When dining out, you are periodically presented with the choice to utilise either a 1-for-1 promo or use a 50% turn off discount. Are both of castle the very same thing? Well, lock not!

This write-up will define the distinction so you deserve to optimise her orders to make the best use of each promotion, or make the smart an option when deciding between them.

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While we supplied a restaurant meal as examples in this article, the exact same principle applies to other promotions such as 2-for-the-price-of-1 clothing sales as well.

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1-for-1 vs 50% Off

When you usage a 1-for-1 promotion, you’re basically paying the full price for 1 item, and also getting an additional 1 ‘free’.

The obvious drawback is that also if you get to pick what ‘free’ enjoy the meal to get, the optimal decision is because that the 2nd item come be same in price. The not-so-obvious benefit is the you will just be payment the GST and service charge for one meal, because the second meal is ‘free’ and the taxes can only be levied top top the first meal.

In the instance of 50% off, the price of food selection items friend ordered will be included up, and also then a 50% discount is used to it.

Any GST and also taxes will then be added back into your last bill. As you probably already know, a 50% off deal enables you an ext flexibility in ordering various menu items, perhaps with wildly varying prices. However, you will be paying slightly an ext in GST and taxes, as compared to a 1-for-1 type of deal.

Here space two examples to illustrate.

Example 1 – Ordering two Same-Price Items:

1-for 1:

Pretentious organic Truffle through Hand-Picked Avocado on Toast: $30Pretentious necessary Truffle v Hand-Picked Avocado ~ above Toast: (Free)Sub-total: $30

10% service Charge top top $30: $37% GST on $33: $2.31Total: $35.31

50% Off:

Pretentious organic Truffle v Hand-Picked Avocado ~ above Toast: $30Pretentious essential Truffle v Hand-Picked Avocado on Toast: $30Sub-total: $60

50% turn off on $60: -$3010% company Charge on $60: $67% GST ~ above $36: $2.52Total: $38.52

That’s fairly a difference in price among two promotions that appear to be identical on the surface!

Example 2 – ordering Two differently Priced Items:

1-for 1:

Pretentious organic Truffle with Hand-Picked Avocado top top Toast: $30Atas exhilaration Biscuit v Special Sauce: (Free)Sub-total: $30

10% company Charge on $30: $37% GST on $33: $2.31Total: $35.31

50% Off:

Pretentious essential Truffle with Hand-Picked Avocado on Toast: $30Atas smoked Biscuit through Special Sauce: $6Sub-total: $36

50% turn off on $36: -$1810% company Charge ~ above $36: $3.607% GST on $21.60: $1.51Total: $23.11

In this scenario whereby both food items differ (substantially) in price, making use of a 50% is clearly the smart point to do.

Make the Decision prior to You Order

In situation you haven’t establish it by now, if you desire to obtain the ideal bang for your buck, you need to optimise your orders for each form of promotion. And also that means making the decision before girlfriend order, and not at the moment of payment.

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Now girlfriend know how to finest deploy her discounts and also promotions.

This article was composed after a chrischona2015.org reader Joyce wrote to us and shared her an individual experience. If you have any type of comments or thoughts, we’d love to hear indigenous you in ~ the chrischona2015.org facebook page!

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