Go out and find aWoolly bear Caterpillar this week!*The stiffhairs space not poisonous, however they deserve to irritate her skin, so usage gloves if you choose thesecuties up.

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Be gentle and also respectfulto all animals, includinginsects.

The most well known"woolly bear" is called the Banded Woolly Bear, which has a reddish-brown middle and also black ends. The caterpillar eats and also eats till it develops a cocoon. The end of the cocoon hatches the adult form, theIsabella Tiger Moth (Pyrrharctia isabella).

HABITAT (WHERETHEYLIVE): The woolly be afflicted with isfound in every state in the continental united States. This varieties is cold hardy, therefore it have the right to live as far north together Alberta, Canada. Look for the woolly bear in grassy areas, meadows, pastures, forest areas, and alongside roadways. The caterpillar will enter hibernation for the winter top top the optimal of the soil, spanned with a blanket of leaves, sticks, and other plant debris.


NUTRITION(WHATTHEYEAT):Woolly be afflicted with caterpillars space herbivores, definition they eat just plants. They feeding onwild flowers, clover, dandelions, and also any otherplants that flourish low come the ground. They room sometimes found eating pipeline of maple and birch trees.

Woolly bears areextra special, due to the fact that they room their very own doctors. Theycan provide themselves "medicine" if they become infected with specific parasites. They carry out this byeating the leaves ofplants that containchemicals called helpful alkaloids, choose comfrey, borage, groundseal, and more. Eating the leaves of this plants thencures the caterpillar the the parasites.

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PREDATORS (WHOEATSTHEM): Predators that the woolly bearare birds, shrews, toads, frogs, beetles, spiders, skunks, and snakes.

LIFECYCLE: Woolly bears begin as little eggs, then thrive into fuzzycaterpillars. This caterpillarsformcocoons in the springwhich then hatchintomoths in the summer. The tiger moth just lives because that a couple of days. Throughout those few days, they discover amate, layabout 1,000 eggs, and also thendie. The eggs hatch into small woolly be affected by each other caterpillars, and the cycle continues!


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