A mustache dragon through its mouth open can be an odd vision at first. Whatever else can seem fully normal, however they firmly insist on holding that open!


This is one of the most usual questions we obtain from beardie owners, and also there space a few possible reasons. To figure it the end you have to be attentive and also do a tiny detective work.

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To do the procedure easier, we put together a handy perform of the typical reasons why mustache dragons open up their mouths for extended periods the time. All you’ll must do is follow along and also find the factor that fits!

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1. They’re Regulating your Temperature

A mustache dragon through an open up mouth is actually reasonably common, and also that’s usually since of the an initial reason on ours list. Frequently when a moustache dragon stop its mouth open up they’re doing that to control their human body temperature. In fact, this behavior is so common that it has actually its own name, gaping.


There space two things you deserve to do if a bigger pet is bothering her bearded dragon, resulting in them holding your mouth open:

First, you can try keeping your bigger pet out of the room your beardie stays in. This may be challenging if her beardie lives in the living room or dining room or if you live in a tiny apartment.

Second, you can move your beardie’s tank into a room your larger pet is much less likely to walk in. Because that instance, if you have actually a guest bedroom, you can move her beardie into that room. Your cat or dog may be much less likely come spend much time in the guest bedroom due to the fact that it is commonly unoccupied by household members.

Placing her beardie’s tank close to a home window can be an excellent for your mind due to the fact that the outside people provides them with stimulation. Her beardie may love seeing the tree rustle in the wind or the clouds move in the sky. However, animals outside, such as birds and cats, deserve to leave her bearded dragon emotion threatened.

If your lizard’s tank is near a window, you may occasionally see them open up their mouth as component of the aggressive stance in response to animals outside. However, if you view this behavior often, you should most likely move her beardie’s tank away from the window.

It may sound odd, but little objects can likewise cause her lizard to feeling threatened. These items can incorporate clothing, toys, and ornaments or decorations. If you doubt your beardie is being stressed out by a small object in the room they continue to be in, relocate the thing to one more location.

4. They’re Responding To one more Bearded Dragon

Another factor your moustache dragon could open their mouth is to respond to one more bearded dragon.

By nature, bearded dragons are solitary creatures. If you try to house two of castle in the exact same tank, problems are most likely to occur.

Usually, once you shot to house two bearded dragons together, one will shot to conquer the other. The leading one will open up their mouth to show the various other that they room the alpha. The less leading beardie can become quite stressed, avoid eating, and also not even be enabled to bask near the more dominant lizard.

If you check out this, you need to separate your beardies into two different tanks. You may even need to placed the tanks in separate rooms because if her beardies deserve to see one another, the hit for dominance may continue despite them gift in separate tanks.

Bearded dragons room territorial. when you house two together, the an ext dominant lizard might hold that is mouth open up (this doesn’t occur all the time though) and protect particular areas the the tank indigenous the other. These locations will include hiding spots, caves, and the basking spot.

Expert Tip: During specific times of the year, your lizard will suffer a change in your hormones. During mating season, your beardie may become aggressive if you or other pets in the home strategy their tank.This is regular behavior, and there is nothing you deserve to do around it. After adjustment season, your beardie’s hormones will go back to normal, and they will be her sweet lizard once again!

5. They have A respiratory Infection

Most that the time as soon as your lizard keeps their mouth open up for an extended period of time, it’s for heat regulation, but this can likewise be a authorize of a respiratory tract infection. Other indications of a respiratory infection include a lack of appetite or energy, mucus around the eyes or nose, and coughing, wheezing, or crackling sound while breathing.

Respiratory infections take place when the humidity in her lizard’s tank exceeds 40% because that a lengthy period the time. That’s due to the fact that bearded dragon are provided to gift in hot, dry climates.

If your bearded dragon is holding its mouth open and displaying other symptoms, it’s a great idea to take them come the vet. They will be able to assess the severity of the infection and give you a setup to aid them obtain healthy again.

Here’s what you can do to stop this native occurring:

You should have actually a hygrometer for your lizard’s tank to measure the humidity level in ~ the vivarium. If you notification that your beardie’s tank’s humidity level is over 40%, you have the right to do number of things to reduced it.

If you use a water bowl, make it a tiny one, and also keep it away from your lizard’s basking spot. Execute not usage moss or bark in your bearded dragon’s tank; both products retain moisture. You deserve to also try adding an ext ventilation to your beardie’s tank to reduced the humidity level.

If these methods aren’t lowering the humidity level inside the tank enough, you have the right to purchase a dehumidifier and also place it in the room whereby your moustache dragon resides.

Closing Thoughts

As you deserve to see, a bearded dragon maintaining its mouth open up is normally nothing to worry about. Many of the moment this wake up while they’re basking (aka gaping), and also you’ll see this actions quite often over the years.

However, over there are situations where it can indicate something much more concerning.

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If your bearded dragon has actually an open up mouth because of repetitive stress or a respiratory infection it’s your task to sort out the problem. If castle sick, take it them come the vet. If one adjustment demands to be made to your living situation, perform it ASAP!

Once friend have every little thing finely-tuned, an open mouth will never ever be miscellaneous that concerns you again.