Aquí vs acá, have actually you ever before wondered what’s the difference in between these 2 tiny words? have you searched virtual for assist to be able to distinguish the cases when you’ve got to usage one versus the other? I’m certain you did. We all did.

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You pertained to the best place, and also I promise to administer you through the ultimate guide to just how to usage “here” in Ns will destroy some myths that teem ~ above the net sites for learners and also I’ll display you once you deserve to use both the them, and in which situations there’s only one option possible.

Ready to go?

The Truth and also Myths about Aquí vs Acá

I don’t know who began this, yet you’ll find an extremely elaborate theories about aquí vs acá. Countless blogs and “Internet experts” case that aquí means “in this place” and also acá means “to this place”, and is offered with verb of movement. Forget that now, please.

Some rather will shot to convince you to use aquí instead of acá, together it is much more correct, formal, and also acceptable. Forget the too, please. Over there are countries in Latin America, wherein aquí and acá are entirely interchangeable, nations where acá rules and also people practically never express aquí, and then, over there is Spain, whereby the tendency is completely the opposite.

So? where does the truth lie? In instance of doubt, always go to the renowned Diccionario de la real Academia Española the is choose the Philologists Oracle, and get her doubts solved once and also for all. I’m a philologist and also that’s what I constantly do. I’ve done it currently too, and I’ll current you through a digested and also “made easy” guide to aquí vs acá.

Just to start, and I’ll do it short, no to get you bored, a long time back these words meant something contempt different. Once Julius Ceasar to be the boss and also Latin to be the language of use, aquí was “eccum hic” and acá “eccum hac”, the an initial one gift a bit much more precise as far as ar in time and also place is concerned. Simply a bit, however. Anyway, some people still feeling it the exact same way.

The reality is, these two words are in most situations totally interchangeable. They room both demonstrative adverbs used to present the place of action. (If you require a refresher on adverbs read around the 8 components of speech.) To be honest, there are only a few situations as soon as you are forced to usage one rather of the other, and also even if you chaos it up, the difference between these terms is minimal.

So, let’s learn, when for all, just how to use and apply “here” in

Interchangeable supplies of Aquí vs Acá

As I stated before, in most cases, you´ll use one or the other and be completely correct. Relying on where you are, the locals may prefer one kind to the other, yet remember, in the following instances it’s simply a inquiry of national etymological taste.

In This Place

Both aquí and acá mean “here, in this place”, although acá may mean “in this place and close to it”. Let’s see some examples.

Acá todo es más caro. / Aquí todo es más caro.Everything is more expensive here.

Puedes esconderlo acá abajo. / Puedes esconderlo aquí abajo.You have the right to hide it under here.

No pongan ras sillas acá. / No pongan ras sillas aquí.Don’t put the chairs here.

Ya no vive acá. / Ya no vive aquí.He no longer lives here.

Acá atrás están los dulces. / Aquí atrás están los dulces.Here in the earlier are the sweets.


To This Place

You can also switch between aquí and acá to to speak “here, come this place”, and also again acá may extend it a bit meaning “to this place and also close to it”.

Juana vino aquí una vez. / Juana vino acá una vez.Juana came here once.

Tráigalo aquí, por favor. / Tráigalo acá, por favor.Bring that here, please.

Regresaron aquí a toda prisa. / Regresaron acá a toda prisa.They came ago here in a hurry.

This Place

The the opposite aquí vs acá disappears as soon as we want to speak “here, this place” and we include a preposition prior to the word.

El tren pasa por aquí. / El tren pasa por acá.The train goes v here.

Subió hasta aquí con todas ras compras. / Subió hasta acá con todas las compras.He came up below with whatever he bought.

Non-interchangeable uses of aquí vs acá

Now, there room some details situations as soon as the grammar purists will firmly insist on only one of the two options. Let’s have a look at the particular cases for aquí and acá separately.


In This allude / In This concern

You’ll use aquí to refer to what you have actually just discussed before.

Pedro dice que no lo sabe y aquí está el problema.Pedro claims he no know and here is the problem.


Aquí can likewise be supplied as a synonym come ahora when supplied with a preposition.

De aquí a tres días, ya no tendremos comida.Three days from now we will have actually no food.

Insisto en todo lo que the dicho hasta aquí.I insist on every little thing I have actually said for this reason far.

in ~ That moment

This is a strange meaning of aquí because you’ll usage it to refer to something that occurred in the past.

Aquí no me pude contener y le dije lo que pensaba.At that minute I could not save myself and I told the what i thought.

Le tocó la lotería: a partir de aquí, su vida cambió por completo.He won the lottery: from that moment on, his life readjusted completely.

Adverb used to Present people

You’ll use aquí to present world close come you or to emphasize your presence.

Aquí Tomás, mi compañero de trabajo.This is Tomás, mine co-worker.

Aquí mi hija, siempre tan irónica.Here my daughter, always so ironic.


Till currently

You’ll use acá and no aquí to to speak “till now”, and also mark an end of a period induced through a native de or desde.

De ayer acá no ha cambiado nada.From yesterday till now, nothing has actually changed.

Desde entonces acá la the estado cuidando.Since then, I have actually been taking care of her.

This person here

This is the only case when acá used together a pronoun and also not an adverb and also can average “this guy or woman standing near to here”. It’s choose a synonym come éste/ ésta.

Acá tiene razón.The one here is right.

You see, it’s not a challenging topic. Aquí vs acá is not so inconsistent as some world like to present it, and the instances when you’ll do a mistake if you usage it incorrectly are just a few.

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Practice time!

Now, all your doubts around aquí vs acá should be gone and also the just thing left is practicing. I know that it can be challenging to come up v exercises and also dialogues to use your newly acquired skills and it is why I want to assist you. You have the right to sign up for a complimentary class and put into practice her knowledge around aquí vs acá with among our friendly indigenous teachers indigenous Guatemala.