Food Vacuole Definition

“Food vacuole” is one of the more complicated terms to study – since there are two different interpretations of this ax in common use!

Some scientists describe a “food vacuole” together any big sac inside a cabinet that has food for the cell; vacuoles are supplied to save cellular fuel by some cells in animals, plants, fungi, and microorganisms.

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Others define “food vacuole” together being a specific kind of digestive vacuole which is only uncovered in specific protozoan microorganisms.

Be certain you recognize which type your labmates or teachers room referring to as soon as they talk around food secret – otherwise, you may end up very confused!

Here, us will comment on the an ext technical definition – secret that are provided by part protozoans to digest food.

Function the Food Vacuole

Food vacuoles room membrane-bound bag within a cell, which contain food matter to be digested. These can be believed of as intracellular “stomachs,” whereby food is save on computer while that is damaged down and its nutrients are extracted.

To begin the to move “eating” process, the cell membrane curves to envelope a particle of food. As soon as the cabinet membrane has enveloped the food completely, that “pinches off,” moving the food completely inside the cell.

The membrane bordering the food bit is now a “vacuole” – a big membrane-bound sac in ~ the cell.


The procedure of the cabinet ingesting food by wrapping its membrane about it is referred to as “phagocytosis.” the term derives from the root words “phage” because that “eat” and “cyto” because that “cell.” for this reason “phagocytosis” means, literally, “cell eating.”

Once the food vacuole has been developed inside the cell, the cell starts to digest it, using a lysosome.

Lysosomes space special membrane-bound sacs within of cells that contain the cellular identical of stomach acid. As with our stomachs, they contain acid and enzymes to malfunction nutrients into usable forms.

When a cell wants to digest the food inside a vacuole, the vacuole merges through lysosomes. As the 2 membrane-bound sacs merge, the components of the lysosome spill into the food vacuole – and begin digesting the food within.

Over time, the food is converted into usable nutrients for the cabinet such together sugars, amino acids, and also lipids.

Any products that aren’t usable to the cell are at some point expelled once the vacuole merges again with the cabinet membrane.


1. Why room there two meanings of “food vacuole?”A. since organisms usage vacuoles for many different purposes.B. due to the fact that many organisms save food in vacuoles, but there are some differences in just how these vacuoles function.C. due to the fact that “food” and “vacuole” are both typically used terms in biology.D. nobody of the above.
Answer to concern #1
B is correct. World use the ax “food vacuole” in various ways because many organisms save food in vacuoles.

However, the term was very first applied come the procedure of digestion provided by protozoans, and also that is quiet the dictionary definition of this term.

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Answers A. And also C. Are likewise true, but B. Is the most certain answer to this question.


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