When finding out a new language, among the most daunting things to find out is differentiating in between words who sounds and also spellings are really similar. A good example of this is the Spanish indigenous ‘hay’, ‘ahí, ‘ay’ and ‘allí’. Due to their similarity in spelling and pronunciation, it’s common that also native Spanish speakers confuse them once writing. However, for brand-new Spanish speakers is really important to find out the difference between ‘hay’, ‘ahí’, ‘ay’ and ‘allí’ because using one rather of the other will readjust the an interpretation of your sentence.

So those the difference between ‘hay’, ‘ahí’, ‘ay’ and ‘ahí’? ‘Ay’ is a word that expresses different emotions such as pain or surprise. ‘Ahí’ and ‘allí’ room the Spanish words because that ‘there’. And ‘hay’ is a verb that expresses existence, therefore, it’s a straight translation the ‘there is/are’.

Although this words’ sounds and also spellings are really similar, their meanings are fairly different. However, your similarities can lead people to make some mistakes. ~ all, even native Spanish speakers tend to mix them up.

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If you want to enhance your Spanish, in this short article we are going to help you recognize the difference between ‘hay’, ‘ahí’, ‘ay’ and ‘allí’. By the finish of it, friend may be able to give Spanish speaker a hand v these indigenous