Factors of 23 space the perform of integers that us can break-up evenly right into 23. There are as whole 2 factors of 23 i.e. 1 and also 23 where 23 is the biggest factor. The amount of all components of 23 is 24 and its factors in Pairs are (1, 23).

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Factors that 23: 1 and 23Negative factors of 23: -1 and also -23Prime determinants of 23: 23Prime administrate of 23: 23Sum of components of 23: 24
1.What room the determinants of 23?
2.How to calculate the components of 23?
3.Factors of 23 by element Factorization
4. Factors that 23 in Pairs
5.Important Notes
6.FAQs on components of 23

What room the determinants of 23?

The number 23 is a prime number. Gift a prime number, 23 has just 2 factors, 1 and 23. The pair determinants of the number 23 are integers however not any type of fraction or a decimal number. 

Also, both the digits, 2 and 3, are prime.


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How to calculation the factors of 23?

We deserve to calculate the components of a number in two ways, one of two people by department method or by prime factorization. Let"s start calculating the determinants of 23 by the department method, starting with the entirety number 1. 

Now division 23 with the next totality number. Is the remainder 0? Definitely, no!23 ÷ 23 = 1 and remainder is 0.Thus we uncover that 23 is no divisible by any type of other number.Since it"s a prime number, it has actually just two factors, 1 and also 23.

Factors of 23 by prime Factorization

Prime factorization method expressing a number as the product of its prime factors. In the administer method, consider the numbers, 1 and also 23 as determinants of 23. 23 is a element number. It has only two factors, i.e., the number 1 and the number 23 itself. So the prime factorization that the number 23 is 23.

Factors that 23 in Pairs

The pair of number which gives 23 as soon as multiplied are the components of 23 in pairs. The following are the optimistic and an unfavorable factor bag of 23: (1, 23) and (-1,-23). 

Important Notes

23 is a prime number and also has just 1 and also 23 together its factors. 23 is the prime element of 23.

Factors of 23 resolved Examples

Example 1: Johnson has 23 lampshades come be pack in boxes. Each box should contain an equal number of lampshades.

How many boxes will certainly be needed?


There are a total of 23 lampshades.

Each box should contain an equal number of lamps, and the number 23 does no have any factors other 보다 1 and itself.

Therefore, 1 lampshade deserve to be pack in one box.

Thus, 23 boxes will certainly be needed to pack 23 lampshades.

Example 2: Help Olivia identify which number top top multiplying v -23 gives 23.


The an adverse factor pair of 23 is: (-1,-23)

Therefore when -23 is multiply by -1, the product is 23.

-23 x -1 = 23

Example 3: How numerous factors are there because that 23?


The components of 23 room 1, 23. Therefore, 23 has 2 factors.

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FAQs on factors of 23

What space the components of 23?

The components of 23 space 1, 23 and also its an unfavorable factors room -1, -23.

How plenty of Factors the 18 are also common to the determinants of 23?

Since, the determinants of 23 are 1, 23 and factors the 18 are 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 18. Hence, 23 and also 18 have only one typical factor i m sorry is 1. Therefore, 23 and also 18 are co-prime.

What is the Greatest typical Factor of 23 and also 20?

The factors of 23 are 1, 23 and the components of 20 are 1, 2, 4, 5, 10, 20. 23 and also 20 have actually only one usual factor i m sorry is 1. This indicates that 23 and also 20 space co-prime.Hence, the Greatest usual Factor (GCF) the 23 and also 20 is 1.

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What are the Prime factors of 23?

The prime aspect of 23 is 23.

What is the amount of every the factors of 23?

Factors that 23 space 1, 23 and, the amount of all these determinants is 1 + 23 = 24