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anyone else have actually this problem ill be driving around and also hit the brakes and the inspect gauges irradiate come on just for a second then when i let turn off the brakes it goes away.what could it be?

Do any of the gauges "dive" or any kind of other indicator lamp illuminate once this happens? Is her brake liquid reservior full?
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yes brake liquid is fine and also no various other lights come on just the check gauges light,it only last prefer 2 seconds however its to be coming on more often.

Are you short on fuel? The only time that light walk on in my vehicle is when I"m low on gas, or the one time the alt took a dump.
First time this take place to me was since my brake liquid was black. 2nd time was because my oil was low, if that happens as soon as taking sharp turns and also braking mighty it is in the oil.

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One an ext vote for low oil level. The examine gauges light comes on faster than the oil pressure "gauge" drops.
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