An adjective you simply cannot endure without in Italian is carino. The diminutive of caro (dear), it translates in many ways including cute, pretty, nice, kind and also lovely to surname a few.

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IPA: /ca·rì·no/

In Italian, adjectives always agree in gender and also number through the nouns they modify. Those ending in o have four forms – masculine, feminine, singular and also plural – as you can see below:

carino = masculine, singular (e.g. gioco carino = nice game)carina = feminine, singular (e.g. casa carina = nice house)carini = masculine, plural (e.g. giochi carini = nice games)carine = feminine, many (e.g. case carine = nice houses)

Carino is used an extremely much in the same method as the word cute in English in that it describes the pleasantness that someone/something’s physics appearance. Because that example, a cute girl would be una ragazza carina and a cute outfit would be un vestito carino.

In order come say very cute in Italian, you can either place the adverb molto (very) in front of carino or change it into the pure superlative carinissimo.

Quel cagnolino è molto carino. Possiamo tenerlo?

That puppy is very cute. Deserve to we keep it?

Un cucciolo carino! = A cute puppy!

Let’s no forget but that carino is used just as generally to define the innate nature or action of someone or something. Un gesto carino for instance is a kind gesture and un pensiero carino is a quite thought.

Lei è stata molto carina con me.

She has actually been an extremely kind come me.

In some cases, carino can even translate together funny or enjoyable, particularly when it explains amusing story or jokes.

Chi mi racconta una barzelletta carina?

Who’s going to tell me a funny joke?

You’ll often hear carino top top its own as an exclamation to display approval or appreciation.

Carino! Me lo compro subito!

How lovely! I’m going to buy it appropriate away!

To finish off, below are a couple of phrases Italians have tendency to to speak a many in conversation as soon as they’ve been on the receiving end of a good deed or sort gesture.

Ma che carino! = How lovely!Sei proprio carino. = You’re yes, really kind.Ma quanto sei carino. = How kind you are.È carino da parte tua.

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= That’s quite of you.

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