On a sloping driveway, turn the wheel so the automobile will no roll right into the street if the brakes fail.Headed downhill, rotate your prior wheels into the curb or toward the next of the road. Collection the parking brake.Headed uphill, rotate your prior wheels away from the curb and let your car roll ago a few inches. The wheel should gently touch the curb. Collection the parking brake.Headed either uphill or downhill when there is no curb, turn the wheels so the automobile will roll away from the facility of the road if the brakes fail.

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Always collection your parking brake and also leave the car in gear or in the “park” position.


Downhill: rotate the wheels toward the curb.Uphill: rotate the wheels far from the curb.No curb: turn the wheels toward the shoulder the the road.

Parallel Parking

Parallel parking is a driving method which enables you to park parallel to the road in heat with various other parked vehicles. The steps below explain how to parallel park safely.

Find a space. Look for a space at least 3 feet longer than her vehicle. When you discover a space,signalthat you intend to park.Pull your automobile alongside the room or car in former of wherein you intended to park.Leave approximately 2 feet between the vehicle or room next come you and also stop as soon as your behind bumper is aligned to the prior of the room where youwant to park. Inspect your rearview mirror and also look over her shoulder because that approaching vehicles. Keep your foot on the brake and put the auto in reverse. Maintain the signal..Lift your foot turn off the brake.Before backing up, inspect your mirrors and look over your shoulder for any hazards. Begin to earlier up, at approximately a 45 level angle.Straighten out.Begin transforming the steering wheel far from the curb as soon as your rear wheel is within 18 inches native the curb. You may need to pull forward and backward to straighten out. Your car should currently be parallel and also no further than 18 inches indigenous the curb.

Step 1

3Bring your chrischona2015.orgr to a stop alongside the chrischona2015.orgr in ~ the former of the space.


Step 2

Reverse right into the an are with one S motion.


Step 3

Once the chrischona2015.orgr is parallel with the curb, pull forward to facility your chrischona2015.orgr within the space.


Parking At colored Curbs

Painted colored curbs have actually the complying with special parking rules:

White–Stop just long enough to choose up or drop turn off passengers or mail.

Green–Park for a restricted time. Look for a post sign alongside the environment-friendly zone because that time limits, or lochrischona2015.orgte the moment limit painted ~ above the curb.

Yellow–Stop no longer than the time posted to fill or unload passengers or freight. Motorists of noncommercial vehicles space usually required to continue to be with the vehicle.


Red–No stopping, standing, or parking (buses may stop at a red zone marked for buses).


Blue–Parking is permitted only for a disabled human being or driver of a disabled person who display screens a plachrischona2015.orgrd or one-of-a-kind license plate for disabled persons or disabled veterans. A crosshatched (diagonal lines) area surrounding to a designated disabled parkingspace is a no parking area. For information or an applichrischona2015.orgtion for disabled parking plachrischona2015.orgrds or unique plates, visitwww.chrischona2015.orgor chrischona2015.orgll 1-800-777-0133.

Example the crosshatched (diagonal lines) area


Plachrischona2015.orgrd abuse results in the ns of unique parking privileges. It is additionally a misdemeanor and punishable by a fine of as much as $1,000, imprisonment in ar jail for approximately 6 months, or both.

Examples the disabled plachrischona2015.orgrd/plate abuse:

Using a plachrischona2015.orgrd/plate after it has actually been reported lost or steal without reporting the the plachrischona2015.orgrd/plate to be found.Loaning her plachrischona2015.orgrd/plate to friends or family members members (disabled or not).Interchanging plachrischona2015.orgrds v friends or family members members.Using a plachrischona2015.orgrd/plate when the person it was issued come is not in the vehicle with friend (disabled child, family members member, employer, etc.).Using a deceased person’s plachrischona2015.orgrd/plate.

You need to return the plachrischona2015.orgrd/plate that the deceased disabled human being to a chrischona2015.org ar office or mail to:

chrischona2015.orgPO crate 942869, ms D238Sacramento, chrischona2015.org 94269-0001

Illegal Parking

Never park or leave her vehicle:

Where a “No Parking” sign is posted.On a marked or unmarked crosswalk, sidewalk, partly blocking a sidewalk, or in front of a driveway.Within 3 feet that a sidewalk ramp because that disabled persons or in front of or top top a curb that offers wheelchair accessibility to a sidewalk.In a disabled human parking space,unlessyou room disabled and also display a plachrischona2015.orgrd or disabled human license plates.In the space next come a disabled person parking space, if the is painted in a crosshatched (diagonal) sample (CVC §22507.8(c)(2)).In a space designated because that parking or fueling zero emission vehicles that screen an identify dechrischona2015.orgl,unlessyou space driving a zero emission automobile that you will charge in the space.In a tunnel or top top a bridge, except where permitted by signs.Within 15 feet of a fire hydrant or a fire station driveway.On or within 7½ feet of a railroad track.Between a safety and security zone and the curb.“Double parked.” (Parking in the street as soon as all legit parking areas at the curb space taken.)On the wrong side of the street.At a red curb.On a freeway, except:In one emergency.When a peace officer or maker requires a stop.Where a prevent is specifichrischona2015.orglly permitted.

If you have to stop on a freeway, park completely off the pavement and stay in your car with the doors locked until help arrives. Leave enough space for other vehicles to easily pass by her vehicle. Your auto should it is in visible because that at least 200 feet in each direction. A car (even if disabled) that is stopped, parked, or left was standing on a freeway for more than 4 hours may be gotten rid of (CVC §22651(f)).

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Special Parking Rules

When friend park together a curb top top a level street, the prior and ago wheels should be parallel and also within 18 inch of the curb. Park parallel come the street if over there is no curb.Never leave your car while the engine or the electric motor is still running; protect against the engine or the electric motor and set the parking brake.When girlfriend are ready to leave your vehicle, look at chrischona2015.orgrefully for passing vehicles, bicyclists, and motorcyclists. Perform not open the door unless it is safe and also you carry out not interfere v traffic. Execute not leave the door open much longer than necessary.Disabled people with a plachrischona2015.orgrd or distinct plates may park in any kind of parking zone that is restricted as come the size of time parking is allowed as indichrischona2015.orgted through a sign pursuant to a lochrischona2015.orgl ordinance.Pursuant to CVC §22511, a lochrischona2015.orgl authority, through ordinance or resolution, might designate stalls or spaces ~ above a windy street within its jurisdiction because that the exclusive objective of charging and also parking a car that is associated for electrical charging purposes.