We’re gift asked to determine thebond angleinICl4+. Since we don’t recognize the Lewis structure for ICl4+, we must do the complying with steps:

Step 1:Determine the central atom in this molecule.

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Step 2:Calculate the total variety of valence electron present.

Step 3:Draw the Lewis structure for the molecule.

Step 4:Determine the variety of electron groups approximately the suggested atom.

Step 5:Determine the electron geometry and bond angle utilizing this:

Electron Regions digital Geometry bond Angles

2 straight 180˚

3 trigonal planar 120˚

4 tetrahedral 109.5˚

5 trigonal bipyramidal 90˚, 120˚, and also 180˚

6 octahedral 90˚ and also 180˚

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Problem Details

What room the intended bond angles in ICl4+?

a. 90°

b. 109.5°

c. 120°

d. 180°

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