Physics. The force that gravitation exerts top top a body, equal to the fixed of the human body times the local acceleration the gravity: typically taken, in a region of consistent gravitational acceleration, as a measure of mass.

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a body of determinate mass, together of metal, for utilizing on a balance or scale in weighing objects, substances, etc.
a certain quantity that a substance that is established by weighing or that weighs a resolved amount: a half-ounce load of yellow dust.
a mental or ethical burden, together of care, sorrow, or responsibility: knowing you space safe takes a load off my mind.
(of clothing, textiles, etc.) relative heaviness or thickness as pertained to warmth or to seasonal usage (often supplied in combination): a winter-weight jacket. Relative heaviness or thickness as related to use: a bolt that coat-weight woolen cloth.
(especially in boxing) a division or class to i beg your pardon a contestant belongs according to exactly how much the weighs: 2 brothers that fight professionally in the exact same weight.
the complete amount the jockey, saddle, and also leads need to weigh top top a racehorse throughout a race, follow to the conditions of the race: Jacinto has a load of 122 pounds in the saturday race.
to burden through or together if through weight (often adhered to by down): Financial concerns have weight that household down for years.
to predisposition or slant towards a details goal or direction; manipulate: The teacher load the test so student who had read both publications would do the greatest marks.
to entrust (a racehorse) a certain weight to lug in a race: The handicapper weighted Dapper Dan v 128 pounds.
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carry weight, to have importance or significance; influence: her opinion is particular to bring weight.

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pull one's weight, to add one's rightful re-publishing of work to a job or job: we will end up in time if we each pull our weight.Also pull one's own weight.
throw one's weight around / about, to use one's power and also influence, especially past the limit of propriety, come secure some personal gain.