The color green shows up ubiquitously transparent nature. Grass, leaves, birds, it is associated with health and also vitality. That is presence and also hue room largely identified by the visibility of chlorophyll, the chemistry that permits plants come photosynthesize and also convert sunlight right into energy. Green chlorophyll is usually the lifeblood that the plant world.

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Unsurprisingly, green is the shade of growth, spring, and renewal. It deserve to be used to reclaim depleted energy and also creating be safe environments. The is additionally linked come balance and harmony, and also the equilibrium between the head and also the heart. The is an emotionally positive and also stable color that provides a feeling of peace.

The shade red exists best at the finish of the visible irradiate spectrum, and is a shade of extremes. The red colors that appear in the sky at sunset occur when scattered electromagnetic radiation particles connect with the light. Red-colored planet is the an outcome of steel oxide in the soil, and the red of our blood comes from the protein hemoglobin.

Red is one intense and also energetic color that is warming and also passionate. The can trigger excitement and an inspiration on one side, but also anger and also rage top top the other. That is as soon as these emotions mix together one that we discover sexual passion and lust. Red have the right to be used to create spaces that lift the energy and also imbue a level the vibrancy and also creativity.

Green + Red = Brown

When mixed together, green and also red can make a range of different shades the brown. This is one more color that is ubiquitous in nature. That is the color of dark wood and also rich soil. The is likewise often the shade of our eyes, hair, and skin.

According to a windy opinion survey, brown is the the very least favorite color amongst Americans and is often connected with points that space dirty or dowdy. But this opinion does the shade a disservice. ~ above one side, it deserve to represent down-to-earth values and stability, and also is linked with the feeling of gratitude.

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But the color brown should additionally be attached to the coffee bean, through its rich aroma. While this bean, which is in reality a cherry, doesn’t look like much in its raw state, there is much more to it than meets the eye. The shade brown has actually an insatiable energy had within it. Brown can be supplied to harness power for productive purposes. It is no an uncontrolled energy, but one the is firmly in ~ our grasp.