We’ve every been promised an “epic” and also “explosive” finale that Real Housewives of brand-new Jersey, yet here’s one point we didn’t see coming: It’s the return the the notorious Danielle Staub! Those of united state who have been city hall RHONJ because the start remember when Danielle left the series after the very first two seasons. Due to the fact that then, she’s been on the show as a “friend” the the RHONJ stars in seasons 8, 9, and 10.

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Like all of the RHONJ stars, danielle has gone to the center of many of drama top top the show. However long prior to the hair-pulling incident that’s been blowing up recently, she was associated in one more feud, this one through OG castmate Dina Manzo. Here’s what happened between the 2 of them.

As through so countless other RHONJ stars, it every boils down to a straightforward feud. Danielle and also Dina’s feud was seemingly never-ending and was actually the factor Dina left RHONJ. In 2010, Dina said that Danielle had actually tried to have actually her daughter bring away away.

During the show’s first season in 2008, Dina’s daughter Lexi, who was 12 year old at the time, had actually to have parental permission to it is in in the show. Both Dina and also her ex-husband provided that permission, but after Dina’s ex saw several of the footage, that reportedly readjusted his mind around allowing Lexi to do on the show. Follow to Dina, that’s as soon as Danielle stepped in and tried to ruin her life.

“She told mine ex's family that I'd in reality forged his signature top top the contracts, which ns did not," Dina said. "She knew she might work ~ above his emotions, therefore she offered him through every phone number of everybody he'd need to follow with with a sue — contact at Bravo, our production crew and her attorneys. <...> She thought more would come that it, favor I could lose custody. She simply wanted to hurt me."

In the end, she ex believed her, however her cast mate's meddling persuaded Dina to leave the show. In one interview with E! News, she stated that leaving the show was really her only option. “The only method I deserve to truly acquire Danielle out my life is to not be in call filming v her,” she said. “That means I don't have to talk around her, and also I don't need to be around her.”


Although Dina ultimately returned to the show for its sixth season, she left again in 2015 after relocating come California. Together for Danielle, she’s been a “friend” that the present for a while, yet she additionally just announced she’s leaving for good. Something tells us that not as well many people will miss out on her.

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In might 2019, Dina shared a photograph of herself v her friend Dave Cantin — and also revealed the he is actually her husband! In fact, at the time she posted the photo, the two had apparently already been married for almost two years! 

“The bride wore a dress from her closet, an orange blossom in she hair and carried a Calla Lily from her Malibu Garden,” Dine wrote in the caption. “In front of the gorgeous Pacific, surrounded by nature and puppies, castle promised to be there in great times and also bad.” She then added their wedding date: June 28, 2017. Fairly the grand reveal!

The bride wore a dress from her closet, an orange blossom in her hair and carried a Calla Lily from she Malibu Garden. In former of the gorgeous Pacific, surrounded by nature and puppies, they promised to be there in an excellent times and also bad. ❤️A simple, meaningful wedding on a day preferred by the stars.💫 ... And so the is. #thirdtimesacharm 6•28•17

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These days, Dina and Dave have actually even more to celebrate. For Dave’s 40th birthday (back in Oct. 2019), Dina post a picture of the 2 of them v the hashtag “#40andLeukemiaFREE.” according to Asbury Park Press, Dave was first diagnosed through chronic myeloid leukemia in 2011. His physician said, “You’ll be ago to occupational in a month. You’re no going to run the Boston Marathon, however you’re going to live.” Dave changed to job-related in seven days. A couple of weeks after that, the did operation the Boston Marathon.

Catch brand-new episodes of The genuine Housewives of new Jersey — including Danielle’s actions at the finale — ~ above Wednesdays in ~ 8 p.m. ~ above Bravo. 

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