On now in 1912, the British high-end passenger liner Titanic sank en route to brand-new York City indigenous Southampton, Hampshire, England, after ~ striking one iceberg throughout its maiden voyage; some 1,500 human being died.

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The historical Notre-Dame de Paris captured fire during a reconstruction campaign, and also the blaze ruined most that the cathedral"s roof, the 19th-century spire, and some of the rib vaulting. Check your understanding of Paris

near the finish line the the Boston Marathon, 2 homemade bombs to be detonated in the group of spectators; 3 human being were eliminated and much more than 260 to be wounded in the terror attack.

U.S. President George W. Bush declared that the federal government of Saddam Hussein in Iraq had actually fallen together a an outcome of the Iraq War and the complying with day request the United nations to lift sanctions against Iraq. Sort truth from fiction in our battles throughout history quiz

U.S. President invoice Clinton created the huge Sequoia nationwide Monument, a preserve near Sequoia nationwide Park covering more than 500 square miles (1,300 square km) that Sequoia National forest in the Sierra Nevada that California. How much execute you know around national parks and landmarks?
Tragedy arisen at Hillsborough stadion in Sheffield, England, once a to like of football (soccer) fans resulted in 96 deaths and hundreds of injuries; police mistake were later blamed because that the incident.
French novelist and playwright Jean-Paul Sartre, that was a top exponent the existentialism, died. Take our quiz about famous authors
American fast-food pioneer ray Kroc opened up the first McDonald"s franchise, launching an companies that would certainly eventually come to be the world"s largest fast-food chain, in Des Plaines, Illinois. Sort truth from fiction in our quiz around food
Jackie Robinson, who damaged baseball"s gyeongju barrier, played in his an initial major league game for the Brooklyn Dodgers at Ebbets Field. Check out if Jackie Robinson provides our list of the 10 greatest baseball football player of all time
Robertson Aircraft, among the carriers that later arisen into American Airlines, flew its very first mail route, between Chicago and also St. Louis, Missouri, v Charles A. Lindbergh together the pilot. Check your expertise of early on aviation
The Rand mcnally Auto Chum was released; it to be the American posting company"s first road atlas. Clock the evolution of cars end time
Two guys were murdered in south Braintree, Massachusetts, bring about the Sacco-Vanzetti case and the still-controversial conviction that the two Italian immigrants.

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