50 years earlier everything that i knew around politics ns learned from reading a paperback publication that was filled through endearing one-frame comics about Caroline Kennedy. It to be titled Miss Caroline. The book was created by Gerald Gardner and featured drawings by frank Johnson.

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The book belonged to my sister that was 3 years older than I was. Both that us enjoyed reading about this tiny girl who was only four years younger 보다 I was and whose father was president the the joined States. I remember reading imagined advice indigenous Caroline to her father president together as suggesting that Disneyland become a state or the Frank Sinatra be in his cabinet.

50 years ago today i was sit in Mr. Stratton’s fifth-grade course at Quannah McCall Elementary institution in North ras Vegas, Nevada once Mr. Stratton tearfully gave us the news that President Kennedy had been assassinated. Many of united state didn’t recognize what the word meant, but we very soon learned that is meaning. It to be a an extremely sad day the robbed us of our innocence and changed who us were. The assassination emerged only 5 days before Caroline’s sixth birthday and only three days prior to her brother John’s third birthday. It was painful for me and also the rest of the country, and it was especially painful for his very young family.

A couple of years back my husband provided me a tourism of the institution he attended as soon as he to be in 5th grade in ~ Elsinore armed forces Academy. He verified me the specific spot he to be standing as soon as he heard the news. This is a day burned into the storage of world from anywhere the world. We are all different, however we are united in our thoughts and also feelings of the day. Ns wish we would be an ext united in mirroring respect come the office that president. We do not have to agree with every little thing or even anything that a president states or does, however we deserve to still it is in much an ext civil and respectful when we do disagree. President Kennedy was killed by someone who assumed it was it s okay to it is in hateful and also to act upon the hate. In this blog, I usually write about a puzzle, yet a much much more important puzzle come be fixed is just how do us all get along with each other.

Now I will certainly tell friend a small bit around the number 9:

It is very easy to tell if a number is divisible by 9: If the sum of the number of the number is a lot of of 9, then that initial number can also be evenly split by 9.

For example, 9! = 3628803 + 6 + 2 + 8 + 8 = 27, a number divisible by 9, so 363880 is likewise divisible by 9.

1 + 3 + 5 = 9, do 9 the sum of the an initial three strange numbers.

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9 is likewise the second nonagonal number.

9 is 1001 in base 2 due to the fact that 2³ + 1 = 9,and the is 100 in base 3 because 3² = 9

9 is a composite number.Prime factorization: 9 = 3 × 3 which can be created 9 = 3²The exponent in the element factorization is 2. Including one we obtain (2 + 1) = 3. As such 9 has precisely 3 factors.Factors of 9: 1, 3, 9Factor pairs: 9 = 1 × 9 or 3 × 39 is a perfect square. √9 = 3