Best pond Glue alternatives that space Safe & just as Strong

Using pond glue is among the easiest approaches to use your Fake nails or push on Nails. And it is normally the an approach that I and most various other nail technicians use and also recommend.

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But nail Glue does have its border such as potential allergies and for part people, it deserve to be too solid or harsh on your nails.

Now thankfully they are other techniques you have the right to use to apply your fake or push on Nails and also in this article, ns am gonna explore them in detail.

The 4 best Nail Glue options and Substitutes are:

Nail Tabs (Easiest & the safest method)Using Acrylic Mixture (More durable & longer-lasting than nail glue)Gel nail PolishDIY pond Glue (Using a mixture the clear nail polish & clear glue)
Table that Content present
1- pond Tabs
advantages of pond Tabs
how to usage Nail Tabs come Glue push on nails
flaw of pond Tabs
whereby to obtain Nail Tabs
2- Acrylic Mixture
pros of making use of Acrylic together a nail Glue
flaw of using Acrylic as nail Glue
how to usage Acrylic as a nail Glue
Who have to Use Acrylics as a pond Glue
encourage Acrylic fluid & powder
3- gelatin Nail polish
Can regular Nail Polish work to Glue press on nails
just how to use Gel polishing to Glue push on pond
Recommended gel Polish
4- DIY nail Glue

1- pond Tabs

Nail tabs room specially make double-sided ice that have the right to be provided to glue fake pond or press on pond onto her nails. They come in various sizes that allow them to fit comfortably with your various nail sizes.

Now the key drawback with nail tabs is that they space not as durable and long-lasting contrasted to nail glue. Yet they are milder and gentler on her nails and they enable for your press on pond to it is in reused


Pros of nail Tabs

Very gentle on your nails pond Tabs won’t damage your pond plate and they don’t call for harsh chemicals prefer acetone to be removedEasy come Remove – just soak your nails in warm soapy water because that 1-2 minutes.Ideal if you want to reuse your press on Nails – this is due to the fact that nail tabs enable the push on nails to be eliminated without damaging them.Very AffordableEasy to apply

How to usage Nail Tabs to Glue push on Nails

Firstly you have to prep her nails, you deserve to start through washing every of her nails through soap and also warm water.Next making use of a cuticle pusher, push back and remove any cuticle on her nails.Then use a pond buffer to tenderness buff your nails.The final step to prepping is to wipe your nails v either rubbing alcohol or acetone.You see by prepping her nails before applying the pond tabs allow them to adhere far better to your herbal nails.Now to use the pond tab I introduce pasting the pond tab onto her nail rather than top top the push on Nail. You view this permits you to manage exactly wherein the nail tab is placed permitting you come cover many of the nail.Next, remove the optimal cover of the nail tab and also then location the push on nail onto the nail and also firmly host it for 20-30 seconds.Finally, gently obstacle the push on pond onto the nail. This help to remove any air balloon or close any kind of gaps.

For an ext detailed instructions, girlfriend can examine out the video clip below.

Cons of pond Tabs

Won’t Last really Long – will certainly last because that 1-2 daysNot an extremely Durable – room prone to comes off quickly especially when exposed to warm water.Some brand of nail tabs can be bulky which provides your push on nails feeling raised.

Where to acquire Nail Tabs

You can gain nail tabs on Amazon, you can click right here to watch the price because that a packet that the brand that i recommend.

Now if you setup to use nail tabs for your press on Nails and also you want them to critical longer, you have the right to click here to review my 9 advice to Make press on Nails critical Longer.

2- Acrylic Mixture

Acrylic Mixture can be supplied to glue her Fake or push On pond onto her nails. And also by Acrylic Mixture, ns am referring to the liquid and also powder mixture offered to do acrylic nails.

Using Acrylics is more than likely the most durable and also long-lasting an approach you deserve to use to glue on your press On or Fake Nails.

Pros of using Acrylic together a nail Glue

Very durable – have the right to withstand pressure, heat, and exposure to water.Long-Lasting – Once applied correctly it have the right to last 3 main or longer.

Cons of utilizing Acrylic as nail Glue

Harsh on your Nails – just like nail glue, acrylic isn’t gentle on your nails, especially when removed them.Hard to Remove – To eliminate them you room gonna have to soak her nails in acetone for 10-15 minutes.More expensive – due to the fact that you obtained to have the acrylic liquid and acrylic powder.A bit more technical come apply – when compared to using nail tabs or pond glue.

How to usage Acrylic together a nail Glue

Firstly, you must prep your nails by washing lock with heat water and soap.Secondly, use a cuticle pusher to press your cuticles ago and come remove any cuticle on her nails.Next, use a pond buffer and buff her nails.Then proceed to wipe her nails clean v either acetone or rubbing alcohol.Now if you have actually a no lift nail primer you can use a cloak of that onto your nails.Next, soak your brush into the acrylic liquid and then dip it right into the acrylic powder. Do a semi-solid bead.Apply the bead onto your nails and then covering the nails v the Fake or press On Nails.Finally, host the push on nails in locations for 10-15 secs for the acrylic come dry.

You have the right to see check out the video below for step-by-step instructions.

Who have to Use Acrylics as a pond Glue

Acrylic is great as a nail glue if you:

Had an allergy reaction to nail glue.Want extra long-lasting and also durable press on NailsYour nails room constantly being exposed to heat and also moisture.

Recommended Acrylic fluid & Powder

Kiss has a great affordable Acrylic Kit that has every little thing you need to use acrylics together a nail glue which contains the acrylic liquid and powder.

You deserve to click right here to see the present price for the Acrylic kit top top Amazon.

3- gel Nail polishing

In some situations Gel pond Polish can be used as one adhesive to adhesive your push On or Fake Nails.

But the main concern with gel Nail polish is the it isn’t really consistent together a glue. This is because its efficiency depends ~ above the color of the push on nails.

You see Gel polishing is best used v Fake Nails the don’t have actually an opaque or an extremely dark color. This is due to the fact that if the press on Nail has actually a very dark shade the UV or Led light won’t have the ability to pass through and also cure the polish.

But for press on Nails the are somewhat clear or transparent the gel Polish have the right to be a very strong adhesive permitting the pond to continue to be on because that 1-2 weeks.

Can regular Nail Polish job-related to Glue push on Nails

By itself, regular nail polish isn’t solid enough to act together a glue to host down your press on pond or Fake Nails.

How to use Gel polishing to Glue press on Nails

I discovered a really great video the would overview you step by action on just how to use gel nail polish to adhesive your push on Nails. Friend can check it out below.

Recommended gel Polish

I extremely recommend making use of a gel Base Coat as the glue and also a no wipe height coat to make it last longer.

You have the right to click below to view the price that a gel Base & height Coat ~ above Amazon, that i would usage for this method.

And you have the right to click below to watch the price for UV Led desk lamp on Amazon that is both affordable yet powerful.

4- DIY pond Glue

A mixture of clean glue and also clear regular nail polishing (Base Coat) deserve to work as a quick and also easy DIY pond Glue. Citation.

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Now, this adhesive isn’t very durable but it should be able to hold your fake nails because that a work or so depending upon the quantity of task that girlfriend do.