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Many human being repeatedly bite your lip (or cheeks or tongue) as a method to resolve nerves or stress. The a habit that some may uncover relieving, back sometimes additionally painful. However, to her dentist in Fayetteville, constant biting the the soft organization in the mouth can absolutely raise some concern. Let’s take it a closer look at lip biting, why we do it, why that bad, and also how we deserve to stop. 

Why is it Bad? 

The fact is, biting our lips, cheeks, or tongue may cause much more harm than plenty of of us may have ever before thought. Once we continually bite this delicate, soft tissues it can cause painful sores. This sores can become infected if no treated or if reopened continuously by even much more biting. Any infection in the mouth must be thought about serious together it deserve to create additional problems. Consistent biting can also lead to inflammation, swelling, redness, and also of course, pain.

Why carry out We Bite in The very first Place?

Of course, we’ve all skilled the pain connected with the occasional inadvertently bite. These one-off bites are usually nothing to be concerned around and typically heal top top their very own in a few days. However, as soon as biting happens often, we have to look more into why. 

There are several reasons why someone might bite their lips, cheeks, or tongue a lot. One possible cause the lip biting is psychological — the habitual biting together a solution to tension or nervousness we pointed out earlier. Another explanation have the right to be physical in the kind of a negative bite. Once we don’t intentionally bite our lips, cheeks, or tongue, yet discover ourselves accidentally doing it a lot if chewing or even talking, our bite deserve to be to blame. Malocclusion, or negative bite, rises the likelihood for our tongue, cheeks, or lips to acquire stuck in between our upper and also lower teeth. The result? A pains chomp to this soft tissues. 

Ways to protect against Biting

The best way to prevent biting your lips, cheeks, or tongue counts on why it happens. 

If the reason of her biting is psychological you can try to: 

Become more aware of when you perform it. Knowing her triggers can help you be much more conscious the the behavior and enable you to job-related to deal with it. Find a support system. Talk with trusted friends, co-workers, or family members members around your habit and determine a means that they have the right to support girlfriend in stopping.

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It deserve to be as straightforward as kindly telling you once you’re doing that so you have the right to become more aware. Behavior therapy. There space various types of behavior therapy available that can help readjust habits. 

If the reason of her biting is physical, it’s finest that you schedule an appointment v your dentist in Fayetteville. Her dental team can help identify if your bite might be causing you to accidentally bite her lip, cheeks, or tongue and discuss the ideal dental therapy to aid you. 

If you endure from chronically biting your cheeks, lips, or tongue, contact your Fayetteville dentist therefore you can start gaining some relief or so you have the right to have any kind of existing sores check or treated prior to they have actually a opportunity to reason bigger, an ext serious problems.