What is my husbands, sister"s husband come me? In various other words my sister-in-law"s husband? I believed he to be a brother-in-law?

Though ns respect the answer of Tosh and also qfreed and acknowledge that us all often tend - the end of affection or civility - to speak to our in-law"s spouses ours in-laws too, it is not technicall/legally accurate.

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http://www.avvo.com/legal-answers/legal-definition-of-brother-in-law-20578.htmlIs the husband of one"s sister-in-law, a brother-in-law?

Though that is the usage commonly. Legally no. They only have an affinity at usual law.

Assume "A" and also "B" room Brother and also Sister and both are married. The "A""s wife, is a sister in legislation to the "B", and also "A" is a brother in regulation to "B""s husband, yet "A"s wife and "B"s husband room not related and also only have a legitimate affinity in between each other. Impede a legislation to the contrary, over there is therefore no legitimate relationship.

Not legally, yet family wise yes. It likewise depends exactly how well you prefer that person! - Silvia, ENE 2, 2012

Q says:

I would favor to view some sources saying that these civilization are not brother and sisters-in-laws other than just stating a personal opinion. I"ve checked out errors in online meanings before, but someone provide a source backing up their explanation.

I don"t know about English in-law relationships; extended family somehow is not as essential in the Anglic cultures as the is in Latin cultures, i guess.

But the DRAE has a meaning for "concuñados" which have to be satisfactory:

concuñado, da.(De con- y cuñado).1. M. Y f. Cónyuge de una persona respecto del cónyuge de otra persona hermana de aquella.2. M. Y f. Hermano o hermana de una de dos personas unidas en matrimonio respecto de ras hermanas o hermanos de la otra.

Sorry, qfreed. Didn"t average to step on anybody"s feelings.

The original poster asked, "I believed he to be a brother-in-law?" come me this imples that she supplied the hatchet "brother-in-law" or "cuñado" once referencing she husband"s sister"s husband and was said she to be wrong which led to her some confusion. I"m simply explaining why someone would tell her that.

Some of us don"t speak to our spouse"s sibling"s pair "in-laws" - and also we don"t have to.

Some of united state would never refer to our step-father together our father, by the way. That"s a ax of affection that have to be earned. I call my step-father by his very first name and always refer to him together "my step-father" or "my mother"s husband." never "father."


A brother-in-law (plural brothers-in-law) is

1) the brothers of one"s spouse,

My sister is my wife"s sister-in-law.

2) the husband that one"s sibling,

My sister has actually a husband. That is my brother-in-law.

3) or the husband that one"s spouse"s sibling. (answer to original question)


All of these civilization are the the very same generation considering parents/children.

There is no word because that this in Spanish or in English. Friend might contact him her "brother-in-law", yet the husband of her sister-in-law is technically no relationship of yours in ~ all. That is "the husband of your sister-in-law."

What is mine husbands, sister"s husband come me? In other words mine sister-in-law"s husband? I thought he was a brother-in-law?


Are you from the south?


There is no legal connection btw 2 civilization who get married siblings.

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What if my sister married mine wife"s brother?

Let's not use hyperbolie. Just because the legal device make a distinction does not mean that the term does not apply to both relationships. It's choose saying a step-father is no a father. (a legitimate difference, yet the term father covers both, - 0074b507, ENE 1, 2012
So adoptive father, biological father, step-father might be various legally, but we perform not tell a child, girlfriend can't call that male Dad or Father, friend must contact him adoptive Dad, Step-Dad. Father covers all. - 0074b507, ENE 1, 2012
You wife's brother is her cuñado. He and your sister are concuñados. If castle marry the'll end up being esposos, and also he'll still be your cuñado. - Gekkosan, ENE 1, 2012

It has always been my understanding that the husband of my wif"e sister is simply that and is in no means related legally come me hence not mine brother-in-law and also if girlfriend knew the brothers of my sister-in-law you would not want to identify him together a relative either.