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 Whether selling or buying, eBay is a popular platform for online shopping. It is a unique online marketplace where both individuals and businesses can buy or sell goods and services to people around the world.Most people don´t realize that eBay only provides the platform for sellers and buyers to meet. And it gives them a limited space to describe important information about the product.That´s why many sellers are using acronyms. It´s not easy to understand these abbreviations on eBay, so let us help you.One of the most asked questions on eBay is: What does EUC mean when selling something?We want to explain in detail this often-used acronym – EUC, which means “excellent used condition.


What Does EUC Mean on eBay?

What does EUC stand for on eBay? “EUC” means that the item is in excellent used condition. But be aware that the condition may be subjective!When someone on eBay is referring to the excellent used condition it usually means that the item has been used once or twice but it is still like new. Another used terms in the clothing category are:

“GUC” – good used condition, where the product has been used many times, but it has minimal signs of wear.“VUC” – very used condition. You found a really used item.

 Check out more eBay used condition definitions here. 


Should I Trust An Item’s Condition?

As we already mention, eBay only provides a platform for sellers and buyers to meet. The seller can list the item as “EUC”, but you should always look closely at photos and read the product description. Our advice is to rely on description because many sellers are using photos of the item in the best possible light, or filters that make the product look less faded than it is in reality. Another good idea is to look at the seller´s rating on eBay.

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Just click on the link by their username. Now you can read reviews of other buyers and can say if the seller lied before. Here are another most common abbreviations on eBay:B&W: Black and whiteBC: Back coverBIN or B-I-N: Buy it nowBNWT: Brand new with tagsBNWOT: Brand new without tagsCOA: Certificate of authenticityCW: Clock work (wind up is more commonly used)DJ: Dust Jacket (Used for books)EUC: Excellent used conditionEX: ExcellentFB: FeedbackFC: Fine conditionft: Feet (Usually lowercase)FVF: Final value feeG: GoodGU: Gently usedHB: Hard bound (Used for books)HTF: Hard to find (Usually a false statement)in: Inch (Usually lowercase)LE: Limited editionLN: Like newLNOB: Like new in original boxMIB: Mint in boxMISB: Mint in a sealed boxMIP: Mint in packageMOC: Mint on cardNIB: New in boxNM: Near MintNOS: New old stockNR: No reserveNRFB: Never removed from the boxNWT: New with tag (used for clothing)OB: Original boxOOP: Out of print or out of productionEzoicreport this adOOAK: One of a kind (used with custom dolls)PC: Personal computerpc: Pieces (usually lowercase)SCR: ScratchSH: or S/H Shipping and handlingS/O: Sold outSZ: SizeVint: VintageVF: Very fine conditionVHTF: Very hard to find (Usually a false statement)W/: WithW/O: WithoutWU or W/U: Windup+: Plus or More  Read Next:How To Lower Your Maximum Bid On eBayHow To Unbid on eBay