All-white walls may seem blank and sterile, but seeing a white butterfly in her garden doesn’t feel that means at all. In fact, a white butterfly, favor a cabbage white or a checkered white, is most likely to stand the end from that surroundings and be satisfaction to her eye. Once you see such a highlight sight, it provides sense come wonder what that white butterfly could symbolize for you.

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Religious definitions of White

The shade white has long to be a deeply systematic color for plenty of religions. In old Rome, priestesses pull on in white linen to present their purity and loyalty, and over time Christianity borrowed both this color and its meanings.

In Catholicism today, white is worn by the Pope and used explicitly to describe purity and innocence, and virginity and birth or rebirth. Not surprisingly, it is thus the liturgical color used because that Christmas and Easter, if the lamb of God is practically always a white lamb. In Islam, white is likewise known as a pure color and also is frequently worn for Friday prayers. The is worn through Shinto clergymans as well, with similar associations.

White’s Associations with the Afterlife

What butterfly symbolizes death? that may really well it is in a white one. White brings up the idea the angels wearing white in a sky of white clouds. In a variety of Hollywood movies, a totally white room is used to suggest the idea that the afterlife.

On a an ext serious note, in eastern cultures, white is traditionally linked to mourning and also funerals. The was additionally a mourning color in Western societies in middle ages times and also well right into the 1800s. Many paintings of royalty from throughout the centuries display figureheads attract white in mourning.

White’s feeling of Innocence and also Cleanliness

Cabbage White Butterfly Feeding top top Verbena

In the victor era, white became the popular bridal color that it continues to be today. It was used to imply the bride’s innocence, goodness, and also perfection.

Similarly, white is a childlike color — the is used for christenings, was historically famous for children’s clothing (because the was quickly bleached), and also continues to have appealing simplicity as a fashion choice.

Perhaps due to the fact that of these connotations, white has been taken into consideration the color of cleanliness, both literally and figuratively — for this reason the idea of meticulously clean and also careful “white glove” service.

Interpreting her White Butterfly

If you watch a white butterfly, friend might think about a variety of potential meanings. Take into consideration spiritual or religious possibilities, an especially if you space looking out for a visit indigenous an angel. The idea of spiritual rejuvenation may also be coherent to you.

Similarly, your white butterfly could symbolize a brand-new start. It may be time come look in ~ the civilization with a bit more childlike innocence, or possibly with the hopefulness the a brand-new bride. You being provided a clean slate, and it’s as much as you what to execute with it.

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Think, too, about the “white flag the surrender.” seeing the butterfly may indicate that it’s time come surrender a struggle you’ve been having, whether interior or external, and also find a way to achieve peace.