My thoughts on these fantastic people of Mayberry, facts, and a tiny trivia!

Sad news. Andy Griffith, very beloved, passed away in his home in north Carolina in ~ the age of 86.

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Very sad come hear the Goober, George Lindsay passing away on might 6th, 2012. He was a great guy.

I have constantly had such a deep affection because that the actors the played on the Andy Griffith Show. This lens is a tribute come the actors and also the characters they portrayed. How many of us would love to live in that city of Mayberry?

Who was the woman the played the deep voiced convict and fun girl?

Did Andy and also Helen have actually a baby?

Why did Floyd sit in the later episodes?

Who whistled the tune?

Read this entirety page because that the answers!

Andy Griffith opened Scene video clip - The opened of the Andy Griffith show walking by the lake.

Earl Hagen to be music director because that the Andy Griffith Show. He composed the tune and is the human whistling the tune. Earl wrote countless TV themes, consisting of I Spy. He died in 2008 at the age of 88.


Frances Bavier

Aunt Bee

Aunt punishment was the epitome of Mayberry. She to be the ideal cook in town, and kept a sparkling house. And Aunt bee was no just another woman in the kitchen. She exerted she power and charm many times and also in miscellaneous situations. She led women's groups and even ran for public office. Aunt bee led a woman's protest, had a compensation rose, and also even co-owned a chinese restaurant. In one episode she also flies a aircraft solo! yet I will always remember exactly how she played her part so well. Ns have often heard the she hated the role and go not favor being linked with it. I have to think differently. Ns wish I might have asked her in person if she actually felt the way. Francis Bavier played this part with such love, affection, and also compassion, it is really hard come me to think otherwise. In the later color episodes, she in reality looked thinner, younger, and much more elegant. Francis Bavier was a gem of an actress and also I feel lucky to have the ability to watch her perform. Her household should understand there are countless like me. Walk you recognize she to be on Broadway and also was Mrs. Barley in the film 'The work the planet Stood Still' ? A sci-fi classic. Also Francis won an Emmy because that Aunt Bee. Sadly, she passed away in 1989. Interesting way she lived her later on years in Siler City, NC. A town regularly mentioned ~ above The Andy Griffith Show.

Spelling of her name? some say bee some say Bea. Beatrice to be her full name, so Bea would certainly make sense. But, come solidify the spelling, the authorize on her Chinese restaurant said, "Aunt Bee's Chinese Restaurant."

Do you remember Roger, her old beau who pertained to stay because that a few days. He's fairly obnoxious through his gags and tells Aunt punishment a riddle, "What walk the winter say come the dresser?" roger whispers the price in Bee's ear and Aunt punishment says, "Oh Roger," and pushes him upstairs as if she is embarrassed. What is the answer to the riddle? follow to the episode writer, Harvey Bullock, the answer is, "I don't median to cast reflections, however your drawers room open." A really tame today, however quite risque back then.


Andy Griffith

Sheriff Andy Taylor

The finest dad and sheriff anyone can want. Slow-moving to anger, patient, kind, loving, and caring. Constantly wanting to execute the right thing, even if it were not fully by the book. He looked at everyone together a person being first. He was a widower and not lot is said around his ahead wife. His very first love was Ellie, however she was so much younger. Helen Crump, the school teacher, date him and also they actually got married when the spin-off, Mayberry RFD started. (Did you recognize that?) However, Helen Crump to be not exactly compatibe with Andy, to be she? She was a city gal, from what in the Midwest, we presume, as she to be arrested together a moll (she to be doing a news story or something) 10 years prior to she came to Mayberry. Helen Crump to be a perfect name, together she to be at frequently times grumpy and also downright nasty if she did not gain her way. But, Andy must have wanted someone to balance him out. Andy adjusted as the present went on. In the first year or two, he had a an ext Southern drawl and also dialect. Acting choose he go on the Broadway hit (and movie) "No Time because that Sergeants.' Later, he dropped most of the accent and foolish bits. This was mainly due to the fact that of Barney Fife. Barney had progressed into the funny man, leaving the sheriff as the right man. Sort of a role reversal, as it to be Andy who was claimed to it is in funny. The rest is history.

Helen Crump

Aneta Corsaut play Helen Crump. Sadly, she passed away in 1995 in ~ the age of 62.

You might remember she in the sc-fi classic with Steve McQueen in The Blob.

The Andy Griffith Show


Don Knotts

Deputy Barney Fife

What a deputy. A bumbling stupid who had keep his total unloaded as it went off numerous times by accident. The wanted everything to it is in by the book and also became upset once Andy want to bend the rules. Barney always wanted to be in the middle of the action. Many times he take it matters in his very own hands, simply to have disastrous results. But, Barney still was a an excellent guy. Thelma Lou sure chosen him. Unfortunately, she married who else once he moved to Raleigh. He saw Raleigh as a detective because Andy allow him obtain the glory for recording a notorious criminal. Later on, Andy again had to assist him in Raleigh to record a team of thieves. He and also Andy to be cousins and maybe that's why Andy looked out for him. Don Knotts won a pair of Emmys for his Barney Fife. He had actually a profitable movie career shortly afterward. I took pleasure in him most in The remarkable Mr. Limpet. Being a boy in the 60's, this was a classic. His movie The Ghost and also Mr. Chicken was constantly a favourite of mine together well. Who would have actually thought he would evolve into the significant clown Mr. Furley top top Three's Company? that knew that show would have actually two that the greatest comic geniuses in television-John Ritter and Don Knotts! Those shows were sort of risque ago then. But looking back, contrasted to the stuff that is on now, the looks an extremely very tame. Too bad we have lost the lovable man Ritter and Don Knotts. Ns will constantly miss them.

Other Andy Griffith actors and thoughts, trivia

Mayberry would certainly not it is in Mayberry there is no them!

The other actors and also actresses who played parts on The Andy Griffith present were equally fine loved through me. Floyd was as well cool. He later suffered a stroke and also Andy kept him in the present by constantly giving that a sit under roll. Together you clock the shade episodes v him, friend will view him sitting. Gomer and Goober? guy they played the parts so well. Didn't you just love your zest for life and basic attitudes? One character ns did not choose was Denver Pyle as Brisco Darling. He was an ornery cuss. That redeemed himself by playing a great 'ol young on the Duke's the Hazzard. I can go on around other personalities as well--Otis the city drunk. You might not make fun of a drunk today, can you? Earnest T. Bass? He's a nut!

All of this actors had actually one thing in common. They played their parts well, through love and also affection, and also most of all, lock made it so believable!!!!! and there castle were. Best smack in the middle of Hollywood, California! think it or not, the lake in the opening scene and in miscellaneous episodes is in Franklin Canyon Park in the middle of busy Hollywood. You have the right to visit it and also it quiet looks the same! Funny thing about here in southern California, because of the hills and mountains, many communities have hills with nearby trails that space undeveloped. Sometimes it can be hard to imagine the you room in the middle of a large city.


Jean Carson Hello Doll!

Jean Carson play Daphne, the deep voiced convict and fun girl in 2 episodes.

Her "Hello doll," has end up being a classic line. She stated she did not smoke and that her voice was natural. She was in numerous movies and also TV shows. She died in 2005 at period 82.

Andy Griffith Pilot with Danny thomas - Danny thomas arrested in Mayberry

This video clip was part of the pilot for the Andy Griffith Show. It was a component on the Danny cutting board Show and Danny cutting board was arrested through Andy while passing with Mayberry.

Andy Griffith present Trivia

More tid bits on Mayberry

The town of "Mayberry" was the same collection used in the 1939 collection for Atlanta in Gone with the Wind, located of course, in a backlot in Hollywood, CA.

Mayberry was recognized for farming sweet potatoes. As soon as the branch visits in one episode, they have actually Miss Sweet Potato greet him.

Andy and also Helen have a baby, Andy jr., and return to Mayberry in a Mayberry RFD episode. In fact, castle were additionally married in an previously episode of Mayberry RFD through Barney do a return as ideal man.

Danny Thomas, on his show, was arrested through Sheriff Andy Taylor in Mayberry. Later on in 1960, the sheriff gained his very own show. Probably the initial spin-off.

Of course, Andy Griffith present morphed right into Mayberry RFD. Sort of a spin-off the a spin-off.

William Baldwin originally played the barber.

Gomer go on come his very own show, Gomer Pyle, USMC.

Ron Howard that course became a successful actor and also director.

Goober, George Lyndsey, becomes Goober and also stars top top Hee-Haw because that years. George laughed every the way to the bank.

Hal Smith, Otis the drunk, was the voice of numerous cartoon characters. If you recognize of Adventures in Odyssey, from emphasis on the Family, he to be the voice the the initial (and best) man Whittaker, Whit's End.

The woman who played Thelma Lou, stays in Mt. Airy, north Carolina, and enjoys being remembered together Thelma Lou.

Emmett Clark to be played Paul Hartman. Paul to be a broadway dancer on the level the Fred Astaire. In one episode, Paul shows off his dancing ability at Howard's bachelor pad party.

The Mayberry March many episodes had actually this merry little ditty playing the background. It was referred to as the Mayberry March. Friend all have actually heard it. The eventually came to be the theme song for Mayberry, RFD. Once you watch the old episodes, you will certainly hear it plenty of times.

The idiot Year: This was the year the 1965 as soon as Jack Burns play Barney Fife's replacement, Warren. It was disclosed in one illustration that Warren to be the nephew of Floyd. This guy was a disaster. ~ 11 episodes, he to be canned. Jack Burns has had actually quite a comedy career, however. Mental Burns and Schreiber from the 70's? after Warren, Andy soloed.

Jack Dodson played Howard Sprague, the town clerk. The was likewise on Broadway, and in numerous TV shows, consisting of later play Ralph Malph's dentist father on Happy Days. Sadly, he passed away in 1995 at the age of 63.

Here's a little bit of trivia around the character Howard Sprague. He an initial appeared in 1966 together an insurance allowance agent, Ned Jenkins, to carry out a case on Aunt Bee's shed broach. A few episodes later, he i do not care Howard Sprague, ar clerk!

Andy Griffith display Videos - Andy Griffith tv Show video clip Clips

Here room some episodes and Promos of the Andy Griffith Show. Gain the clips that Barney, Aunt Bee, Goober, Gomer, Amdy, and many others including Jack Nicholson.


Floyd the barber

Howard McNear (1905-1969)

Floyd Lawson.

Had a sit down role later as he experienced a stroke. Andy Griffith made sure he to be still in the cast. Occasionally a huge object was placed in former of him and only proved him from the waist up. He was the voice of Doc Adams on the radio variation of Gunsmoke. He was no the initial Floyd the barber, yet is the one everybody remembers as he was in most of the series.

Ernest T. Bass

Howard Morris (1919-2005)

Was the voice of plenty of cartoon characters, and also guest appearances on many 1960s and 1970's sitcoms.

Gomer Pyle

Jim Nabors 1930-

Of course he had actually his spin-off, Gomer Pyle, USMC. Jim has a human being class voice that was featured countless times in Mayberry and also other sitcoms.


George lindsay 1928-2012

Sadly, Mr. Lindsay passed far on might 6th, 2012.

Had recurring function on Hee-Haw ~ Mayberry. Goober laughed all the way to the bank as the cashed in top top his character. He has actually a highway named after him in Alabama. Walk you recognize on the show his last surname was Beasley? Andy in one episode describes him as Goober Beasley.

Goober started the present in 1964. He originally wanted to be Gomer. He went top top to finish the display until the end with Mayberry R.F.D.

He was an extremely involved with the special Olympics.

We'll miss out on you, Goober!

Major Stars seen in Mayberry!

Andy Griffith had an eye because that talent!

Lee van Cleef Yeah. That male from the Westerns, Clint Eastwood style. He to be a carnival thief thefts purses in Mayberry. That made the failure of stealing Aunt Bee's. The was in reality taken "down" by none various other than Jerry valve Dyke, Dick's brother. That's what you call the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!

Barbara Eden

Barbara rolled into Mayberry ~ above a bus after break up through her boyfriend searching for a brand-new start. She placed a manicure stand in Floyd's barber shop. However, civilization did not take to such a thing in Mayberry till Andy acquired a manicure first. After that, males came in for simply such a service. Yet Barbara's good looks to be a distraction, and also she decided it finest to relocate on. She relocated on alright. Every the way to the bank as Jeanie in ns Dream the Jeanie!

Jackie Coogan

Yes indeed, Jackie Coogan play a con male who make the efforts to get Barney come payoff ~ above a jilted mrs promised in marriage. He had actually black hair on the sides, fully on top, and also a mustache. I mention that as most civilization would not recognize him because of his function later together Uncle Fester ~ above the Addams Family. Yup, if you room not familiar with Jackie Coogan, you space not alone. Many human being do no realize the Jackie Coogan to be a major star, vast star, to it is in exact. He to be the an initial mega-child star in silent movies in the 1910's-1920s, consisting of starring v Charlie Chaplin. However Coogan's childhood ended in tragedy. His mom spent the millions that made. This actually led to a regulation in California staying clear of such points in the future. Kid stars because have fan Jackie a lot. Seeing Jackie Coogan top top The Andy Griffith display it is difficult to believe that virtually 50 years previously he was a star on the silver screen. He died in 1984.

Bill Bixby

Billy Boy come flying right into Mayberry in his tight little sports car and also upended a farmer and also his truck. Andy tossed that in jail, gaining an earful as to how the young man's daddy would concerned his rescue and have Andy's badge. Andy took the young in, confirmed him how a real household behaved. Bill was a adjusted man once his high priced lawyer bribed the farmer and also got the charges dropped. He establish it to be time for him to stand on his very own two feet and also take responsibility. An excellent thing since he had actually a tiny boy to raise, Eddie, in the Courtship that Eddie's Father. Then together The Magician in the 70's before getting green with envy in his ideal known role: The remarkable Hulk. Don't obtain him mad!

Jack Nicholson

Jack to be accused the burglary and Aunt Bee was in the jury throughout his trial. Every the jury members except her believed he to be guilty. Boy did they have actually a time through Aunt Bee! but she organized her ground and also got a no guilty verdict. Andy just happened come be talk to a spectator in the courtroom and also realized that HE was the real thief. Jack thanks Aunt punishment personally together the rest of the jury did too! great thing Jack to be acquitted together he had a financially rewarding movie career ahead of him!

Edgar Buchanan

Edgar Buchanan had been in many movies before ending up being a handyman the wooed Aunt Bee. He gained credit because that everything, but was rather lazy. Andy kind of had actually a guy to man talk, and Edgar determined to relocate on quickly! the must have hopped the Cannonball because he made his means to Hooterville and the Shady rest Motel top top Petticoat Junction. He worked out in quite nicely as Uncle Joe.

William Christopher

Who is william Christopher girlfriend say? Well, when Aunt bee won a slew of prizes on a TV video game show, william Christopher came right into Mayberry as an IRS certified dealer looking to acquire the counting on the prizes. Aunt Bee offered some that the prizes to resolve up, and William Christopher returned in a later on episode together the brand-new Mayberry doctor! At an initial the town's people did not desire such a young doctor. However when he gotten rid of Opie's tonsils without a hitch, wilhelm Christopher went on his merry way to an initial be a marine pal the Gomer's in Gomer Pyle, USMC. But, his case to fame come in the 70's together he gained the component of father Mulcahy on M*A*S*H.

Gavin MacLeod

Gavin MacLeod concerned Mayberry as a crook with a tape of bank robbers conning the town into thinking they to be shooting a movie because of Sheriff Andy Taylor being featured in a magazine. They assumed the town would certainly be a soft touch if the sheriff did not wear a gun. The crooks to be stopped and also perhaps Gilbert Jamel (Gavin MacLeod) goes come jail. I say supposedly, because in a later on episode who pops up as a real hollywood photo maker? Gavin MacLeod as Bryan Bender! correct indeed! Andy, Aunt Bee, and Opie take it in the sights of Hollywood but are not also happy through Bryan, err Gavin's work. Of food it really did no matter, Gavin MacLeod had actually two smash hits, the newswriter ~ above the mary Tyler Moore show, and Captain Stubing on The Love Boat. We should be therefore lucky!

Allan Melvin

Okay, if ever before there to be a guy that make a good living on tv it was Allan Melvin. That made at least 5 appearances top top The Andy Griffith Show. When as a guy that Barney offered a ticket to and tried to retaliate by beating up Barney. Yet Andy had a judo expert dual as as Barney and also gave that the what for. One more time, he was a farmer illegal selling develop from a truck on the highway. Again, he was going come beat Barney up, but Andy pertained to the rescue. Climate Allan Melvin returns together an escaped criminal hiding in a trailer park. This time Barney saves the work by steering the trailer come town. Allan likewise makes an appearance together a naval sergeant recruiting in Mayberry. Ernest T. Base tries to enlist but causes havoc. Funny exactly how Allan go on come play the same figure on Gomer Pyle USMC as sergeant Carter's pal. Yet Allan Melvin returns later again in a shade episode. This time he is the ex-boyfriend the Millie, the bakery clerk that Howard Sprague wants to date. Howard stares the down and gets Allan out of town. (Sprague thinks he's tough however tangles with the not correct guy and also gets a black eye at the end.) Allan then of food is on Gomer Pyle USMC for a couple of years before getting the role lots of civilization my age loved. Sam the Butcher top top the Brady Bunch. This male that provided Mayberry a the majority of trouble i do not care a nice male the remainder of his TV career. Alice is simply crazy about him. However all good things must come to an end, and also Sam the Butcher offered up the knives and moved to brand-new York to it is in the pal that Archie Bunker, Barney Hefner. People older 보다 me will remember his job-related with Phil Silvers as Sgt. Bilko's right hand guy Cpl. Henshaw. Allan Melvin passed away in 2008 at the period of 84.

Howard Hesseman

Remember once Goober goes to the auto show with the Taylors? at the present Howard Hesseman plays the respond to boy who sells warm dogs. Howard walk from hot dogs to warm wax together he plays the DJ Dr. Johnny heat on WKRP in Cincinnati. He also had other roles ~ above TV, including Head the the course in the 80's.

Buddy Ebsen

He play a bum who schooled Opie on gift a bum. Kinda dressed prefer Jed Clampett. Five yeah! That's who he became! yet he it s okay upgraded as vanabi Jones exclusive investigator.

Parley Baer

You might not know the name, however he to be the voice the Chester ~ above the radio western Gunsmoke. (along with Floyd the Barber, no less) This was all prior to the Andy Griffith Show, so Parely Baer go not obtain his begin on The Andy Griffith Show. Parley gained the function of the mayor after the very first actor left. Parley to be also already known together Ozzie Nelson's neighbor Darby top top the Adventures the Ozzie and also Harriet. Parley walk on to plenty of bit functions on TV shows, even arriving as a cooking competition judge on Three's Company, teaming up v Don Knotts once again. Many of you who thrived up in the 80's would identify the voice. He to be the voice of the main elf in the Keebler commercials.

Why go Barney leave Mayberry?

Don Knotts moved on in 1964-1965

Don Knotts to be under the impression the Andy Griffith to be going come cancel the show, therefore on signed ~ above to do movies. Apparently he was under contract for movies once Andy decided to save the present going. Barney, err, Don Knotts decided he might not obtain out that his contract, so he did not return. Over there has always been part debate about this. Some have said that Don Knotts might have excellent movies and still carry out the show. There may have been various other things at play. Anyway, Barney went back to Mayberry in many future episodes together a guest star.

Andy Griffith before and after Barney

Was the Andy Griffith present better, worse, or the exact same after Don Knotts no longer was a regular?

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Carol Goss on may 22, 2009:

Very quite lens, I constantly loved Andy Taylor and also Opie lol

Twmarsh on might 17, 2009:

It is truly a classic show. Good job assembling this tribute lens. 5 stars and also thanks!

Tarra99 on might 15, 2009:

Great lens...thanks because that the pilgrimage down storage lane...its funny just how you forget things until someone out of the blue reminds you...I had actually forgotten all about this great show and yet i watched it all the time! i loved it! :o)


...and many thanks for popping right into my Scrabble tile Pendant lens. I evaluate it!

sittonbull on may 13, 2009:

Excellent lens on one of my favorite shows. I watch it every possibility I get and originally began watching due to the fact that my mom was born in Mt. Airy, NC which is Andy's hometown and also the design for Mayberry. Give thanks to you for her visit and comments on my lens. Starred and also fanned.

Samuel Franklin on might 11, 2009:

I've seen quite a couple of of the episodes, it's a an excellent show. Thanks for the an excellent information

Nancy Tate Hellams indigenous Pendleton, SC ~ above November 03, 2008:

I still love to clock the re-runs also though i probably have seen them numerous times. I loved farming up city hall the show and loved this lens.

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ZBT on October 26, 2008:

Really cool lens... I loved this TV show! thanks for taking me under Memory Road.