need to replace this one. The does whatever I need it to do and also is straightforward to use. For the price ns paid that was well listed below $200, it was a an excellent choice because that me!

Do you own this model lawnmower? If so, leave a comment with your opinion about it to help others feather for help with their following mower purchase. Tell united state where friend bought it and also how lot you paid, if you remember!

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Rachel Story says

June 23, 2019 at 2:02 pm

If there is no bag that catches the grass, what do you do with the reduced grass? do you need to rake that up?