The Hebrew word regularly translated “heart” is the word lev, לב. Return lev is frequently translated together “heart,” it must be rendered “mind.” This details is actually very important for specific reading of plenty of Biblical texts. Based upon personal conversations v Dr. Eldon Clem on many occasions us learned what he dubbed a linguistic fact. Quoting him, “In every Semitic languages without exception, lev means mind.” Dr. Eldon Clem, a professor of old Semitic languages, heads the Semitic languages Department in ~ the Jerusalem university College. He ongoing to describe that once reading a text, if the paper definition is speaking of the physical organ that pumps blood, then lev is come be analyzed as heart. In any type of other context, lev way mind and this is true in all the Semitic languages. The Hebrew language is part of the Semitic language family, specifically the phibìc West Semitic Branch.

In recent breakthroughs of neuroscience there is a fascinating discovery around the organ of the human being heart. The discovery is the there space neurons in the love that attach to the brain. So the seems now that the mental of man exists within both the mind and the heart as two organs together. Once our Creator speaks to us using words lev לב, the is directing united state to recognize how crucial it is within His style to pay fist to the thoughts of our mind. What we space thinking in any one moment of time, has actually a huge duty in how we are experiencing that moment and how we will live in ~ that moment of time. The MBT Academy offers a ar to discover The Torah together with many facets the the design of the mind and emotions in ~ the Creator’s style of man as nephesh chayya. The MBT Academy is a special architecture of learning. Instead of classic courses of study, we have what we contact Sitting Rooms. Each module of learning is designed for you to spend far-reaching time sit within setups of Timeless Torah Truths and also to think closely within The composed Word. MBT is one Academy by this definition:

An Academy is a location of examine or cultivate in a unique field. Our ar of research is Timeless Torah Truths, which assist us come re-discover the mankind that God developed humanity come be. How do we understand who we are as His children? In today’s world, our understanding of humanity has actually drifted much from what God defines it to it is in in His indigenous — far from the humankind that He produced humanity to be. We have likewise drifted far from the person relationships that God developed from the beginning.

An Academy is an college that aims to promote and maintain standards in its specific field. This is specifically what MBT Academy is. We seek to promote and to maintain accuracy in handling Torah text to rediscover the structures of our Faith. In for this reason doing, we will certainly rediscover the foundations of person relationships. 

When God produced man, He dubbed us nephesh chayya, i beg your pardon is a living being as a totality living being. We are developed to live as the wholeness that we were created to be. A life living precisely as the life is developed to live. Living according to created design in the wholeness of the design. In the sitting Rooms of The MBT Academy, there is an expedition within some aspects of living according to created design, in the wholeness of the design. Knowledge the human brain within that style gives profound understanding into the i of scripture whereby we find the native lev לב.

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For friend to consider in this discussion of the translate in of lev, we include here an example of as soon as the translators placed mind and also heart in the very same verse:


Psalm 26:2

Examine me, O LORD, check me; filter my heart and also my mind.

The Hebrew right here is my kilyot and my lev.

kilyot are kidneys.

In this city the translators want to translate kilyot (kidneys) as something other than kidneys. They climate accurately translate lev together mind i beg your pardon is correct and they analyze kilyot (kidneys) as heart. In this method they can say:

Examine me, O LORD, check me; refine my heart and also my mind.

An precise translation of Psalm 26:2 is:

Examine me, O LORD, check me; refine my kidneys and also my mind.

The Hebrew at the start of Psalm 26:2 is bachaneini (בְּחָנֵנִי), from the word bachan (ָבחן) and also is analyzed as “examine me”

This Hebrew word is periodically used in the refining process of metals.

There is a 2nd word in this verse the is regarded the an initial one, not linguistically, however conceptually. That is naseini (נַסֵּנִי), from the word nasah (נסה). It has been provided to speak of trial and error to offer experience or come ascertain something.

Near the finish of the verse is however a third word associated conceptually and actually offered as a synonym come the an initial word. It is tzerufah (צרופה), from words tzaraf (צרף) usually analyzed “to burn,” yet carries the idea the burning metal in stimulate to filter it, to refine or smelt metal and also is a synonym come the first word. 

Here in Psalm 26:2, us have an instance of once the translators don’t want to to speak kidneys and mind so below they interpret lev as mind and kidneys as heart.

Why does our Creator, ours Father have actually in this verse kidneys and mind?

This is among the points we will explore in the sit Rooms of the MBT Academy.

We will uncover insights right into this question during the exploration of the instructions for korbanot, frequently translated sacrifices in the book of Leviticus.

Understanding the role of korbanot in ~ the tefilah that the kids of God, we can see plainly why our Creator our dad words Psalm 26:2 in the means that that does!

He means exactly what he says!

Examine me, O LORD, test me; filter my kidneys and my mind.

We will present you come these concepts in the MBTA sit Rooms that discover our Creator, our Father’s style in the korbanot and also The household House.

The korbanot are commonly referred to as sacrifices and The Sacrificial System.

We prefer to use the Hebrew korban and korbanot.

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Our factor is bound up in ~ the common understandings among most civilization when they hear or check out the indigenous sacrifice. Every one of us discover words within how the indigenous are supplied in the contexts of our environments. How we discover to know a word then becomes part of ours assumptions about the an interpretation of that word. Over there are many words the God offers in His created Word i beg your pardon have definitions that room very details to what the is that He is connecting to us as His Creation, and as His children. Regularly our expertise of words that He is making use of leads us to an extremely different impressions of what it is that us think he is creating to us. This an extremely often leads united state to mis-understandings around who that is and what the is that He is speak to us. Usually civilization read Him together having numerous requirements for us in our relating to Him. And this is continual with how we know human being in our stays who have countless requirements of united state in ours relationships v them. Abba walk have specific requirements that are the nature of agreement Relationships, however how he words His accuse to us is very precious if we know how to check out it accurately. The explorations that we take within the MBT Academy, lead united state on a journey to start to check out more plainly the methods that Abba communicates through us so the we have the right to know His Character an ext truly to who He is. As we start to check out Him more truly to that He is, we space being transformed by the renewing of our mind in just how we understand Him and also how we recognize ourselves. The is in this transformation that we start to suffer the pleasure that us are produced to know! That us are produced to live!

If you space not however enrolled as a college student of MBT Academy, we warmly invite you come come explore with us.