Have you ever been the town hall a trailer for a brand-new TV show, and the announcer says, “On at 8/7 central” created as “8/7c”. Yet does the make sense? How can it it is in on in ~ 7 if you’ve simply said it’s on in ~ 8?

Well, the is all because of this thing called time zones.

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What does “8/7c” mean?Time zones in AmericaWhy does America have actually several time zonesWeird time zonesHow America decided to attract the time zone linesTime area of AmericaTime Zones space cultural, not simply GeographicalWhat is GMT?Examples of “8/7c” in part sentencesWhy is that “8/7c” and also not “7/8e”Conclusion

What go “8/7c” mean?

Eastern time is always one hour front of main time. If it’s 8 pm for someone ~ above the eastern coast, it will be 7 pm for someone in the centre. This is for this reason that civilization from across the nation will know what time the tv display will it is in on because that them.

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Time zones in America

Why does America have several time zones

If America is every one country, why has actually it been separation into several various time zones? as you may have actually noticed, America is a super huge country. Well, big compared to mine anyway.Time zones were created by train stations, that would each have their own clocks at the end of the 1800s. Yet this made it difficult to name: coordinates schedules. The original solution was to have actually 100 rail time zones. But we instead determined to do time zones for everyone, not just the trains.Because America is for this reason big, having actually one nationwide time zone will median that it it s okay dark incredibly early in some parts. Yet stays light all day in various other regions.

Weird time zones

All-time area were based upon GMT, and we’ll gain into what that means later. However for now, what you require to understand is that as soon as time area were an initial developed, the people was break-up up right into strips. If girlfriend look at a “time region map”, you can see the rectangles that break-up the world up.You may also notice that the additional away native London friend are, the more away native GMT you will certainly be. America does (more or less) follow the rule of the strips.

How America determined to attract the time region lines

Generally speaking, America is rather judicious with its time zones. But there space some places where time zones will make friend raise a few eyebrows.China is a big country. However, they prefer to keep the whole nation in the same time zone. This reasons several problems, especially at the China/Afghanistan border. Sometimes, you can cross a border and be set back or front by one hour. But if you walk from Afghanistan to China, you will jump front by 3 hours.

China’s insistence on having one time zone because that the entirety country causes problems in Tibet. Over there, they periodically don’t see daylight until 10 am. Although they do have a regional time, the unofficial and not recognised.In the USA, some parts of Arizona have daylight to save time, and also others do not. This can reason you to change time zones several times in one roadway trip.

Time area of America

In America, there are more than simply two time zones. There are as many as 6 time zones. The table below shows the moment zones that America and how they differ from GMT.Time region NameDifference in between GMTEastern-4Central-5Mountain-7Pacific-7Alaska-8Hawaii-10

Time Zones space cultural, not just Geographical

When you look in ~ a map that all the moment zones in the world, friend might notification that while the currently are an alleged to be straight, you can see the they bend and also turn approximately borders as soon as you watch closely.

This go to display that time zones space as much cultural as they are geographical. The ideal example of this would certainly be China. In an ideal world, they would certainly realise lock a large country that requirements to be separation up into various time zones. However they don’t, and also so, the time zones need to bend around them.And when you throw “daylight savings” right into the mix, you gain even an ext confusion.

What is GMT?

Several time in the article, we’ve pointed out GMT. Yet what go this mean?GMT means Greenwich mean Time. That the solar time measured indigenous the imperial Observatory in Greenwich (which is in London). Return it’s been the basis of all time because that a long time, it does have actually problems because it’s calculation differently. Because that example, some can say the midday is as soon as the sun is in the center of the sky. Others would certainly say the work starts when the sun rises.

For this reason, UTC is now the time that’s provided as the base for all various other times.

Examples the “8/7c” in part sentences

“If such trial and error 46 FR 37039 , July 17 , 1981 ) laboratory has actually been accredited , the Secretary shall end that testing 8 7c.”“THE FUGITIVE * * * *8 / 7cTNT | Harrison Ford runs because that his life after that ‘s mistakenly convicted of killing in this 1993 adaptation that the TV series”.“Evelina hospital , children Fete in ~ , 8 /7c.”

“OWN A item OF CALIFORNIA boy 2 SNEAK urine .04 THURSDAY NIGHTS room MOVINGTOTHEO.C The brand-new Season begins Thursday 11.04.04at 8/7c”.“at 8 / 7c and also 10 / 9c respectively”

Why is it “8/7c” and not “7/8e”

At this point, I’m certain there are some of you who are wondering why we say “8/7c” rather of “7/8e”. Why is it the Eastern states obtain the an initial part of the time?The prize is quite merely population. Also though central America is bigger, east America has an ext people in there. The course, the TV networks are going to put the locations with a many people an initial as there will be an ext people below who require this information.

They’re essentially saying, “for many of you, this will certainly be on in ~ 8. Yet for some, it will be on in ~ 7”.

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Next time you’re sit on her sofa through your pizza, and also your party of beer, you’ll have a better idea the what they median when they to speak a present will be on a “8/7c”. I m sorry number girlfriend pay attention to will depend on what state you in.If you on the eastern coast, focus on the very first part. However if you live in the centre, girlfriend should instead note down the 7.Being together a huge country, through diving itself into time zones, America is making maintaining track that the time less complicated for many people. Time zones are amazing things, no least due to the fact that they median TV shows will be on at various times for various people.